MapleWiki Upgrade 2012

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Maplewiki has been outdated for a long time. Right now, we want to bring it to current upgrades, using information for Ascension and Legend.

We will also be deleting every useless and unnoteworthy page in the entire wiki.

To Be Updated

  • Skills
  • Maps
  • NPCs
  • And Many More.

Use these infoboxes to aid you.

Infoboxes are templates that alleviate a lot of work by requiring the user to input a limited amount of data.
Infoboxes are used as a primary formatting tool to help create a more uniform structure.
Below is a collection of infoboxes found on MapleWiki.
Shop NPCs - Non-Shop NPCs - Monsters (Drop table)
Shop stock - Items (Use) (Etc) (Set-Up)
Skills - Professions - Quests - Game version

<comments /> For more information see: Maplewiki:Project Infoboxes