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[[Kiyobi's Guide to Dagger Assassins|Kiyobi's Guide to Dagger Assassins]] contains some useful info towards becoming a dagger proficient Assassin.   
[[Kiyobi's Guide to Dagger Assassins|Kiyobi's Guide to Dagger Assassins]] contains some useful info towards becoming a dagger proficient Assassin.   
[[Sindit (Guide)|Sindit]]- My guide to the Sindit. *REFURBISHED*
[[Sindit (Guide)|Sindit]]- My guide to the Sindit. *REFURBISHED* ~ By [[User:Aleczorich|Aleczorich]]

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Community Portal

If you cannot find a guide using the search feature, use this page to find the guide you are looking for.

Wish to add your own guide? Feel free to edit this page and add it to the appropriate category!

Players who have a Maplewiki account as well as a Maplestory account

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All guides including Class Guides and Quest Guides

Official Class Guides

Main article: Category:Classes

Beginner Guides

Class Choosing Guide - A good beginner's guide on how to choose your class on MapleStory with pros and cons.

Hakfkj2's Beginner Guide - From a weak beginner to a strong cleric!

Kraix's Beginner Guide

The Perma Beginner Guide

The main Beginner guide

Registration and Beginning Guide - A complete guide on how to start in the vast world of MapleGlobal.

The Beginners Guide to Maple Story.

The Maple's Story Guide.

The controls to start your adventure with.

Chayce's Dice Rolling Guide - How to roll the perfect stats.

Magician Guides

Main article: Magician

Magician - The MapleWiki guide for all Magicians!

Magicbeast22's ice and lightning guide (pre-mage through ice and lightning mage)

TwilightK3y's Magician Training Guide-Good(recommended) places to train to save a great amount of meso

brianattack's magician+ f/p wizard training guide -in construction

magicbeast22's magic guide for ap and sp-the regular and ice and lightening mages, 1-120, Updated as much as possible!

Magicbeast22's ice/lightning wizard hybrid-a continuation of my guide, sort of. Its the wizard build, except a hybrid for training.

Magician Advantages Guide - It includes which mage is stronger at what time frame.

Conflict's Cleric Guide - My guide for People wanting to become Clerics!

Conflict's Magician Training Guide - My guide for all magicians!NOT COMPLETE

VenusTiger's Luckless Magician Guide In Detail and improving - posted on the forums too.

Luckless magician guide - All you need to know about the luckless magician. Cheaper to maintain, stronger at certain levels.

SSRPro's Claw Magician Guide - A guide to a magician who wants to attack with Magic Claw

Magican Noob Guide - Incomplete ,needs translation.

MageGuidebyRini - As of yet, a first class guide to Magicians. Somewhat repetitive of Mage guides and uses borrowed information.

Hakfkj2's Magician Guide - My very own Magician Guide! (Incomplete)

Salazar's Guide to the Perfect Mage - Great way to train, gain faster exp, and use a reasonable amount of money.

Vinsont2's guide on where to train a magician My opinion on where to train as a mage.

Scorwix's ice/lightning wizard guide - An in-depth guide for ice/lightning wizards. 3rd job is yet to be implemented.

Sanctum's Battle/Party Cleric Guide - A guide which will last you till your 2nd job!

Ice/lightning wizard training areas - Areas to train for an Ice/lightning Wizard.

Devilrymage's F/P mage guide Detailed skill guide with training spots for fire mages.

Dominican2456's Cleric Guide! - Level 1-120 Guide into becoming a Cleric

MakeWizards guide Guide for magician and cleric.

DUfire's guide to the Meso Saving Cleric - A great guide on leveling at the same rate as a normal INT Cleric and save mesos at the same time!

User:WiseCThe only current guide is the STR Cleric

Magexilla'sA great guide for mages currently patch 50

Gameprincess's A guide for Clerics

Headline text

Warrior Guides

Main article: Warrior

Warrior - The MapleWiki guide for all Warriors!

Spearman, Spear Guide - The Guide for Spearman

R1e2u3b4e5n6's warrior guide- R1e2u3b4e5n6's simple to understand guide!

Hadrael's Dragon Knight Guide- An excellent (unfinished for now) guide for all who wish to follow the path of a spearman to become a Dragon Knight!

Warrior6996's spearman guide- Simple helps for skills and AB.

Miyakazumi's Page & White Knight Guide The guide for all Pages and White knights

EagleSlash's Spear Dk Guide

The How to Fighter Guide (Needs a small touch-up in the Training Section)

Warrior Guides under construction

HPKoby's HP Warrior Guide (work in progress)

A good guide to use to get to lvl 30 FAST (working on it) - Too long winded...

Zygo's Page and White Knight Guide (In Progress) For those who want to be a page!

Hadrael's Dragon Knight Guide- An excellent (unfinished for now) guide for all who wish to follow the path of a spearman to become a Dragon Knight!

Bowman Guides

Main article: Bowman

Bowman Guide - MapleTip's created Bowman guide, modified into Wiki.

The Bowman Guide - Everything you need to know to become a powerful Bowman

Dominican2456's Sniper Guide My (incomplete) guide but has some decent information on a sniper from level 1-120

Archers training places Good guides for training places Bowman Guide A random guide someone made, it's good though.

Thief Guides


Main article: Thief

Thief Guide - The Thief Guide from MapleTip, translated into Wiki form.

dexless thief guide - How to put all AP into LUK to increase damage

Thief Training Reference / Guide - A list of areas, and how to benefit from them, at what levels.

Mgelo21's Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Sins (MUGHS)- My guide to Hybrid Sins (not a sindit). (2nd job not available)

Zattara's Guide To Become A Rogue - How to get the first thief job Rogue, simplified and easy!


Kiyobi's Guide to Dagger Assassins contains some useful info towards becoming a dagger proficient Assassin.

Sindit- My guide to the Sindit. *REFURBISHED* ~ By Aleczorich


TheGamePhreak's Bandit Guide - A guide that suggests a perfect/near perfect build for the Bandit path. COMPLETE! (finally ~_~)

Shadowyst's Bandit Guide - ~An upgraded version of the real guide (To suit other players)~


My thief guide Ways on how to meet me -_-"

GameAngel's Thief/Assassin Guide!- Yay it's another GameAngel guide!

Claw Thief: Standard Build by HunterRicky

Darkdude821's Dexless Sin Guide- My guide on how to make a dexless thief/sin

HunterRicky's Claw Thief Guide- A more detailled guide than the most common ones. (Incomplete)

Pirate Guides

Kometto's Pirate Guide - The first Pirate guide on MapleWiki ;P Includes animations of skills. (Pirate job only available in KMS)

Quest Guides

Guides on how to complete quests.

Ludibrium Pq

Nikovici's Ludibrium P.Q. Guide

Party Quest (Ludibrium) - MapleWiki's official guide to completing the Ludibrium PQ!

Kerning City Pq

Conflict's Kerning Party Quest(KPQ) Guide - My guide for KPQ

Party Quest (Kerning City) - MapleWiki's official guide to completing the Kerning City PQ!

Items needed for Quests

Full Quest List

Sharenian Guild Quest

Henesys Party Guide

Misc. Guides

Meso - Article on the currency used in Maplestory, "Meso".

Level experience - Great way to find the amount of experience needed for your next level.

El Nath Newbie Guide - A helpful guide for those low-leveled and stuck in El Nath.

Hidden Streets - A helpful way to find the hidden places in MapleStory.

Guide to selling items - A guide that will teach you how to sell things!

Fourth Job - Everything that is known about the fourth job advancement.

Guilds - An in-depth guide explaining guilds.

How to create and keep a guild active. - A Guide for GuildMakers by NightFlurry, Deputy Head Of MTDynasty And Head Of MTDynasty Windia, Also Many More Guilds In GMS Windia.

GameAngel's Guide to Making Mesos- A guide for making mesos! :D

Some pointers on Netiquete and playing behaviors


Stub Articles

Want to contribute to the MapleWiki but unwilling to create an article? Feel free to help expand any of these stub articles by clicking here!

Help Desk

Have question that can't be answered in one of our guides? Not sure of something? Well, feel free to ask any questions at our Help Desk


Have a category or other article needing deletion? Please post it up in here!


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