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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.


Magicians are the primary users of magic in MapleStory. They use magic attacks, such as Energy Bolt and Magic Claw and, later on, Cold Beam, Thunderbolt, Fire Arrow, Heal, and Holy Arrow. All Magician attacks are ranged and generally use a lot of Mana Points, or MP. Magicians usually have very high MP and very low Health Points (HP).


Class Analysis

The Magician is a class of many strengths and a few weaknesses. Here are a few that you will notice as you progress through the game as a Magician.


  1. Very high damage, especially at lower levels compared to other classes (after first job advancement really in the 20s and 30s)
  2. Very high MP (at level 30 standard magicians have around 1.6k-1.8k mp)
  3. Recover MP the fastest as well
  4. Ranged attacks, many of which do not require clear paths
  5. Attacks are also fast
  6. Possess many attacks that can inflict damage to multiple monsters
  7. Many support skills (Clerics have Bless and Heal, and even fire/ice wizards have Meditate and Slow, which are very useful)
  8. Not very expensive, no need for projectiles like Assassins or Bowmen
  9. Very resistant to Magic
  10. Great class for the Kerning City Party Quest and the Ludibrium Party Quest
  11. Useful and very fun to play!
  12. Saves a lot of money later on (around level 49 and higher) by using the skill Mp Eater

Note from a Player: You do need a lot of hp potions since mages have low health, although the skill magic guard minimizes damage.


  1. Weak upon reaching the 3rd job advancement (i.e. low damage)
  2. Low maximum HP
  3. Armor has low Attack Defense
  4. May require a lot of MP, meaning more MP potions spent and MP potions require alot of mesos.

Getting Started

Assuming you have used the Main Page/Registration and Beginning guide you now have Maplestory working and an account to start a Magician on. If you have not read that guide, please go back and read it.

Creating Your Character

Create a new character and name it and change whatever you like but make sure Strength and Dexterity are 4,4; 4,5; or 5;4. I recommend that you make both your Strenght and Dexterity Lvl. 4. This will make your Magician's damage higher in the high levels. A Magician needs Luck to wear equipment and Intelligence to strengthen his magic. A wooden club has lower minimum damage and higher maximum, but a sword is very stable. Stick with a sword.

Note: (MapleStory Global players only) From v64 all stats are reset at 1st Job Advancement thus eliminating the need to obtain 4 DEX and STR whilst creating your character.

You should now be at the character login screen. Double click on your new Magician.

Training Your Beginner

Now that you have created your character you can start exploring Maple Island. Ignore the mini quests along the way to Amherst and Southperry but be sure to talk to Roger to score three Red Potions.

Train until level eight on either Maple or Victoria Island on Green and Blue Snails. Don't waste your time on Red Snails, as they aren't worth the effort.

Tip: Do the "Maria's Letter" quest, as you will receive a nice headband to boost your defence when you are done. Don't talk to Biggs in Southperry since you cannot kill Orange Mushrooms for the items needed in the quest.

Player's Note: Don't worry about using Red Potions for you will not lose exp dying :D so you can just slash away without worrying about your exp

Allocation Of AP

Every time you level up you gain five ability points. These can be used to improve either INT, STR, DEX, LUK, HP, or MP. As a magician you only need LUK and INT. When you level up you should go to your Character Stats and tweak your stats so that your LUK = Level + 3 and dump the rest of the Ability Points into INT.

Lets say you have 9 LUK and 7 INT at level 1:

  • Level 2: 9 LUK, 12 INT
  • Level 3: 9 LUK, 17 INT
  • Level 4: 9 LUK, 22 INT
  • Level 5: 9 LUK, 27 INT
  • Level 6: 9 LUK, 32 INT
  • Level 7: 10 LUK, 36 INT

And so on, putting one AP into LUK every level, and the remaining 4 AP into INT.

Tip: Never, I repeat NEVER, add to any of the following stats:

  • STR
  • DEX
  • HP
  • MP

The First Job Advancement

Now you are almost ready to become a magician. Just follow the following steps:

When you are Level 8, go to Southperry and take the boat to Victoria Island..(note: You must have at least 2000 mesos to buy the wand, hit the boxes all around the island, it will drop: apple,red potion,orange potion,mesos(8-12). Sell those items to get 2000 mesos. Repeat this process until you have 2000 mesos)

Take the taxi in Lith Harbor (Double-click on the man standing in the ticket booth) to Ellinia and go all the way to the top of the map.

Enter the magic library and talk to Grendel the Really Old. He will ask you if you want to become a Magician. If you're reading this guide, you probably are sure you want to be a Magician, so say yes.

Congratulations, you are now a Magician! Open the skill window ("K" on the default keyset) and spend your first Skill Point (SP)!

Go to the Weapon Store to buy your first Wand. (And Level 8 equipment if you can afford it)

Wooden Wand, Level 8 Wand

Black Armine, Level 8 Top (Female) Black Armine Skirt, Level 8 Bottom (Female)

Green Armine, Level 8 Top (Female) Green Armine Skirt, Level 8 Bottom (Female)

Grey-Brown Training Shirt, Level 8 Top (Male) Grey-Brown Training Pants, Level 8 Bottom (Male)

Blue Training Shirt, Level 8 Top (Male) Blue Training Pants, Level 8 Bottom (Male)

Buy some red and blue potions from the Potion Shop to heal your MP and HP when necessary.

Red Potion-Heals 50 Hp Blue Potion-Heals 50 Mp

Congratulations! You have reached a point in your Magician career where no guide can tell you exactly what to do. Now, you will make your own choices on Skill Distribution, Equipment, etc.

Magician Skills

You gain 3 Skill Points, or SP, for your current job every time you "Level Up". These can be used to strengthen the many Skills you have. Remember that SP can only be allocated into skills for your current job, which means that after you become a Wizard, Cleric or Wizard at level 30, you will no longer be able to apply those skill points into the skills of your first job advancement, the Magician.

Below is a list of all available Magician Skills, for the first job advancement:

Improving MP Recovery Improving MP Recovery

Description: Recover more MP every 10 seconds

Importance: Unlike Warriors, Mages need to max their recovery skill. This helps balance out MP usage when fighting. MP Recovery is also affected by Level and INT.

Improving Max MP Increase Improving Max MP Increase

Description: With this, you'll gain even more MP every level.

Importance: This skill is a must-max. Without it you won't have enough mp to take hits from strong monsters with magic guard on or enough mp to use many 4th job skills.

Master Level: 16

Skill Type: Passive

Magic Claw Magic Claw

A Magician using magic claw on a Slime

Description: Attack twice with magic. When maxed, this does 40 base damage twice and uses 20 MP.

Importance: This is much better than bolt, since it goes through obstacles. It is more stable, but has less of a chance of doing higher damage than bolt at first.

Magic Guard Magic Guard

A Magician using Magic Guard

Description: Channel some damage taken to your MP. When maxed, this channels 80% of damage taken to MP for 10 minutes.

Importance: At high levels, some monsters will do more damage than you have HP. This helps to make sure you won't die in one hit.

Warning: Do not use on things that take off less than 40% of your hp or you will waste mp and, therefore, mesos.

Energy Bolt Energy Bolt

A Magician using Energy Bolt on a Jr.Grupin

Description: Shoot a ball of magic at an enemy. 70 base damage when maxed. -14 MP

Importance: Just add one point to activate magic claw. This is unstable and does not go through obstacles. (player's note: when you receive 1 SP from Grendel, put on energy bolt,or else you cannot level up because magician STR is weak and with no skills you will be helpless.)

Magic Armor Magic Armor

Description: Blow magic into your armor to improve your defense. Unmaxable without messing up your skills. (takes some magic guard to open it up) +40 defense for 3 minutes. -16 mp

Importance: This is decent at low level monsters, but when you fight stronger monsters, 40 defense is nothing. In other words, it becomes useless at higher levels. Note: If you want to be a cleric then you can max this so when your a cleric,you can use it together with invincible to lower the touch damage from the monster

Skill Distribution

Standard Magician Build

The most popular Magician Build. It can be found here.

Alternative Training Build

The "Hell" build. It leads to maximized natural MP, slightly higher than that of the previous guide. But beware, the training can, and will, become extremely tedious. It can be found here.

Hint:to make this more easy party with people (recomended warrior)

Low MP Training Build

This build leads to lower MP, but it has the slight advantage of getting stronger attacks earlier, as well as allowing a mage to use smaller pots for a longer amount of time. Instead of training Max MP Increase, it replaces it with some Magic Armor training, to cut down a bit on MP lost through Magic Guard from physical hits. It can be found here.


Training is one of the few ways to gain Experience (EXP) other than PQing and doing Quests. There are two ways of training:

Normal Leveling

This type of training is very effective for Magicians, since they recover MP very quickly. To level this way, buy very few potions and only use them when you are about to die. When you run out of MP, stand in a safe spot and *do something else while your MP recovers*. This method is slower than Power Leveling, but saves mesos.

Power Leveling

This type of training is very expensive, usually costing more than you earn from the monsters you hunt. Basically, what you do is buy around 50-100 MP potions and 25-50 HP potions. Fight the monsters you are training on, without resting for too long to regain MP. Everytime you see your mp is going down a lot, use a few of the MP potions you have. Even with this method, you should rest every once in a while. Resting will take time, but unless you are funded, you should take rests, so you will not run into the problem of no more mesos or potions.If you have a friend in the same world who is high lved or has a lot of mesos, you should ask him/her to fund you if he/her is willing to help you.That way, you can have extra mesos to buy potions with.

Potion Use

When you power level, you will need potions powerful enough to recover most of your MP or HP. Put your mouse over the image of the potion to see at what HP or MP you should use it.



Training Spots

As a magician you can train in many different places. Here are some recommendations from my experience. Note that you should also experiment with different training areas, including some which are not listed here. In the end, it is up to yourself on where to train on, so this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Some people may be more comfortable in a certain area, others not so.

Level 1-8

Blue and Green Snails Green Snail MBS.jpg

At this point you may be tempted to add points into STR. DON'T! You'll be sorry in 20 levels when you barely do any damage.

Level 8-15

Snails, and slimes in Henesys Hunting Ground SlimeSlime

Around these levels, ribbon pigs and iron hogs at Pig Beach can kill you very quickly. Avoid training there. If you find a good orange mushroom spawn, train at those when you begin to easily kill them.

Level 16-18

Orange Mushrooms at the Kerning City contruction site. If you are low on pots train on Henseys Hunting Ground II, there are slimes and some Orange Mushrooms too ^^ You could try pig beach but you'll have to spam lots of pots and waste alot of mesos.

Orange Mushroom

Comments: I think that training at Orange Mushrooms are too slow. So i think that training on green Mushrooms are better or 2 shot K.O. at horned Mushrooms give great EXP.^_^

Level 18-21

It is recommended that you train in Pig Beach at around this level. Go to the Split Road between Kerning City, Henesys, and Lith Harbor. Find a field of yellow flowers and press up. As said before, you might have trouble with potions at Pig Beach. Train at Orange Mushrooms if you are having trouble. If you are dying in Pig Beach and don't feel like climbing, just enter and exit the Cash Shop to be teleported to a higher ground. Or you can party your friends and fight with them . At this level, magicians can train at horny mushrooms (recommended) and green mushrooms (not recommended).

Pig Ribbon Pig

Avoid: Iron Hog

Level 21-25

Green and Horny Mushrooms. Go 3 screens left from the portal at the bottom of Ellinia and go to the tree dungeon directly below the portal. Green Mushroom Horned Mushroom

Until Level 23 you too can train on Bubblings in the Subway Construction Side B1 in the Train at the End of the first Shumi Quest. They give the same Experience Points like Green Mushrooms but have 10 Hp less. And the spawn in Constructions Side B1 is great.

Level 26-30

Kerning City Party Quest. Many people will invite you in.

Player's note: When I got bored of PQs, I went to Ant Tunnel I the Spawn is great and good Exp =)

Level 30-35

Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms. These are best found a couple of screens to the right of Sleepywood. You can also try Evil Eyes if you 2 hit them, since they give better EXP. Bring lots of pots. Horned Mushroom Zombie Mushroom

You can also try Jr. Sentinels, which reside in Orbis Tower. You will 2hit them, just like Zombie Mushrooms and give a decent 40 exp per kill. You also can do Collecting Huckle's Magic Ingredients everyday, and sell the scrolls for 15k each for a BIG bonus to your bank account.

No matter what anyone tells you, DO NOT TRAIN AT WILD BOARS! These are never the best training available for mages. First of all, they do tons of damage. Second, at these levels you will 2-3 hit them. That's as much as Zombie Mushrooms, which do less damage. At levels 32-40 you should mass attack zombies if you are a cleric, for more EXP than wild boars. And Wizards should be at their respective monsters in the Gardens of Three Colors. Comments: Now that there's Zipangu, I think that at lvl 32 onwards you should train on the crows at crow forest 1 or 2. 60 EXP and about one hit K.O, potion drop is mana elixir, and shield drop is pan lid which you can sell for 1million mesos! ^_^

Level 35-40

Fire/Poison Wizards - Once your Fire Arrow is level 15, Jr. Grupins are very good for EXP, mesos, and drops. These are fire mage heaven, but lately Assassins and Bandits have been taking over. Alternatives are ratz, brown teddies, or pink teddies in Ludibrium.

Ice Wizards - Once your Cold Beam is around level 20, you can try Jr. Cellions or Jr. Lioners. You can also go to fire boars for good mesos, but I do not recommend them unless you can always one hit kill them.

Clerics - Wild Boars or anything in the Gardens of Three Colors in Orbis. If your going to boars, try look for land of the wild boars 2 since there are no boogies. Clerics can also continue with Zombie Mushrooms and Horny Mushrooms.

Lightning Wizards - Once your lightning can do ~300 damage, you might want to try out evil eyes because of their great mob spawn. You can also try teddies or ratz in Ludibrium, who also mob spawn.

All magicians: Ludibrium PQ. Great exp! Level 35's or 36 even 37 don't get accepted that much, but keep trying.

Level 40-50

Fire/Poison Wizards - At level 40-43, stay at Jr. Grupins, go to Jr. Wraiths in Subway B2, or try out different monsters you can one hit kill in Ludibrium. Ticks are a nice Jr. Grupin alternative, once you can always one hit kill them because of their decent spawn and the EXP gain (65 EXP) is fairly nice too.

Ice Wizards - Keep to what you trained during levels 35-40.

Lightning Wizard - Now you have reached the golden levels of Lightning Wizards. With Meditation, you will see that you can gain very fast EXP at Lorangs and cover potion costs with lots of drops. Try going to Lorang Lorang Lorang, in Florina Beach.

Clerics - Now that your Heal can do decent damage, you should be training at Jr. Wraiths. Once you can always hit Zombie Lupins, try the Zombie Lupin Tree or try any of the two weaker variaties of chronos in Ludibrium. At around 40-44 zombie lupins will waste MP. You might want to complete the B2 Kerning City Jump Quest to get a really nice Jr. Wraith Spawn.

All magicians: Ludibrium PQ. Great exp.! Clerics are accepted into PQ's more because they can heal, but wizards are also loved.

Level 50-60

Fire/Poison Wizards - At the earlier levels, train at Jr. Yetis, then around 55, give or take, you can go on to grupins. Avoid their magic attack. They are good once you can two hit kill them, so synthenizing a Thorns in Ludibrium with a stimulator is recommended. Grupins have very high MP, therefore maxed MP Eater is recommended.

Ice Wizards - You should try Red Drakes if you feel you can handle their magic attack and have maxed Meditation. You will be here for quite a while, so try to mix training here with monsters in Ludibrium so you won't get bored easily. Training on Jr Lioners/Cellion gives decent EXP. Cellions or Lioners but not recommended.

Clerics - Coolie zombies all the way! If you are having kill-stealing (KSing) trouble at zombies, try Master Chronos. Also try at Wraiths in Kerning Subway or at B3.

Lightning Wizards - You still can't fight vikings or buffons with lightning, so you might want to try Hot Sands for tortie, clangs, and lorang.

Level 60-70

Fire/Poison Wizards - Fight Grupin, Jr. Yetis, Yetis, Pepes, and basically anything fire can kill in 2-3 hits.

Ice Wizards - Red Drakes, try partying at taurospears, Kerning Subway 1-4 is good, and you may try Hot Sands at your later 6xs.

Clerics - Coolie Zombies. This is when you really start training on Coolie Zombies. These drop Cromi's and other good mage items. Even though you might already a Thorns, you can sell Cromi's, if they are above average, for a high price, up to 1mil!

Level 70+

Priest: Hoodoos. MDT with Dragon Knights. Himes. Ice/Lightning Mage: Hot sand or Zombies Fire mage: Zombies or MDT

Note from a Player: Himes are only found in Encounter With The Buddha. There a many of them, and they move faster than maxed haste, so it might not be a good idea. Also, Black Crow is found there as well, so unless you want to fight him i don't think training on Dreamy Ghosts is a good idea.

Level 110+

  • Zakum is possible now
  • Papulatus is also
  • Doom Flounder also