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Welcome to my very first magician guide to Bishop. You might like to follow my guide as a beginning order. Massive fixes by SethElite (Level 92 Bello Priest that shall keep IGN hidden)

Route towards becoming a magician


Being a magician is the most exciting yet, since your being a cleric, one of the least expensive careers in MapleStory, being a magician has a lot of advantages such as the ability to mob and the ability to resurrect your party members.

Magician is one of the most profitable job in MapleStory and also one of the popular job in MapleStory as it is totally versatile and, magicians get their job before thiefs, warriors and bowman!

Dice Roll and AP

When you are creating a new character, it is totally important to look out for certain Ability Points - But why do we have to do that?

The reason is simple, the wrong setting of ability points would cause you alot of troubles a head, some of the commonly problem could be low damages and ineffective skills such as heal.

When you are rolling the dice to build your character, it is certainly important that you follow this format:
STR (Strength) - 4
DEX (Dexterity) - 4
INT (Intelligence) - XX
LUK (Luck) - 11 or less
Either STR or DEX can be 5 and you'll still be fine, but if both are 5 you wont. XX means anything can go here

As you move on to each level, you would receive 5 ability points, and it is best if you distribute the following way:

STR (Strength) - DO NOT ADD
DEX (Dexterity) - DO NOT ADD
INT (Intelligence) - Distribute the rest of the ability points to INT after LUK.
LUK (Luck) - Make your LUK 3 above your level, until you reach your LUK cap

Keep training until you are level 8, and when you are level 8, you should achieve a set of ability point that has something resemblence to this:

STR (Strength) - Your initial dice roll result
DEX (Dexterity) - Your initial dice roll result
INT (Intelligence) - 40 or 41
LUK (Luck) - 11

  • In MapleSEA and KMS,the dice roll has been removed and replaced with a standard AP system.

Please note that you should be in Victoria Island by level 7 and you should have get your job as a magician by level 8.

Skills Distribution

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
ThreeSnails.gif Three Snails Hurls snail shells to attack monsters from long distance. Active 3 x -
Recovery.gif Recovery Enables the user to recover HP constantly for 30 sec. Supportive 3 x -
NimbleFeet.gif Nimble Feet Enables the character to move around quickly for a short amount of time. Supportive 3 x -
Blessing of the Sprite.png Blessing of the Fairy Skill Point will increase by 1 when the related character reaches above Lv.10. Supportive 20 x -
Empress's Blessing.png Empress's Blessing Grants 1 skill level for every 5 levels your highest level Cygnus character has. Between Blessing of the Fairy and Empress's Blessing, the higher increase is applied. Supportive 30 x -
Link Manager.png Link Manager Allows you to manage your Link Skills, either by sharing with other characters on your account, or by choosing which skills to use on this character. Supportive 1 x Must reach level 10.
Echo of Hero.png Echo of Hero Increase weapon attack and magic attack on all players around. Supportive 1 x Must be a level 200.
Maple Return.png Maple Return Return to Maple Island. Supportive 1 x Must reach 2nd Job.
Will of the Alliance.png Will of the Alliance Strong force is released according to the Willpower of the Alliance. Passive 1 x Complete The Birth of an Alliance.

Beginner skills should be your least concentration as you would move up to magician skills as you are level 8.

However, you would still need to add on skills in in order to perform an attack or quicken your pace.

As a beginner, each time you level up, you would receive 1 SP (Skill Point) which works similarly to AP (Ability Point), so if you would like to follow my distribution, feel free to do so!

Level 1 - Nothing. You do not get a point

Level 2 - 1P Recovery

Level 3 - 1P Recovery

Level 4 - 1P Recovery

Level 5 - 1P Three Snails

Level 6 - 1P Three Snails

Level 7 - 1P Nimble Feet

Denote: You would stop receiving Skills Point as you hit level 7 until you receive your job.

Eventually, you would hit this build:
Three Snails - 2P
Nimble Feet - 1P
Recovery - 3P (Maxed)


Now you should be level 8 and in Victoria.

Travel your way to Elinia, then climb up to the highest house in the town of Elina then enter it, you would meet Grendel the Really Old, magician's job master.

Talk to him about getting the job of a magician by double clicking him and select "I'd like to know more about magician", then he would as you if you want to be a magician, then select yes, then you will receive a set of skills in your skills inventory where SP is found.

In your skills inventory, you will notice 2 books, the first book is the beginner's skills where nimber feet, recovery and three snails are found, and in the second book, it's magic skills.

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
MP Boost.gif MP Boost Increases Max MP permanently. Also increases MP proportional to your level. Passive 20 x -
Magic Guard.png Magic Guard Damage dealt to you affects your MP instead of your HP. If your MP reaches 0, your HP takes the full amount of damage. Supportive 10 x -
Magic Armor.png Magic Armor Condenses magic around your armor to increase Weapon Defense by a percentage of your Magic Defense. Supportive 10 x Magic Guard Level 3
Energy Bolt.png Energy Bolt Consumes MP to fire a condensed energy bolt that explodes on contact with an enemy. Active 20 x -
Light Speed.png Teleport Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys. Supportive 5 x -

Skill Points Distribution

Now you've got a job, congratulations! From then, you will receive 3 Skill Points as you level up, however, you would receive 1 skill point when you first got your job as a magician, so select one of the following build to add your skills on.

The Normal Build

Level 8 - 1P Energy Bolt
Level 9 - 3P Improving MP Recovery
Level 10 - 2P Improving MP Recovery & 1P Improving Max MP Increase
Level 11 - 3P Improving Max MP Increase
Level 12 - 3P Improving Max MP Increase
Level 13 - 3P Improving Max MP Increase (Maxed Improving Max MP Increase)
Level 14 - 3P Magic Claw
Level 15 - 3P Magic Claw
Level 16 - 3P Magic Claw
Level 17 - 3P Magic Claw
Level 18 - 3P Magic Claw
Level 19 - 3P Magic Claw
Level 20 - 2P Magic Claw (Maxed Magic Claw) & 1P Magic Guard
Level 21 - 3P Magic Guard
Level 22 - 3P Magic Guard
Level 23 - 3P Magic Guard
Level 24 - 3P Magic Guard
Level 25 - 3P Magic Guard
Level 26 - 3P Magic Guard
Level 27 - 1P Magic Guard (Maxed Magic Guard ) & 2P Improving Max MP Recovery
Level 28 - 3P Improving Max MP Recovery
Level 29 - 3P Improving Max MP Recovery
Level 30 - 3P Improving Max MP Recovery (Maxed Improving Max MP Recovery)

Essentially, by level 30 (the level where you should get your 2nd job), you would achieve this build:

Improving MP Recovery - MAX
Improving Max MP Increase - MAX
Magic Guard - MAX
Magic Armour - 0
Magic Bolt - 1
Magic Claw - MAX

Training Spots

Levels 8-19

Slime Tree (Slimes)
Orange Mushrooms (14+)
HPQ (10+)

Levels 20-25

Pig Beach (Pigs and Ribbon Pigs)
Green Mushrooms
KPQ (20-30)
ABC (20-30)

Levels 26-30

KPQ (20-30)
ABC (20-30)
Ant Tunnel 1 (Horny and Zombie Musrooms)
Kerning Subway (Bubblings)

Second Job Advancement

Now that you are level 30, move on to Elinia to look for your job master, Grendel the really old, speak to him and he would give you quest you to look for someone (I can't remember his name) in Ellinia and look for that guy and he would throw you a challenge to collect dark crystal balls that were hidden Curse Eye which he would transport you in to the the tree stem.

Once you collected the desired number, return it to him and he would issue you a letter and head back to Grendel the really old, give him the letter and he would ask you whether you want to become a mage or a cleric, choose Cleric because you are following this guide now. :D

From now on, I will only put up the skills distribution and the training spots.


Skill Distribution

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
MP Eater.gif MP Eater Absorbs the enemy's MP when attacking with Magic skills until the enemy's MP reaches 0. Passive 10 x -
Blessed Ensemble.png Blessed Ensemble Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys. Passive 1 x -
Spell Booster.png Spell Booster Uses MP to temporarily double the speed of Magic Attacks. Supportive 10 x -
Heal.png Heal Restores the HP of all surrounding party members. Monsters within the skill range are inflicted with the effect that increases incoming damage for a short duration. Undead monsters take additional damage. Recovery 20 Holy -
Invincible.png Invincible Temporarily decreases all damage received. Supportive 10 x Heal Lv 5
Bless.gif Bless Increases Weapon ATT, Magic ATT, DEF, Accuracy, and Avoidability of all nearby team members for a set amount of time. Can be stacked with other buff skills. Supportive 10 x Invincible Lv 5
High Wisdom.png High Wisdom Permanently increase INT through mental discipline. Passive 5 x -
Holy Arrow.png Holy Arrow Attacks multiple monsters with Holy Arrows. Very effective against Undead and Devil monsters. Active 20 Holy -
Spell Mastery.png Spell Mastery Increases Magic Mastery and Magic Attack. Active 10 x -

Level 30 - 1P Teleport
Level 31 - 3P Heal
Level 32 - 3P Heal
Level 33 - 3P Heal
Level 34 - 3P Heal
Level 35 - 3P Heal
Level 36 - 3P Heal
Level 37 - 3P Heal
Level 38 - 3P Heal
Level 39 - 3P Heal
Level 40 - 3P Heal (Maxed Heal)
Level 41 - 3P MP Eater
Level 42 - 3P MP Eater
Level 43 - 3P MP Eater
Level 44 - 3P MP Eater
Level 45 - 3P MP Eater
Level 46 - 3P MP Eater
Level 47 - 2P MP Eater (Maxed MP Eater) & 1P Invincible
Level 48 - 3P Invincible
Level 49 - 3P Invincible
Level 50 - 3P Invincible
Level 51 - 3P Invincible
Level 52 - 3P Invincible
Level 53 - 3P Invincible
Level 54 - 1P Invincible (Maxed Invincible) & 2P Bless
Level 55 - 3P Bless
Level 56 - 3P Bless
Level 57 - 3P Bless
Level 58 - 3P Bless
Level 59 - 3P Bless
Level 60 - 3P Bless (Maxed Bless)
Level 61 - 3P Teleport
Level 62 - 3P Teleport
Level 63 - 3P Teleport
Level 64 - 3P Teleport
Level 65 - 3P Teleport
Level 66 - 3P Teleport
Level 67 - 1P Teleport (Maxed Teleport) & 2 Holy Arrow
Level 68 - 3P Holy Arrow
Level 69 - 3P Holy Arrow
Level 70 - 3P Holy Arrow

MP Eater - Maxed
Bless - Maxed
Holy Arrow - Level 11
Teleport - Maxed
Heal - Maxed
Invincible - Maxed

Training Spots

Level 30 - 40: Zombie Lumpins
Level 40 - 50: Wraith at kerning subway
Level 50 - 60: Ghost & Coolie Zombie at Zipangu
Level 60 - 70: Soul Teddy and Master Soul Teddy at Ludibrium


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Holy Fountain.png Holy Fountain Summons the Holy Fountain to recover party member's HP using holy power. Even a party member in Undead status can use it. Go near the fountain and press the up arrow key to recover. Cannot be summoned near a portal. Supportive 10 x -
Dispel.png Dispel Nullifies all enemy magic effects within the targeted area while removing all abnormal conditions suffered by nearby allies. Decreases Divine Protection's cooldown based on the number of treated party members. The Dispel skill can remove critical abnormal conditions, including Knocked Out, Seduction, Confusion, and Zombified. Supportive 10 x -
Mystic Door.gif Mystic Door Creates a portal that leads to the nearest town. All members of the party can use it multiple times until the portal disappears. Press Up Key to move. Supportive 10 x Dispel Lv 3
Holy Symbol.png Holy Symbol Temporarily allows all nearby party members to gain additional EXP while hunting. Supportive 20 x Dispel Lv 3
Holy Magic Shell.png Holy Magic Shell Fully restores an ally's HP and grants them a holy shield which will absorb up to 10 hits. The shield can last up to 20 seconds, and when it's activated once, it will not be reactivated for a short time even if a different character uses Holy Magic Shell. Supportive 20 x Dispel Lv 3
Shining Ray.gif Shining Ray Attacks multiple enemies at once with a ray of holy light. Deals massive damage to the Undead and Devil-type monsters. Active 20 Holy -
Divine Protection.png Divine Protection Permanently increases Abnormal Status and all Elemental Resistances. When used, you use holy power to create a holy barrier that blocks critical Abnormal Status. Upon casting Dispel, the cooldown is reduced according to the number of recovered party members. Active 10 x -
Teleport Mastery.png Teleport Mastery When activated, enemies at the teleport location will take damage and become Stunned. Also, permanently increases teleport distance. Active 10 x Level 5 Teleport
Holy Focus.png Holy Focus Permanently increases all magic attacks, Heal magic Critical Rate, Accuracy, and Magic Mastery. Passive 10 x Level 10 Spell Mastery
Arcane Overdrive.png Arcane Overdrive Permanently increases Critical Rate and Minimum Critical Damage. Passive 10 x -

Level 70 - 1P Dispel
Level 71 - 3P Dispel
Level 72 - 3P Dispel
Level 73 - 3P Dispel
Level 74 - 3P Dispel
Level 75 - 3P Dispel
Level 76 - 3P Dispel
Level 77 - 1P Dispel (Maxed Dispel) & 2P Holy Symbol
Level 78 - 3P Holy Symbol
Level 79 - 3P Holy Symbol
Level 80 - 3P Holy Symbol
Level 81 - 3P Holy Symbol
Level 82 - 3P Holy Symbol
Level 83 - 3P Holy Symbol (Maxed Holy Symbol)
Level 84 - 3P Shining Ray
Level 85 - 3P Shining Ray
Level 86 - 3P Shining Ray
Level 87 - 3P Shining Ray
Level 88 - 3P Shining Ray
Level 89 - 3P Shining Ray
Level 90 - 3P Shining Ray
Level 91 - 3P Shining Ray
Level 92 - 3P Shining Ray
Level 93 - 3P Shining Ray (Maxed Shining Ray)
Level 94 - 3P Elemental Resistance
Level 95 - 3P Elemental Resistance
Level 96 - 3P Elemental Resistance
Level 97 - 3P Elemental Resistance
Level 98 - 3P Elemental Resistance
Level 99 - 3P Elemental Resistance
Level 100 - 2P Elemental Resistance (Maxed Elemental Resistance) & 1P Mystic Door
Level 101 - 3P Mystic Door
Level 102 - 3P Mystic Door
Level 103 - 3P Mystic Door
Level 104 - 3P Mystic Door
Level 105 - 3P Mystic Door
Level 106 - 3P Mystic Door
Level 107 - 1P Mystic Door (Maxed Mystic Door) & 2P Summon Dragon
Level 108 - 3P Summon Dragon
Level 109 - 3P Summon Dragon
Level 110 - 3P Summon Dragon
Level 111 - 3P Summon Dragon
Level 112 - 3P Summon Dragon
Level 113 - 3P Summon Dragon
Level 114 - 3P Summon Dragon
Level 115 - 3P Summon Dragon
Level 116 - 1P Summon Dragon (Maxed Summon Dragon) & 2P Doom
Level 117 - 3P Doom
Level 118 - 3P Doom
Level 119 - 3P Doom
Level 120 - 3P Doom


Doom - 14P
Summon Dragon - Maxed
Mystic Door - Maxed
Shining Ray - Maxed
Elemental Resistance - Maxed
Holy Symbol - Maxed
Dispel - Maxed


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Maple Warrior.gif Maple Warrior Increases all players' stats within a team by a certain percentage. Supportive 30 x -
Blessed Ensemble.png Blessed Harmony Increases the effect of Blessed Ensemble. Passive 1 x -
Big Bang.png Big Bang A holy ray of light shines down from the sky, burning up to 15 monsters at once. An additional Critical Rate will be applied. If Genesis is on ccooldown, Big Bang will be cast immediately. Active 30 Holy -
Arcane Aim.png Arcane Aim When attacking, a portion of enemy Defense is ignored. When continuously attacking a single enemy, all of the attack damage dealt to the target will increase. Damage increase effect will be based on rates. This can be accumulated up to 5 times. Passive 30 x -
Bahamut.gif Bahamut Temporarily summons Bahamut to deal Holy damage. Bahamut can attack multiple enemies at the same time. Supportive 30 Holy -
Infinity.gif Infinity Enables one to use skills without spending mana, and power stance effect will trigger on hit with a set probability. Continues to recover HP and MP and increases the damage of all attack magic. [Cooldown: 3 min] Active 30 x -
Advanced Blessing.png Advanced Blessing Greatly increases nearby party member ATT, Magic ATT, DEF, Accuracy, Avoidability, Max HP, and Max MP. Upon using skill, MP consumption will be reduced. Can be stacked with other buff skills, excluding Bless. Active 30 x Level 15 Bless
Resurrection.gif Resurrection Resurrects a party member using a ray of holy light. Supportive 10 x -
Angel Ray.png Angel's Ray Attacks with a holy arrow, dealing tremendous holy damage. Very effective against Undead or Devil type monsters. Restores allies' HP. Restores Undead allies as well. Active 30 Holy -
Genesis.png Genesis A holy ray of light shines down from the sky, burning multiple monsters at one time. Deals tremendous holy damage to all targets. This skill has increased crit chance. Active 30 Holy -
Buff Mastery.png Buff Mastery Permanently increases Magic Attack and increases the duration of all buffs on you. Passive 10 x -
Hero's Will.png Hero's Will By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Supportive 5 x -

Level 120 - 1P Hero's Will (Maxed Hero's Will)
Level 121 - 3P Angel's Ray
Level 122 - 3P Angel's Ray
Level 123 - 3P Angel's Ray
Level 124 - 3P Angel's Ray
Level 125 - 3P Angel's Ray
Level 126 - 3P Angel's Ray
Level 127 - 3P Angel's Ray
Level 128 - 3P Angel's Ray
Level 129 - 3P Angel's Ray
Level 130 - 3P Angel's Ray (Maxed Angel's Ray)
Level 131 - 3P Resurrection
Level 132 - 3P Resurrection
Level 133 - 3P Resurrection
Level 134 - 1P Resurrection (Maxed Resurrection) & 2P Genesis
Level 135 - 3P Genesis
Level 136 - 3P Genesis
Level 137 - 3P Genesis
Level 138 - 3P Genesis
Level 139 - 3P Genesis
Level 140 - 3P Genesis
Level 151 - 3P Genesis
Level 152 - 3P Genesis
Level 153 - 1P Genesis (Maxed Gensis) & 2P Holy Shield
Level 154 - 3P Holy Shield
Level 155 - 3P Holy Shield
Level 156 - 3P Holy Shield
Level 157 - 3P Holy Shield
Level 158 - 3P Holy Shield
Level 159 - 3P Holy Shield
Level 160 - 3P Holy Shield
Level 161 - 3P Holy Shield
Level 162 - 1P Holy Shield (Maxed Holy Shield) & 2P Mana Reflection
Level 163 - 3P Mana Reflection
Level 164 - 3P Mana Reflection
Level 165 - 3P Mana Reflection
Level 166 - 3P Mana Reflection
Level 167 - 3P Mana Reflection
Level 168 - 3P Mana Reflection
Level 169 - 3P Mana Reflection
Level 170 - 3P Mana Reflection
Level 171 - 1P Mana Reflection (Maxed Mana Reflection) & 1P Maple Hero
Level 172 - 3P Maple Hero
Level 173 - 3P Maple Hero
Level 174 - 3P Maple Hero
Level 175 - 3P Maple Hero
Level 176 - 3P Maple Hero
Level 177 - 3P Maple Hero
Level 178 - 3P Maple Hero
Level 179 - 3P Maple Hero
Level 180 - 2P Maple Hero (Maxed Maple Hero) & 1P Big Bang
Level 181 - 3P Big Bang
Level 182 - 3P Big Bang
Level 183 - 3P Big Bang
Level 184 - 3P Big Bang
Level 185 - 3P Big Bang
Level 186 - 3P Big Bang
Level 187 - 3P Big Bang
Level 188 - 3P Big Bang
Level 189 - 2P Big Bang (Maxed Big Bang) & 1P Bahamut
Level 190 - 3P Bahamut
Level 191 - 3P Bahamut
Level 192 - 3P Bahamut
Level 193 - 3P Bahamut
Level 194 - 3P Bahamut
Level 195 - 3P Bahamut
Level 196 - 3P Bahamut
Level 197 - 3P Bahamut
Level 198 - 2P Bahamut (Maxed Bahamut) & 1P Infinity
Level 199 - 3P Infinity
Level 200 - 3P Infinity