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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

Stats Roll

NOTE: This guide contains a dice roll section for AP points. We would like to inform you that dice roll function is not used anymore in GMS and MapleSEA. If you are a beginner, there is no need as all points are assigned to STR. When you get your job advancement, click A and then click on auto-assign points. Please avoid that section and everytime you level up, press 'a' and press auto-assign. You may continue that system or if you are looking to use a special point build eg. dexless assassin, then you may do so.

Just a basic roll:

DEX:4+(Try making it a higher point)
LUK:4+(Try making it a higher point)

Once done with your stat roll, finish all the quests on Maple Island and level up to 10 with 90%. (Why the extra %? Because not much people know about it but it is very helpful for those eager on leveling and putting those skill points in. So once you get the job you don't have to go through the hassle of wasting time leveling when you've already done it.) NOTE:For your stat distribution your DEX should be 2x higher than your level and points leftover should be put into LUK.

The starting of a Thief's life

Becoming a Rogue

Once your level 10, you should be already out of Maple Island and at Lith Harbor. From there, find Olaf and talk to him for a quick quiz on your job. Once finished look for Phil(the man in the small tiny house beside Jane) near the big boat on which you arrived on. Talk to him and he will give you a discount and a ride to Kerning City. Once you reached Kerning City you should look for a building which says Fusion Bar JAZZ, that's where you should enter and look for the Dark Lord. Before making the job you must have your stat requirements of DEX being 25. Once done you talk to him and then you get your job as a Rogue. GRATS! You've just become a Rogue and you are one step closer to becoming a Sindit!

The Skills

There are two ways of heading with this from my point of view. There is one way which can lead you to waste mp but have fun, and another which slowly gives you time and make you stronger. One way is to put points into Nimble Body until you can put points into Keen Sight then maxing it out which then makes you able to finally use Lucky Seven with a claw and throwing stars.(Choosing this path means you have to use a Metal Axe until Keen Sight is MAXED.) The other path you can choose is the one which you use stars on a earlier level. That's where you put that one point into Lucky Seven then maxing out Nimble Body and Keen Sight. Frankly both are fine with me but I always choose the Lucky Seven start. I chose that because it's either I'm funded to provide my Sindit mp pots, or because I have enough experience to know when to waste or save my mesos. After knowing how you will start out your skill distribution should be like this:

The Nimble Body/Keen Sight Path

Skills points:

Level 10 : Nimble Body +1

Level 11 : Keen Sight +3

Level 12 : Keen Sight +3

Level 13 : Keen Sight +2, Lucky Seven +1

Level 14 : Nimble Body +3

Level 15 : Nimble Body +3

Level 16 : Nimble Body +3

Level 17 : Nimble Body +3

Level 18 : Nimble Body +3

Level 19 : Nimble Body +3

Level 20 : Nimble Body +1, Lucky Seven +2

Level 21 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 22 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 23 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 24 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 25 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 26 : Lucky Seven +2, Disorder +1

Level 27 : Disorder +2, Dark Sight +1

Level 28 : Dark Sight +3

Level 29 : Dark Sight +3

Level 30 : Dark Sight +3

The Lucky Seven Path

Level 10 : Lucky Seven +1

Level 11 : Nimble Body +3

Level 12 : Keen Sight +3

Level 13 : Keen Sight +3

Level 14 : Keen Sight +2, Nimble Body +1

Level 15 : Nimble Body +3

Level 16 : Nimble Body +3

Level 17 : Nimble Body +3

Level 18 : Nimble Body +3

Level 19 : Nimble Body +3

Level 20 : Nimble Body +1, Lucky Seven +2

Level 21 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 22 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 23 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 24 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 25 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 26 : Lucky Seven +3

Level 27 : Disorder +3

Level 28 : Dark Sight +3

Level 29 : Dark Sight +3

Level 30 : Dark Sight +3

Once becoming level 30, your skills should look like this:

Nimble Body : MAXED

Keen Sight : MAXED

Disorder : 3

Dark Sight : 10

Double Stab : 0

Lucky Seven : MAXED

Some people want to make Lucky Seven 10 so they can even out with Double Stab, but then that wouldn't make you a Sindit now would it? It would be a good way to be both but then Sindit would mean you have to max out Lucky Seven that way once you have the Bandit job you can max out Savage Blow.


I don't want to get much into Equipment, but if you want to know it's fairly simple. If your funded(which means you have a main character who has alot of money.) you should buy equipment every time you level. HOWEVER if you started a new character from scratch or on a new sever, you should buy equipment every few levels to save some mesos.

Training Spots

Kerning is not a very good place to train unless you like running around chasing monsters down. The best place to train at a low level would be Ellinia. Kerning still is fine though for those lazy and low on mesos kind of people.

Becoming The Hybrid

As you know becoming level 30 means you get a chance to prove to yourself you can get your next job advancement. As usual every second job advancement means you must go back to the NPC that gave you your first job, for the Rogue it's Dark Lord. He'll talk about you becoming stronger and saying you can advance to your next job but must prove that you can. Thus giving you a assignment to give a letter to the job advancement instructor in Victoria Road: Construction Site North of Kerning City and passing the assignment he gives you. His assignment for you is to gather 30 Dark Marbles from the monsters within the map he will teleport you to. The monsters don't give you exp and they have been modified for this map. Once done collecting 30 Dark Marbles, talk to the job instructor again to exit the map and get Proof of a Hero. Head back to the Dark Lord and talk to him again to advance yourself as a Bandit! GRATS! Now you've just received the job as a Bandit, what a great achievement! You have now completed part of your job for becoming a Hybrid Sindit. Now for your skills! With your brand new skill book full of new and unmastered skills for your use.

The Skills

Since you've become level 30, remember once you reach level 40 you should change your AP distribution from DEX 2x your level and rest of the AP to LUK, to putting all points into LUK for four levels and one level you put all points into DEX. Your skill distribution should be like this:


Level 30 : Savage Blow +1

Level 31 : Savage Blow +3

Level 32 : Savage Blow +3

Level 33 : Savage Blow +3

Level 34 : Savage Blow +3

Level 35 : Savage Blow +3

Level 36 : Savage Blow +3

Level 37 : Savage Blow +3

Level 38 : Savage Blow +3

Level 39 : Savage Blow +3

Level 40 : Savage Blow +2, Dagger Mastery +1

Level 41 : Dagger Mastery +3

Level 42 : Dagger Mastery +3

Level 43 : Dagger Mastery +3

Level 44 : Dagger Mastery +3

Level 45 : Dagger Mastery +3

Level 46 : Dagger Mastery +3

Level 47 : Dagger Booster +3

Level 48 : Dagger Booster +2, Haste +1

Level 49 : Haste +3

Level 50 : Haste +3

Level 51 : Haste +3

Level 52 : Haste +3

Level 53 : Haste +3

Level 54 : Haste +3

Level 55 : Haste +1, Dagger Booster +2

Level 56 : Dagger Booster +3

Level 57 : Dagger Booster +3

Level 58 : Dagger Booster +3

Level 59 : Dagger Booster +3

Level 60 : Dagger Boost +1, Dagger Mastery +1, Endure +1

Level 61 : Endure +3

Level 62 : Endure +3

Level 63 : Endure +3

Level 64 : Endure +3

Level 65 : Endure +3

Level 66 : Endure +3

Level 67 : Endure +1, Steal +2/Dark Sight +2

Level 68 : Steal +3/Dark Sight +3

Level 69 : Steal +3/Dark Sight +3

Level 70 : Steal +3/Dark Sight +2, Steal +1 or Disorder +1

Most people's guides have Dagger Mastery first before Savage Blow, but what's the use of Dagger Mastery if you don't have a dagger skill for it to master?

Training Spots

Near The End

Well since I'm not clear on the third job advancement on what you should be I will not include it into the guide. However! Whichever job you choose it's good enough since your at a high level already. =]

The Dexless Sindits

Ok for those who want more damage and become a Dexless Sindit it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you are either funded or that you are highly skilled to become a Dexless Sindit due to the fact that it drains alot, and I mean ALOT of money from you. So it's a warning before you make your choice. Ok if you've chosen the Dexless Sindit path make sure to equip common items, not just common items, but common items that give off DEX because without DEX, Sindits can rarely hit with a great success. If you can't do that buy scrolls that give DEX which will be a BIG HELP later on. AP distribution for Dexless Sindits is all points into LUK and DEX low as possible on your stat roll. The skill distribution is still the same. Other than that equips should be scrolled with DEX scrolls or have DEX+ already.