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Creating a guide for MapleStory has never been easier. Here, you can get started making a guide, it's fairly simple and there are two ways to get a guide submitted to MapleTip's guide database.

Making a Guide on MapleWiki

To start a guide on MapleWiki, you simply have to go to the search box on the left and type in the name of the guide you want it to be. Next, click "create page" and begin typing.

However, if you want to make your guide nice and pretty, you must learn how to make pages using Wiki syntax. You can learn this by going to this link.

Also as, if you are making a guide that involves on how to getting AP, things are a little bit different for Global MS, you must contain the following words so that new players wont get confused about the 'dice roll'.

`However for GlobalMS now THERE IS NO DICE ROLL, the stats are already laid out for you as 12 STR and 5 DEX. You may mess up your stats and keep on adding STR to complete the island faster, then when you get your job your stats get reset and you can press the auto-assign button to assign your stats to the normal thief/warrior/magician/bowman/pirate stats or you may alter it yourself by making yourself DEX/LUK/STRless or semi-DEX/LUK/STRless`

Making a Guide on the forums

To start a guide on the forums, visit the Works in Progress forum and begin typing there. When you are finished, simply press the "report" button on the bottom of your guide and say where you want the guide to go. You can specify the guide to go to the Warrior, Thief, Magician, Beginner, and so on.