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Note: The Project has been superseded by MapleWiki:Project Infoboxes

Project Weapons and Armors

Scope and aims

The goal for this project is simple. Making all weapons and amour data avaliable to MapleWiki users. And also to have ALL of them up by the end of 2009! (Its possible!)


To join the project, simply add your name to the bottom of this list:

  • Kennytran4: Founder and leader of project.
  • Yongjianrong: Monitoring
  • Matthewd0123: Creating Armors
  • xLolita: Creating Armors
  • Anyuan753: Armors and Weapons for Warriors
  • Cyrusmages: Not going to add, just going to make sure everything is right (that I go through)
  • Markus102: Ill help where i can. Im not gonna try to finish it myself, but I do my best!
  • Sneswar : Ill do some of the spears, and try to do as much as i can.
  • Flameonfish : Ill try and add damages and descriptions if needed. I wont post pictures though.
  • Mizmit : I dont know all the info on some stuff, but I will contribute what I can.
  • EmeraldMystery : Also making sure everything is right.
  • Zanachriel : Warrior armor
  • Papulatus : I'll update the Timeless Weapons/Armors.
  • 1337sword : I'll do Party Quest Items (Squishy Shoes, etc...), and some random equips.
  • Toadus : I'll try to do the bowman armor.
  • Chainbane : I'll do my best on doing belts (mu lung dojo example:White belt.
  • Tetrix : Medals and certain equipments, weapon/magic attack range and event's ones.
  • iPain : Help out adding anything missing(correct wrong spelling,etc..),will try to help out in anything.
  • Tempest Archer : I'll do magician and archer items.
  • LigerRed: Random adds especially to bosses
  • Synthunas: Warrior Armours
  • EliBelash: Random adds
  • MagicMaster87: Also Random adds, although I'll probably do a lot of Thief equipment.
  • Lonelyxoul:I will try my best to do the undone ones and randomly do the rest
  • Volke450: Creating Accessories
  • pixilart: editing, making sure that all the categories will link together, adding pages( as i come to them) and gofering (doing what is needed)
  • Lorddragon95:Random equips, however, I'm not skilled in putting images, so please help in this aspect
  • biocarlosv: Checking warrior equipment stats
  • DarekCloud: Claws and various random additions
  • Mystery132: mostly random stuff
  • TheEpicest: a lot of random stuff
  • Magesrock95: Random stuff (note I play MapleSEA, not GMS/EMS so some of my info may be different from what you normally see)
  • cooper678: Helping out with Bowman armor
  • Armorproof: Adding whatever I can.
  • Flinjager123: Proofreading.
  • N1349: Random adds/using template on all pages

How you can help

Make articles with complete infomation including stats, requirements, a picture, description (if appliciable) and a category for each weapon and amour article.

One other aspect that is important

I thought I would put this in too. I notice a lot of people making the weapons and armour pages without updating the drop lists for a particular monster. I suggest this should also be included on here, otherwise, we will have to go back later and re-update all the monster drop lists. I suggest when you make a weapon/armor page, make sure to UPDATE the drop lists of monsters that drops that particular armor/weapon. In other words, for every monster that drops it, update their page too with that drop. THANKS.


  • You are helping the community!

Rules for Armor and Weapons

How to 'structure' articles

Articles must have the following in order:


==Type of Item==

==Required Stats==


==NPC Value==



  • Picture, if applicable Nexon's description

E.g. for Black Phoenix Shield 'An immensely strong shield imbued with the power of elder warriors. The shield is rumored to grow stronger over time.'

Type of Item

  • Weapon: The category it belongs to: Spear, Dagger, Knuckle etc.
  • Armor: Class Type (example Warrior Shield)

Required Stats

  • Level requirement, Stat requirement (100 dex etc.), Fame requirement (if needed) and Class requirement or Gender requirement.


  • Basically how much weapon, magic attack it gives, how much magic and weapon defense it gives, if it gives +1 HP or etc.
  • If appliciable post in the range of the attack or defense, it has and the average defense or attack. More info go to the 'range' section.
  • Upgrades available: How many slots/upgrades can it have when it is clean (not scrolled).


  • Forged by:
    • (who forges it, where you can forge it and also please put in what things you need to synthesize it)
  • Dropped by:
    • (list the monsters that drop it and its level) (also update the monster's page if needed)
  • Available from:
    • (from NPC Shops)(locations would also be helpful)
  • Available from the following quests:
    • (List the quests)


For example:

Weapon A has a 'clean' (not scrolled) Weapon Defense stat of 5 defense. If you find another one with 6 defense, then you should write it like this.

Weapon Defense : 6 (5-6)

To work out the first number which is 6, you must average up all the different weapon defenses you can get for the same armor. If you get a decimal, round it up or down. This also applies to every stat including HP, MP, Weapon Attack, Magic Attack, LUK, DEX and the rest.

Version Differences

If a weapon is dropped by different monsters in different versions please say that 'this mosnter drops this item only in MapleSEA or among the lines like that.

If a weapon has different names it must have the Global Name First then the MapleSEA Name second and so on if there's any other version's name (except for MapleChina, which is totally chinese). So like this Beia Crash/Beiya Crash. Then make Beia Crash and Beiya Crash redirected to Beia Crash/Beiya Crash.

I was told in the past though, that the MAPLESEA name always goes first, then the GLOBAL name. So which way is the correct way? Someone please find out about this. Thanks!
23:42, 13 July 2009 (UTC)
The rules are that you put the Global name first and MSEA name second, or vice versa, according to How to Help. In other words, the order doesn't matter as long as both names are there.
06:47, 26 July 2009 (UTC)
This is now correct. It is now GMS/MSEA per the how to help page. Kennytran4 03:09, 18 August 2011 (CDT)


For pictures and obviously data you can use the following two websites:

  • Note from RyuuNoHikari: Try searching for that certain piece of armor, or that particular weapon in the Trade Shop. Chances are, you'll find multiple offers, all of which give variations of the same item, giving you a whole range of stats. Remember to check if they're clean or not, among other things.


Categories for Armors

All articles in here should use at least one of the following categories:

Finished Armors

Magician Armors


  • [[Category:Magician Hats]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Magician Overalls]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Magician Bottoms]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Magician Tops]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Magician Gloves]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Magician Shoes]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Magician Shields]] (Completed & messy)

Pirate Armors


  • [[Category:Pirate Hats]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Pirate Overalls]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Pirate Gloves]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Pirate Shoes]] (Completed & messy)

Common Armors


  • [[Category:Pendants]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Common Shields]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Face Accessories]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Common Earrings]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Common Capes]](Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Common Shoes]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Common Gloves]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Common Tops]] (Completed)
  • [[Category:Common Overalls]](Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Common Bottoms]] (Completed)
  • [[Category:Common Hats]] (Completed & messy)

Thief Armors

Bowman Armors

Unfinished Armors

Thief Armors

Warrior Armors

(Zanachriel is working on making a complete list - feel free to fill in the gaps)

Bowman Armors


Categories for Weapons

All articles in here should use at least one of the following categories:

Finished Weapons

Warrior Weapons

  • [[Category:Spears]](Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Pole Arms]](Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:One Handed Swords]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Two Handed Swords]](Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:One Handed Blunt Weapons]]
  • [[Category:Two Handed Blunt Weapons]](Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:One Handed Axes]]
  • [[Category:Two Handed Axes]]

Magician Weapons

  • [[Category:Wands]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Staves]](Completed & messy)

Bowman Weapons

  • [[Category:Bows]] (Completed)
  • [[Category:Crossbows]] (Completed)

Thief Weapons

  • [[Category:Claws]](Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Daggers/Cutters]](Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Kataras]]

Pirate Weapons

  • [[Category:Guns]] (Completed & messy)
  • [[Category:Knuckles]] (Completed & messy)