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Topic by: Stephen We're currently looking for additional help on the wiki due to the high growth we have there! If you want to volunteer to help maintain the wiki, please contact the MapleTip wiki account here.

MSEA Patch Notes: v1.25=

MapleEurope Patch Notes: v0.82

Hot Time Weekend

Log in from noon to midnight on Saturday, January 12 (12 PM to 11:59 PM Pacific) and Sunday, January 13 (12 PM to 11:59 PM Pacific) to receive some cool items! Click on the pink gift box on the left of your screen to receive the gifts. These items are available on Saturday: AP Reset Scroll, Character Slot Expansion Coupon, Inventory Slot Expansion Coupon and Angel Wing Band. The following will be distributed on Sunday: SP Reset Scroll, Red Wormhead, Kaiser's Mystery Mastery Book and Trait Boost Potion.

You have to be at least level 13 to accept the gift. If you do not receive the items at noon, relog and you shall see the gift box on the left of your screen.

Five Hero Guides

Aran Guides

Complete Aran Guide - by SanjitS95(original owner) and MVPJeffie(continued SanjitS95's work after SanjitS95's account being hacked)

Tetrix's Aran Guide - Aran's guide up to Level 70.

Runypro99's 40 Dex Aran Guide Aran's guide, currently up to lv70

Evan Guides

Jay's Evan Guide - A guide for the Evan. This is not a YOU MUST DO THIS guide.

Magician Guides

The Ultimate Magician's Handbook - Information On Mages [My First Post]

The ULTIMATE Magician Guide - All magician classes and jobs. =)

The magician guide - All you'd want to know about magicians.Bring it on!;)

The Starter's Guide to Magician (Lv 1-30) - The Complete Guide for Magicians, with tips & tricks to help you along

DanTe's Luckless Magician Guide - How to make your lukless magician strong!

Starting a Magician - A guide which tell you how to start off with a magician.

The perfect training guide for your magician - Training Areas for Cleric-to-be.

Magician - The MapleWiki guide for all Magicians!

TwilightK3y's Magician Training Guide-Good(recommended) places to train to save a great amount of meso

Conflict's Magician Training Guide - My guide for all magicians!NOT COMPLETE

VenusTiger's Luckless Magician Guide In Detail and improving - posted on the forums too.

SSRPro's Claw Magician Guide - A guide to a magician who wants to attack with Magic Claw

MageGuidebyRini - As of yet, a first class guide to Magicians. Somewhat repetitive of Mage guides and uses borrowed information.

Magician Guide by DawnofHeart - Done by DawnofHeart

Hakfkj2's Magician Guide - My very own Magician Guide!

Salazar's Guide to the Perfect Mage - Great way to train, gain faster exp, and use a reasonable amount of money.

Mythril's Advanced Magician Guide - My very own magician guide for level 8 -70!

Typical magician guide - A player-made guide based on his experience of going through about 20 magicians.

Ice/ Lightning Guides

I/L wizard guide- Not perfect,but perfect-to-be!

Magicbeast22's ice and lightning guide (pre-mage through ice and lightning mage)

Ice/lightning wizard training areas - Areas to train for an Ice/lightning Wizard.

Scorwix's ice/lightning wizard guide - An in-depth guide for ice/lightning wizards. 3rd job is yet to be implemented.

Guide to I/L mages - The first guide on MapleWiki to explain Ice/Lightning Mages -By Supagician of Khaini (incomplete)

Places for Ice/Lightning Wizards to train - A simple guide yet short but teaches Ice/Lightning Wizards their skill build and training areas!

Ice Lightning Wizard Guide - Another guide found in the long list of articles.

Wizard Ice/Lightning Challenging Training Areas - Training Areas for Ice/Lightning Wizards.

Tenz's Guide to an Evenly Distributed, Effective Ice/Lightning Mage - Only skill points are discussed, but discussed thoroughly.

Cleric Guides

Jackie's guide for clerics - Cleric Guide for AFTER BIG BANG.

Atrovhg's 1st cleric guide - The builds, skills etc.

Strength Cleric - Remember to read! (very special)

Conflict's Cleric Guide - My guide for People wanting to become Clerics!

Sanctum's Battle/Party Cleric Guide - A guide which will last you till your 2nd job!

Dominican2456's Cleric Guide! - Level 1-120 Guide into becoming a Cleric

MakeWizards guide Guide for magician and cleric.

DUfire's guide to the Meso Saving Cleric - A great guide on leveling at the same rate as a normal INT Cleric and save mesos at the same time!

Useful Cleric Guide!Plz read it is quite useful!!!

JezzaRules Cleric Guide - The ultimate guide for premagicians till Bishops!

In-Depth Cleric/Priest Guide - Cleric and priest guide the secrets behind a cleric

Holy Arrow Cleric / Priest Guide Levels 1~120 - A holy arrow cleric which also shows the advantage of having it.

Jaewonnie's Cleric Guide - A cleric guide that covers skill builds, AP usage, training spots, 3rd job advancement etc.

Jackie's guide for clerics - Cleric guide which should be enough for any cleric (covers from level 30 to 70).

Magician to Bishop

Fire Poison Guides

Guide to fire/poison wizard - Skill builds for F/P wizards.

Fire and Poison Mage Guide - A Fire/Poison Wizard's Life and it seriously needs reformatting.

Fire/Poison Wizard Build - On the top it is the magician build, scroll down for the Fire/Poison Wizard build.

Warrior Guides

R1e2u3b4e5n6's warrior guide - R1e2u3b4e5n6's simple to understand guide!

Detailed Warrior Guide - The guide which teaches you to be a great warrior! (just like Dance with Balrogs>.<)

The smart first job build - for warriors - anyone can add skills and make a build but, is it the best way to do so?

how to choose your 2nd warrior job - for warriors - this basically explains the classes and their pro's + cons, its a lil messy due to lack of knowledge about maplewiki

Spearman Guides

The Newest Spear(wo)man Guide! - Simple Guide from a Simple Player xD. Updated Guide.

Spearman, Spear Guide - The Guide for Spearman

EagleSlash's Spear Dk Guide

Warrior6996's spearman guide- Simple helps for skills and AB.

Bewnt's Guide to being a Spearman

The smart spearman build This is the best place to put your skills when you are a spearman

Page Guides

TheGamePhreak's Page Skill Build - A skill build that entails the essential skills for the path of the Page.

Joebob's Page Guide

Fighter Guides

The Complete Fighter guide from 1-70 - A guide for a beginner to advance(this guide needs to be reviewed by owner)

Bowman Guides

The Bowman Guide - Everything you need to know to become a powerful Bowman

Dominican2456's Sniper Guide - My (incomplete) guide but has some decent information on a sniper from level 1-120

Archers training places - Good guides for training places

Archer Guide - Guide for archers (:

Bowman Guide - A random guide someone made, it's good though.

Xbowman guide - For that archer(bowman)desiring to be a crossbow man ;)

Archer's Guide - Well, is just my first try, I have been an archer before :D

Crossbowman Guide - AHH!

Tetrix's Bowman Guide - Essential guide for Bowmans. (under construction)

Marksman Skills Analysis - A Mathematical Analysis of the four top skills for 120+ Marksmen

The Archer Guide

Bowman Guide - MapleTip's created Bowman guide, modified into Wiki.

Thief Guides

Thief Guide - The Thief Guide from MapleTip, translated into Wiki form.

Thief Training Reference / Guide - A list of areas, and how to benefit from them, at what levels.

Mgelo21's Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Sins (MUGHS)- My guide to Hybrid Sins (not a sindit). (2nd job not available)

Zattara's Guide To Become A Rogue - How to get the first thief job Rogue, simplified and easy!

Beginners Guide to Thiefs - A very well written guide which describes the skill points you need to add in.

Dale's Dagger Thief Guide - A guide for Bandits-to-be.

XxHiTLiStxx guide to becoming a Thief

Cheifyoyo's guide through a dagger thief - It'll last you through lvl 1 until lvl 30 w/ job advancement guides.


Sindit- My guide to the Sindit. *REFURBISHED* ~ By Aleczorich

My own Sindit guide- My first guide. By DETINY


Jay's Ultimate Bandit Guide - A guide for the Bandit

The Bandit

Jaspar's Dexless bandit guide - A guide that shows you how to make an Extremely Powerful bandit.

TheGamePhreak's Bandit Guide - A guide that suggests a perfect/near perfect build for the Bandit path.

Shadowyst's Bandit Guide - ~An upgraded version of the real guide (To suit other players)~

Banditter3's Bandit and Rogue Guide - Lists the Pros and Cons of a thief. (incomplete)

Darkpak's Bandit guide - The guide which states the training areas for bandits.

Party Bandit - A bandit who parties people....

Cheifyoyo's bandit to a shadower guide - Another Cheifyoyo guide!! yay (or maybe not) I will be showing the hybrid version


GameAngel's Thief/Assassin Guide!- Yay it's another GameAngel guide!

Darkdude821's Dexless Sin Guide- My guide on how to make a dexless thief/sin

HunterRicky's Claw Thief Guide- A more detailled guide than the most common ones. (Incomplete)

Mapledude132's Claw Thief Guide by Mapledude132

The guide for thiefs from Level 1-70 - A guide that will last you till your 3rd Job Advancement!

Theif/Assassin Guide - xxlilalan's guide for Level 1~70. [So far]

Pirate Guides

thegreatkate's In-Depth Pre-Gunslinger Guide - the Ultimate Gunslinger Guide; includes training locations, what to buy, which quests to do, where to put you AP and SP, starting on Maple Island, ending with a mini-guide on the Second Job Advancement To Gunslinger. Coming Soon: Strengthless gunslinger guide!

Kometto's Pirate Guide - Wow this is the first pirate guide! With images to show you the moves!

Kundaros brawlers and gunslinger guides - very detailed any reserched

Brawler Guide

Brawler Guide

Pirate Brawler Guide

Gunslinger Guides

thegreatkate's In-Depth Pre-Gunslinger Guide - the Ultimate Gunslinger Guide; includes training locations, what to buy, which quests to do, where to put you AP and SP, starting on Maple Island, ending with a mini-guide on the Second Job Advancement To Gunslinger. Coming Soon: Strengthless gunslinger guide!

Peacemastaa's Pirate to Gunslinger to Outlaw to Corsair Guide - From a Gunslinger to a Corsair.

The Ultimate Gunslinger Guide - The ultimate guide for Gunslingers, incredibly detailed and also has very advanced editing.

Knight of Cygnus Guides

Thunder Breaker Guides

Seeme87's Striker Guide - Everything You Need To Know

OMGHEALPLZ's Low Level Thunder Breaker Guide

Thunder Breaker Guide

Blaze Wizard Guides

Flame Wizard/Blaze Wizard Guide

xNoobvirusx Maplestory Post Big Bang Flame Wizard Guide

Dawn Warrior guides

Greatest Ever Dawn Warrior Guide

LIghtzere's Dawn Warrior Guild

Dawn Warrior Guide

Soul Master

Wind Archer Guides

Wind Archer Guide

Simple Wind Archer - Simple,easy.

Another Wind Archer Guide - By DETINY

WindArcher Guide - By W1indJammer

Night Walker Guides

Night Walker Guide

My Night Walker Guide - Note that this is DEXLESS build.

Dual Blade Guides

Dual Blade Guide - A guide by Chris on the [Dual Blade]] job.

Class Choosing Guide

Main article: Category:Classes

4th Job Advancement Guide - A guide to teach you how to do your 4th Job Advancement.

Class Choosing Guide - A good beginner's guide on how to choose your class on MapleStory with pros and cons.

Beginner Guides

The Perma Beginner Guide

Chayce's Dice Rolling Guide - How to roll the perfect stats.

Beginner! - Introduction to the main 4 classes with the (partial) addition of pirate


The controls to start your adventure with. (Includes MapleEurope's controls)


The Beginner

Kraix's Beginner Guide

The main Beginner guide

Registration and Beginning Guide - A complete guide on how to start in the vast world of MapleGlobal.

The Beginners Guide to Maple Story.

The Maple's Story Guide.

ATTENTION MUST MUST READ!!! BEFORE MAKING A 4TH JOB GUIDE - I dont know the appropriate place please switch if you know