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This is the list of all current userboxes available in MapleWiki. To add these to your user page, use {{User (Name of userbox)}} in your user page.


MapleTip Related

Does not like to Edit MapleWiki but forces himself/herself to do so

Use Mapleedit-1 as name.

Likes to Edit MapleWiki

Use Mapleedit-2 as name.

Loves to Edit MapleWiki

Use Mapleedit-3 as name.

MapleStory Related

Plays Maplestory

Use PlaysMS as name.

MapleStory Player Classes

Likes Magicians Best

Use magician as name.

Likes Warriors Best

Use warrior as name.

Likes Bowmen Best

Use bowman as name.

Likes Thieves Best

Use thief as name.


Addicted to Computer Games

Use cvg as name.

User Likes Pancake

Use likepancake as name.

User Likes making animations

Use "userlikesmakinganimations" as name.

User uses Gmail


Do not use these until there is a template for a box top and box bottom! Otherwise, use the full code to add the userbox, not the template shortcut.