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Our Mission

Our mission at MapleTip is to provide you with the best possible MapleStory fan site in the world. We strive to gain perfection and we will at any cost make this the best ever website in the world.

Our goals

Our goals are to provide the best possible guides for maplestory while maintaining percision, accuracy, and consistency. We try to give you tools to expand your love for maplestory such as the upcoming character simulation.



MapleTip began on November 26, 2004 by founder Ocean, previously known as Kiler. Ocean has since then left and has been replaced by Administrator Life which was known at Stephen. At the beginning of MapleTip, the website had a crude layout that contained very little PHP and was very, very small. The original domain for the starting maplestory fan site was but was changed to in December 30, 2004.

For nearly 2 months, MapleTip gained popularity very slowly while competitor website, gained membership exponentially. In February, Flash (a coder, webdesigner) joined the mapletip staff and begun developing mapletip. Mapletip began having a website based on mysql and PHP and relied heavily on it. Now, mapletip began to gain membership exponentially and more members came.


MapleWiki has become a very successful wiki containing the most number of articles among the Wikis on MapleStory. There have been very little cases of vandalism which is a good news to hear. Unfortunately, most of the administrators are offline except for MapleTip and Yongjianrong.


We are currently planning to have achieved the target of 10,000 articles by June 2009. We will work hard to strive for our goals and we shall become one of the biggest maplestory fansite for guides and database as mentioned on the Main Page. Also, there will be more entertainment and there will be nicer layouts for the main page. To be updated....

Convience for you

At mapletip, we have strived to create convience not only for you, but our staff. We have implemented several search engines on our website to help you search any item on maplestory with ease. With the search engine, we have other features such as low bandwidth mode for monsters and advanced search for equipment and hall of fame.

But, every good fan site needs a properly updated database of items and equipment, therefore, mapletip has volunteers that help keeps the database in an updated fasion. Administrator Blu3snail has taken much of his valuable time to contribute to the mapletip website and we do this in a very easy method which we will discuss below.

Usage of MySQL and PHP

At the beginning of mapletip, we have decided that a website would be better managed if there were a mysql database. This enables members to search and allows easy integration of scripts such as the marketplace. PHP was used to help give dynamic content for our users, this enables you to search and use easy guides.


Stephen for the creation of MapleTip

Note: Stephen is Life