Making Mesos using Huckle's Quest

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Hey you, yes, you! Want to know a little secret of mine - making a lot of meso. And to me, 75k a day for 15 minutes is quite a lot.


Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Mages are highly recommended because of the monster's magic attack - Mages have high magic defence. Period.

Sounds great! How do I do this?

Simple. Everyday you visit orbis, and do Huckle's shell quest. You will get 5 scrolls. SInce these are in high demand, they sell fast. Sell for 80k each. Thats a VERY fair price. =)
5 scrolls * 80k = 400k

(Remember Prices are different in all The Servers there around 150k-250k now)

Quest Requirements

45 Jr. Sentinel Shells

20 Ice Sentinel Shells

20 Fire Sentinel Shells


Instead of going to orbis everyday, what you can do is to stock up on shells, and transfer them to a side account. That side account is going to the 10th floor and enter huckle's lab. So, every 24 hours you will log in on that side account and finish the quest. Leave those scrolls in your inventory, and when you run out of shells, you can sell those scrolls.


If you are willing to make a side account that only have shells, read this.
(this will last 2 months)
2,720 Jr. Sentinel Shells +
1,320 Fire Sentinel Shells +
1,320 Ice Sentinel Shells = 5,360 which will take appox 27 slots in a full etc inventory (28 slots) (take off 200 of each shell group to fit a 24 slot inventory).

Ahh...big numbers time =D

Now we shall look at the big numbers! Because everyone likes big numbers amount of meso, don't you?

Good big numbers:

1 week - 525k
1 month - 2 mil 100k
2 months - 4 mil 200k
3 months - 6 mil 300k
12 months - 25 mil 200k (wow O_o)

Enhanced Guide ( Due to new prices )(New Prices 150k-250k)

1 week - 1,050,000
1 months - 4,500,000
2 months - 9,000,000
3 months - 13,500,000
12 months - 54,750,000 =0
( The highest you can do is around 75mil)

Bad big numbers:

5,360 shells total 2 months
32,160 shells total 1 year (;-;)


Marsheh - for making the guide (me! =D)
BasilMarket to host my guide =)
MMO Tales - Hosted my guide too =)

Character recommeneded to do this quest : from highly recommened to the least

magician , worriors, bandit, dual blades pirate (brawler type), Pirate (gunslinger type), bowman , assasins