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If you want to join this community as a hair style contributor, please add your name to this list. You can also add a note about what kind of contributions you can provide, and if you do them on request.

  • Zanachriel - Creator and maintainer. Plays EMS and contributes with basic colors and VIP hair styles. Will keep an eye on this project's talk page for questions, suggestions or discussions.
  • Rainemode911 - took care of most of the Royal Hair/pages. Plays GMS and contributes with basic colors and Royal hair styles. Tries to get all/most Royal Hairs done, when she has the time.

This project is about making sure you know what you get when you spend your real-life money on Hair Styles. Changing a hair style in-game can affect the gaming experience quite negatively for some players, and with a limited wallet it might not be possible to change it a second time and hope for something better. By capturing every possible combination of looks with screenshots we hope players can make an educated investment in changing their in-game looks.

This project could be related to other projects about the Cash Shop, but as of yet there are none.

How to help

There are three different ways to help this project.

  • If you have a lot of money to spend you could find out what types of hair you can get by using various random coupons (such as Royal and Experimental). The ideal situation would of course be if you could also provide MapleWiki with screenshots of each hair style in every possible color, but a simple text list is a lot better than nothing at all.
  • If you are good with image editing you could take screenshots of all currently missing pictures. You can either take screenshots of your current hair style in all possible colors, or your current color in all possible hair styles (limited to VIP hair styles unless you've got a big wallet). Most basic colors (the ones you can pick upon character creation) will already be covered, so this will probably only be an option if you already have a special hair color or hair style.
  • If you have no money and can't edit images you can still help out! By traveling around the Maple World and taking notes of all the possible hair styles and hair colors you can choose from by using a VIP ticket, you can save other players the time to travel everywhere. This is especially useful after each patch, to make sure the information already listed on MapleWiki is up-to-date.

Add a new picture

Find out what's missing

First of all, you need to find out what pictures are missing. Currently, lists of picture availability can be found at Talk:List of male hair styles and Talk:List of female hair styles. If the lists are outdated you can find wanted pictures by looking at the hair styles' individual pages or Special:WantedFiles. Each hair style page will automatically link to all colors available, which means there will be red links to the pictures that are missing.

Travel in-game

Once you have found some pictures you could contribute with, you need to find them in-game to take a screenshot. Please refer to the hair style article of where this hair style is available to you (there may be variations between MapleStory versions). Note that the easiest and cheapest hair styles to contribute with are the ones available through VIP tickets, as you can "browse" the alternatives without paying for them.

For VIP tickets, go to the main hair stylist of the town where the hair style is available (often called Hair Salon Owner or Lead Hair Stylist) and ask to see the available choices. Before taking any screenshots, please click the button below your character picture to see what the hair looks like without any equipment and make sure your cursor is not covering the character picture.

For hair styles not available through VIP tickets you will need to use a different strategy. To get pictures of the hair style in different colors you can talk to the VIP hair stylist, as above. However, for your current hair style combined with your current hair color you can talk to a lens expert instead, to take the picture with a different eye color. It is of course possible to unequip all your items and take a screenshot wherever you might be, but removing the background can become tedious if you're in a bad place.

Take the screenshot

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To take a screenshot, use the Print Screen key on your keyboard, sometimes called PrtScr. The built-in screenshot function using Scroll Lock produces pictures with such a terrible quality that all MapleWiki screenshots should be created by using proper screenshots (Print Screen) and pasting into a picture editing software. Please crop the picture so that nothing remains but the hair and the character - see the example on the right. Save the file as a PNG (PNG-24 if available) and make sure the background is transparent if possible.

If you don't understand these instructions, please ask for help on the talk page or search the internet for screenshot tutorials.

Upload to the wiki

Once your screenshot is cropped and saved as a picture containing only what's interesting, go to the hair style's individual page (such as Disheveled). Click the red link of the picture you want to upload. Make sure you click the correct link, so that you don't upload the green hair where the blue should be. Browse your computer for the file you want to upload. Leave the Destination filename as it is, or the hair style pages won't work as intended. As the summary, please enter [[Category:<Color> <Gender> Hair Color]] - for example [[Category:Green Female Hair Color]]. Make sure to capitalize each word (Female, not female) and to spell them correctly, as this will enable visitors to browse the color categories.

Now you know how to add new pictures to the Hair Style project so you can start contributing.

Add a new hair style

The current articles about hair styles will not last forever as MapleStory adds new hair styles once in a while. If you find a hair style not listed on the main Hair Styles page, please consider adding it. Due to version differences it it possible the article already exists but under a different name. For example, the hair style called Candy Heart in GMS is called Mei Wei in EMS. Before creating a new article you should look at all the pictures at List of female hair styles or List of male hair styles and see if it has a different name somewhere else.

Create the individual article

If you find a hair style that is not listed in MapleWiki yet, the first thing you should do is create the new article. Use the search box and try searching for the hair style you want to add first. There will be a sentence saying Create the page "New Hair" on this wiki! if no article already exists with the name you searched for. Click the red link to create the new article. Please mind the Version Differences before creating the article. If you know of multiple names for the hair style (such as the GMS and the EMS names), use the name appropriate to the current policy. If you only know one name, use that one, but be prepared for the article being moved to another name in the future. Mind the in-game spelling and keep the name capitalized (All Important Words Begin with Capitals).

Once you have decided on an article name you need to fill it in with information. Please copy the boxes below.

== Description ==
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a female [[hair style]].

{{hair color}}

Replace female with male as appropriate.

== Obtained ==
To get this hair style, you will need to buy a coupon from the [[Cash Shop]] for one of the following towns:

=== GMS ===
* Unknown

=== MSEA ===
* Unknown

=== EMS ===
* Unknown

Replace Unkonwn with links to the locations you know of, which should be a minimum of one (where you got it in the first place). The names currently used in articles are: Kerning City, Henesys, Amoria, Orbis, Ludibrium, Mu Lung, Showa, New Leaf City, Singapore: CBD, and Ariant. Other cities may be added to this list in the future. If you want to change how any of these links are spelled, please update them in all the articles as well as this project page. Make sure you add your information to the correct version (GMS, MSEA or EMS). If you're playing a version different than these, add your version as a new header.

[[Category:Female Hair Styles]]

Again, replace Female with Male as appropriate.

It would be ideal if you could also upload a picture of at least one hair color of the new hair style. Black would be best if it is an option, but any color is better than no picture at all. This would help other editors figure out if the hair style they discovered has already been created (possibly under a different name from their version), and it helps visitors visualize what the hair style actually looks like and might look like in other colors. This project is about pictures after all.

Add it to the main list

Once the new article has been created it needs to be added to one of the hair style lists - List of female hair styles or List of male hair styles. The hair styles are listed alphabetically. If the new hair style was a female hair style called New Hair you would add it between Naomi and Onion in the list, as in the box below.

| [[image:Black Naomi.png]] <br> [[Naomi]] ||  || ||  || || EMS 0.54 <br> GlobalMS ||  || ||  || EMS 0.54 || 
| [[image:Black New Hair.png]] <br> [[New Hair]] || Kerning City || Henesys || Amoria || Orbis || Ludibrium || Mu Lung || Showa || New Leaf City || Singapore: CBD || Ariant
| [[image:Black Onion.png]] <br> [[Onion]] ||  || ||  || ||  || GlobalMS ||  || || EMS 0.54 || 

In the example above, the possible locations are all written on the New Hair line. Before you press save you will need to remove them all to something more appropriate. First of all, replace each city where you know the new hair style is available (by looking at the list you added to the individual article) with your version of MapleStory. In the example above the European notes also mention exactly in what patch the information was last confirmed, something you should strive to add. This helps other editors know what information may be outdated and needs new verification. Secondly, replace each city where you know the new hair style is not available with an empty space. It will then look like || ||. Lastly, replace each city where you simply don't know whether or not this hair style is available with || Unknown ||.

The last step is only for those who uploaded a picture of the new hair style. If you uploaded the hair style in black, you're done and there's nothing left to do. However, if you uploaded the picture in a color other than black, you need to change the image link to the correct color, for example [[image:Green New Hair.png]].

Verify current information

MapleStory is often updated, which requires wiki editors to always go back to older data and verify whether or not it is still correct. You can help out with this verification even if you have no money and can't contribute with pictures.

Basically, there is only one question to answer. What is available here? is something you can ask yourself every time you find a hair stylist in-game. Go through the available hair styles (only possible with VIP hair styles) and note down what hair styles are available, and then do the same thing for the available hair colors. Unfortunately there is no way to find out if your own hair style or hair color is available, so to complete your list of what is available you would need to travel to the same location with a character with a different hair style and a different hair color.

Once you know what is available, also note down what patch you're currently playing. This should be displayed in the log-in screen before you have entered your password.

The information could then be added (or updated) to multiple places. Note that just adding new information is the easiest way to contribute, but removing obsolete information is just as important. If you have a list of what is available in Henesys, please verify that hair styles that are no longer available don't link to the city. If you remove information, please make a note on the appropriate talk page what information you removed and why.

  • Color availability is currently listed in the Hair Styles article. If you need help with understanding how to add your version information to that page, please ask for help on its talk page.
  • Hair style availability is listed at List of female hair styles and List of male hair styles.
  • You should also update the individual hair style pages, such as Disheveled.
  • It is also possible to update the Hair Salon page, and the hair stylist pages. See List of hair stylists. Note that I (Zanachriel) have not paid much attention to these pages, so the Hair Styles Project does not have a defined goal with them yet. If you have suggestions, please start a discussion.
  • If you find more places that should be kept up-to-date regarding hair style information, please add them to this list.

During your verification check it is possible you discover brand new information, such as a new hair style. If you are unable to help contribute with adding the hair style properly, please make a note on this talk page so that others know it needs to be done.


This section will contain information about what sort of wiki maintenance is necessary for this project, such as keeping an eye on the category structure. May or may not be made a subsection of the above #How to help section.

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