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The Guide:

Please show some respect towards lower lvls.

Please do not use the word "noob" often as the other player gets irritated if you do and its important that you don't spoil other players' in-game experience just because you get a cheap thrill out of being a high Level and looking down on others.

What to do: Try to explain the situation to the person and help them out. I'm sure they will understand once you tell them. If they talk a different language just leave them without cursing at them.

Best defense is the strongest offense.

If a person is irritating you or cussing at you for no reason,just ignore them. Dont cuss back to them. You just make yourself look stupider if you do that.Don't prolong the fight and just leave it at that.

Don't curse.

This is a major issue in our maple community. Cursing is very bad and is strictly unnecessary.Insulting some one else or their family is really unneeded and it really hurts other's feelings. Cursing makes you look bad in front of everyone and please try to keep it at bay. Even Nexon has made it very clear that cursing gets you into trouble. (Won't Fiery and Jr. Boogie get banned to since they "curse" too? >.<)


MapleStory is a global game which includes many countries and cultures. Don't treat any race inferior to you. All of us are equal and treat them as equals. This game is meant to be for all types of people all over the world. Making personal jokes about anyone is very bad and might hurt the person's feelings deeply.

Language problems.

As you know,MapleStory has players from many different countries and this makes it harder and harder to communicate with everyone. If you cant speak English very well and are reading this,please try to learn English as majority of MS speak English and also,it will help you to communicate globally in the future.

Speak Clearly.

Please type in a way that everyone will understand and make it clear what you're trying to say. Try to capitalize the beginning words of a sentence as often as possible. Use words that everyone understands and try to make your point as clear as possible. Don't miss words or talk in 1337 language too often as it makes it hard for many people to understand. People give respect to people who talk clearly.

Don't beg.

Asking is good between friends and asking politely never hurt anybody.Instead of,"Mesos plizzzzzzzzzzzzzz"...try," Can i have some mesos to buy clothes?" This makes it more comfortable for the receiver to understand better and not lose their calm. Try to get mesos like everyone and try to earn them. Unless you are extremely poor i suggest you don't beg as some people are not comfortable with it.

Follow Instructions.

This helps a lot if you're doing a party quest or partying together. Read what your teammates have to say and follow the instructions of the leader. Do not ignore the party chat and talk occasionally to let them know you're there and are not AFK. Following instructions makes people take you in their party more often and I'm sure you could Level up faster this way.


Any fast class definitely has the advantage over other classes while training quickly. When someone's already training in a map, please try to find another map or change channel.If asked to CC upon entering a map where someone else is training, please do so without KSing or politely ask to share/party. It is rude for you to make them change channel because they were there first and they should be allowed to use that map. Please don't steal their kills as this is a game which is equal to all. Discuss with that person because communication is key. This has become an extremely irritating issue for many classes so please think before you do such an act.

Scamming is extremely wrong.

Honestly, don't scam. It is just a game and you can be a good guy. Do not take advantage of people that don't have the knowledge that you have. You are not that desperate for money that you need to spoil some one else's game for selfish reasons.Be truthful and play by the rules.


This has become a huge issue in maple today. Glitching is exploiting a loop-hole in the game and using it to wrong reasons [Leveling up faster,etc.]. This gives a very unfair advantage to glitchers unlike the legit Mapler who plays by the rules. Please don't glitch as it is a bannable offence. There have been many petitions and movements like "Ditch the glitch" who are trying to stop people from glitching. So please don't glitch as the majority of maple is against it.


This is an extremely serious issue these days and is totally getting out of hand. Hacking gives an unfair advantage to you and doesn't give a lot of fair chances for legitimate players. Vaccing, disbanding guilds, packet editing and fame hacks are all examples of today's hacking crisis. Hacking is unnecessary and spoils the fun of the game itself. Please don't hack as it is also against the Terms of Service and you might get banned for it.

Be well informed

Visit sites like MapleWiki, Hidden-street, Sleepywood, etc. and be well informed of what is going on in the maple community. This saves you some embarrassment and also reduces of the chance of you getting scammed. Know prices, maple news and you will find it easier to fit in to the maple world.

Love thy neighbour.

Always be peaceful to fellow players and try to help out as much as possible. I'm sure they will appreciate it very much and they will also help you when you're in need. Once you make buddies along the way,you will make you're maple journey much more enjoyable and happy. After all, everyone is human and have emotions just like you.

Hope you follow this and make the maple world better for everyone to live in.

Happy mapling~

Hope you follow this and make the maple world better for everyone to live in.

I am always open to if you have anything you feel that I can add to the guide, please tell me.