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MapleWiki has rules like most other things. This is not to drive people away, but to help preserve MapleWiki in being a good source for MapleStory tips. Please remember to follow the rules below:


  • Always assume another editor is editting for a good purpose, not for a bad purpose.
  • Bots are not allowed on MapleWiki because it drains our limited resources.
  • Do not ever be rude or flame at another editor, you will be blocked for that.
  • Always improve upon articles, try not to delete content unless there are vulgarities.
  • No legal threats should be made, but if there is one please refrain from editting until it is resolved. We do not allow copyright infringement.
  • Personal attacks ARE NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE on maplewiki. Please take this elsewhere.
  • You do not own any articles, you must allow other users to edit your article.
  • Sock Pupperty is not allowed, if you are found to be conducting sock pupperty which is essentially creating many accounts or changing IP addresses to bypass blocks, you will be reported to your ISP.
  • The Three Revert Rule, like in wikipedia, is applied here. Refrain from reverting 3 or more times because someone is vandalizing or you're vandalizing. Please inform an administrator if someone is found to be doing vandalism or is breaking the three revert rule.
  • Usernames must be neutral and not provoke anything.
  • Vandalism is not allowed, you will be blocked after 3 warnings.


  • Neutral Point of View must be applied to all articles. You may not attempt to say something is good nor bad, it all must be neutral.
  • No orginal research is allowed, that is if you found the information yourself but others can not verify it.
  • All articles must be verifiable, to do so you may cite or you may refer to our own database.
  • Must be MapleStory related, if it is not it will be deleted.


  • If at any time you find an article to be offsensive, useless, Non MapleStory related or anything related, you may edit the page and add {{delete}} to the top and it will be checked by an administrator.