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NOTE: The subject of this article has been removed from the game by the Chaos Update.


The Maker Skill allowed characters to create equipment by using etc. items and mesos. The quest Meren's New Discovery must have been completed to acquire this skill. After the Chaos Update, the Maker Skill was replaced with the professions system in Ardentmill.

Levels and the Maker Skill level

The maker level is required to make items above a certain level limit. You cannot just start off as a full-fleged item maker. You need to do several quests that increase your maker level. Also, based on your level, you can only make items 5 levels above your base level. For example, being level 50 means you could only make items to level 55.

Recipes and Formulas

This section is to include the possible recipes and formulas for making items. Note that some of this info is from KMS and may not work on other versions. If it is found not to work, please either delete it off here or remove. Thank you! Note that order is important, so please follow exactly as posted below. Also, some formula's require items. For example, making the scrolls require Gordon's Magic Iron to make them equipped. If an additional item is needed to make a formula, it will be listed below.

Recipe for all Classes

ETC Recipes

Useable Items

Recipes for Warrior

Warrior Helms

Warrior Tops

Warrior Bottoms

Warrior Shoes

Warrior Gloves

Warrior Shield

One Handed Sword

One-Handed Axe

One Handed Mace

Two Handed Sword

Two-Handed Axe

Two-Handed Mace


Pole Arm

Recipes for Magician

Mage Hats

Mage Gloves

Mage Overalls

Mage Shields

Mage Shoes

Mage Staffs

Mage Wands

Recipes for Bowman

Bows & Crossbows


Bowman Hat

Bowman Overall

Recipes for Thief

Thief Hats

Thief Claws

Thief Overalls

Thief Daggers

Thief Gloves

Thief Pants

Thief Shields

Thief Shoes

Recipes for Pirate

Pirate Hats

Pirate Gloves

Pirate Guns

Pirate Knuckles

Pirate Overalls

Pirate Shoes


This list shows the drops of powders, found dropped in KMS. Powders are required for more of the complex making of items. Powders also allow the maker of items to change colors on the weapons, so if a person wishes to make a black weapon, you will need black magic powders. The drops for NLC and Singapore areas are unknown. If you find any monsters that drop powders there, please post on here. It is not known if these will drop the same in other versions.

Black Magic Powder Drops

Blue Magic Powder Drops

Brown Magic Powder Drops

Green Magic Powder Drops

Purple Magic Powder Drops

Red Magic Powder Drops

White Magic Powder Drops

Yellow Magic Powder Drops


Certain items need crystals to make the item. These are usually made from the ETC items that monsters tend to drop. Basically, you need to collect a level of ETC item that is the base of the item above in the recipe/formula list. For example, making a level 90 wand requires fighting level 90 monsters for their etc dropped items. Also, amounts differ per class, so one class might only need to gather 50 crystals, yet another may have to get 100.

Low Grade Monster Crystals

You require 100 Etc. drops to create 1 Basic Monster Crystal. You can make items up to the level of the monster it dropped from with these:

  • Low Grade or Basic Crystal 1 is from level 31-50.
  • Low Grade or Basic Crystal 2 is from level 51-60.
  • Low Grade or Basic Crystal 3 is from level 61-70.


  • Old Paper from The Book Ghost can sometimes may Basic Crystal 3 even though it is a level 55 monster.
  • In fact, it is possible an etc. item gathered from a monster may produce a Crystal 1 level higher at times despite it's level.
  • Cellion Tail from Sakura Cellion have produced Basic Crystal 2, and Basic Crystal 3, even though Sakura Cellion is a level 33 monster, since Cellion Tail is also dropped by Cellion, which is a level 53 monster.

Medium Grade Monster Crystals

  • Intermediate Crystal 1 is from level 71-80.
  • Intermediate Crystal 2 is from level 81-90.
  • Intermediate Crystal 3 is from level 91-100.



There is another way to gather monster crystals by sacrificing equips. In the menu there is an option that only some of the letters can be seen, Dissas, which is this. How it works is by placing an item you can make (example would be Fury Claw) you get a certain number of Monster Crystals back. For the example the item gave 5 Basic Monster Crystal Level 1. Thought currently only a theory the items level should effect amount and level of the monster crystal. (It should be noted certain types of equips such as overalls, and weapons can make more monster crystals then a shoe, bottom,etc)

Adding gems into the mix

By adding a random refined jewel/gem, you can add additional stats that can make your item godly.

The useage of Stimulators

Not much info is known about the addition of stimulators to a made item, but what is known is that it can add more stats to a specific item. Also, there is a 10% chance the item will be ruined too. So every stimulator you use may possibly add a 10% chance fail rate to the item, and it is supposedly cumulitive. If the 10% fail is reached, the item made will be destroyed.

Mystery Making

It has been theorized that a class can make another classes items by using this skill, but it is unknown at this time. It has been learned that the making formula's for items is identical to all classes, but may vary for formula per class when using the mystery skill. So, in essence, experimentation is what the mystery skill is all about. It has also been theorized that using different stimulators can change the end result.


  • Thanks for all the boards and sites this info was compilied from, and was free to use on this website. Thank you all!