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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

So you've decided to become a Magician? Good choice.
But be weary that the process may be long. So I hope this guide helps you to become a better Magician and gets you off to a good start.


This is My guide to Magicians. Hosted by MapleWiki. If you wish to contact me contact me at You are okay to take this guide and move it but please don't take my name off. Thanks for reading My guide to Magicians Hosted by By:Aleczorich
NOTE: Some Items was taken from MapleTip's Guide to Magicians.


NOTE: Magicians are referred to as the following: Mages, Mage, or Magician. Magicians are Experts in the mastery of Magic. They are one of many four classes in Maple Story. Here are some Advantages and Disadvantages below:


  • They are ranged
  • Some spells can go through walls
  • Does NOT have to go up close
  • Have better chances of not losing health


  • Have to buy a LOT of MP Potions to start with (your MP Recovery increases over time)
  -Actually, due to Big Bang, MP Recovery has dissappeared :(
  • Sometimes have to lose HP

Due To The Disadvantage above, Magicians may have to buy many HP Potions, unless you become a cleric, in which case you have heal

  • Dies easily, many higher leveled monsters can kill a mage in one hit
  -Hence, Magic Guard

Character31 11.gif
Character31 12.gif

"The job order for the magicians reveals a three-way job route. In order to advance as one of these jobs, various requirements need to be fulfilled. You should take time deciding what kind of a magician you want to become down the road before committing to a route".

Character31 13.gif


Welcome to MapleWiki's guide for Magician. This is where you will find all that is needed to start playing as a Magician, as well as tips on training and building a balanced magician. We hope that you find what you are looking for. If you are now prepared to be a full fledged Magician, then this guide WILL help you.

Why Choose to be a Magician?

Magicians are a versatile class with many pros and cons:


  • Highest amount of MP.
  • Ranged attacks, some of which can go through walls.
  • Decent accuracy.
  • May use MP to replace HP with Magic Guard.
  • Second Job advancement classes have elemental attacks; Clerics have many useful party skills.
  • Decent damage at Third Job advancement levels.


  • Difficulty building a perfect Magician.
  • Very low HP.
  • Very low Weapon Defense.
  • Magic Guard may consume too much MP and, therefore, may make the Magician replace HP potions with MP ones.
  • MP potions cost a lot of money (e.g. 100 Blue Potions cost 20,000 mesos, 19,200 at Ellinia Department Store). This problem can be lessened once you acquire Improving MP Recovery, and later on, MP Eater.
  • In Second Job advancement, low damage to monsters not belonging to a weak element.

Creating your Character

Create a new character and name it. Don't worry about your stats, Nexon has patched it so you always start out with perfect stats (4 STR, 4 DEX, ? INT, ? LUK)

Becoming a Magician

Being a Beginner

Now that you have created your character, you can start exploring and doing the simple quests on Maple Island. Do not forget to talk to Roger, eat his apple and to talk to him again, so that you can obtain three free Red Potions and three Blue Potions. Also, make sure of doing Pio's quest and talking to him again to obtain the Relaxer. It is also advisable to do Please bring this letter to Lucas quest to receive a hat which will boost your weapon defense a bit.

Train until level 8 hunting Snails and, occasionally, Blue Snails. Try not to waste your time on Red Snails or Shrooms — the experience received is not worth the hits you give. It is not advisable either to kill Orange Mushrooms upon Mai's or Biggs' request — you will have the hardest time killing them since you only do from 1 to 3 of damage.

When you reach level 8, it is time to head towards your Job advancement. Go to Southperry and pay Shanks 150 mesos, or give him the letter that that that Lucas gives you from finishing all of her training quests,. When you arrive in Victoria Island, you can talk to the man at the ticketing boot and ask him to take you to Ellinia or you can travel on foot instead — first to Henesys and then to Ellinia.

Beginner Skills

A Beginner gets 1 SP each time (s)he levels-up, until level 7. You can spend these on the Beginner skills available to you. As a Magician, Recovery might be quite useful because you do not have much HP. Nimble Feet can be useful for flights and escapes, but once you acquire Teleport, it will be so no longer. If you're funded slightly, you might want to max Three Snails as it will speed your training to become a magician right along. You will have to have about 100 or so Red Snail Shells and about 50 Oranges (they heal 50 MP) to get to level 8. One way to get these would be to use another one of your characters (if you have one) to get the snail shells and buy the oranges, and then transfer it via Duey or one of the storage keeper people.

Note:The Three Snails Skill no longer requires an ample supply of snail shells, rather, it conjures them out of your MP.

Distributing Ability Points

Since Patch 0.65, you don't need to put any AP into INT or LUK before Level 8, since the AP are reset at the job advancement. Therefore, this guide applies only after Level 8.

Every time you level-up, you gain five Ability Points (AP). These can be used to improve your attributes — STR, DEX, INT, LUK, HP, and MP. As a Magician, you will only need LUK to wear equipment and INT for magic attack. When you level-up you should go to your character Stats List and organize your AP so your LUK is equal to (Level + 3); and put the rest into INT. Most players recommend not to put any AP into HP, MP, STR or DEX, since this will dramatically weaken the magician in the distant future.

Exemplis grata: Let us say that a Magician has 9 LUK and 8 INT when (s)he creates his/her character. Therefore, his/her Stat List would grow this way (AP):

Level 2: 9 LUK, 13 INT
Level 3: 9 LUK, 18 INT
Level 4: 9 LUK, 23 INT
Level 5: 9 LUK, 28 INT
Level 6: 9 LUK, 33 INT
Level 7: 10 LUK, 38 INT

The general formula (when we finally reach (Level + 3) for LUK) is (ΔAP):

Per level-up: 4 INT, 1 LUK.

There's another way to put your AP points, it's confusing but better. Since INT effect how much mp you gain after level up it's better to put just all AP on INT until you need LUK for a equipment. For Example: You're lvl 10 and you want to wear the lvl 15 Moon Conehead hat once you get to lvl 15, this is how put your AP:

  • lvl 10: 48 INT, 13 LUK -- +5 INT +0 LUK
  • lvl 11: 53 INT, 13 LUK -- +5 INT +0 LUK
  • lvl 12: 58 INT, 13 LUK -- +5 INT +0 LUK
  • lvl 13: 63 INT, 13 LUK -- +5 INT +0 LUK
  • lvl 14: 68 INT, 13 LUK -- +5 INT +0 LUK
  • lvl 15: 68 INT, 18 LUK -- +0 INT +5 LUK

This way you have more INT when you level up thus more maxed MP. It's very confusing but if you want more maxed mp go with this guide.

The First Job Advancement Procedure

For Magicians, the first job advancement occurs at level 8. To advance as this, you will need to travel to the city of Ellinia and talk to Grendel the Really Old. It is possible to do the job advancement at level 10 now.

When you are in Ellinia, go to the Great Library at the very top of the map, where you will find Grendel the Really Old. Talk to him about advancing as a Magician. Once you answer "yes" to his question you will gain one Skill Point (SP) along with more MP.

Congratulations! You are now a Magician! Open the skill window and spend your first SP. It is advisable to spend the first SP on Energy Bolt, an attack spell. You will need this magic attack badly so you're not stuck hitting physical ones and twos. If you would like to follow the "Hell" build, then this does not apply to you.

You can also try to get your character's level close to seven after leaving Maple Island, but nothing higher than 70 exp. points. (If you did go higher, you can do the following tasks, but you won't be a magician at level eight.) When you arrive at Victoria Island, do the quiz quest from Olaf at Lith Harbour and take the other one, Path of the Magician. To complete the quest, go to Ellinia through the man at the ticketing booth or on foot, and then to the Great Library; now, do the advancement. Only after that, talk to Grendel about the Olaf's quest. This will award you with 300 exp. points, and you will (possibly) level-up! Now you have 4 SP, right after doing the Job advancement!

Note: If you're getting bored with Maple Island, you can also leave at level 6 with 50% or so. Take the taxi or walk to Henesys and talk to Thomas Swift to arrive at Amoria. Do the Amorian Quest, Amoria: Beauty or Beast!, which gives 500 experience and a free hair cut (but like the name suggests, the haircut can be either a good one or a bad one). This will get you to level 7 with about 50%. Train a bit as you head off to Ellinia and completing the Path of the Magician will get you to level 8.MapleGlobal only Theres a bit of a trouble with killing slimes, but if you have a 2nd character this shouldn't be a problem, then again, getting to level 7 is very easy.

Update: This is not necessary now since you can reset the AP at the job advancement, therefore leveling to 8 with ease by putting AP into STR/DEX; furthermore, you can do the job advancement at Level 10 without losing any AP/SP.

Off to a Start

You are now free to do what you wish, but this guide will lead you through and give you some tips on where to train and how to use your skills.

Magician Skills

You gain 3 SP every time you level up. Those can be used to strengthen your Magician. The following is a list of skills Magicians can use.

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
MP Boost.gif MP Boost Increases Max MP permanently. Also increases MP proportional to your level. Passive 20 x -
Magic Guard.png Magic Guard Damage dealt to you affects your MP instead of your HP. If your MP reaches 0, your HP takes the full amount of damage. Supportive 10 x -
Magic Armor.png Magic Armor Condenses magic around your armor to increase Weapon Defense by a percentage of your Magic Defense. Supportive 10 x Magic Guard Level 3
Energy Bolt.png Energy Bolt Consumes MP to fire a condensed energy bolt that explodes on contact with an enemy. Active 20 x -
Light Speed.png Teleport Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys. Supportive 5 x -


  • Improving MP Recovery. Unlike Warriors, Magicians need to maximize their recovery skill. This is due to the fact that you do not need to rest in order to recover MP. MP recovery is continuous as opposed to HP recovery, where Warriors will need to rest in order to take advantage of their recovery skills (they might prefer to simply use HP potions). Maxing this MP Recovery skill will greatly reduce a Magician's need to consume expensive MP potions. With this benefit in mind, it is recommended that you max this skill.
  • Improving Max MP Increase. As you can probably see, the higher the level of this skill, the more MP you get for every level-up. (When this skill is maxed, a Magician will gain much more MP every time (s)he levels-up than compared to a Magician who has not maxed this skill.) It is recommended to max this skill as soon as possible, because a Magician can be more effective (i.e. attack more times before running out of MP) if (s)he has more Max MP.
  • Magic Guard. Due to the Magicians' rather low levels of HP, some higher level monsters may be able to kill you with a single hit. With this skill maxed, we can avoid that risk. It is advisable to max this skill last because, although this skill is very important, the other skills suggested to be maxed are more significant early on in the game. People are also careful about using this skill because, if not used sparingly, it will lead to a wasting of money (as you might end up having to buy MP potions rather than the cheaper HP potions).
  • Magic Armour. Most players criticise the possibility of maxing this skill because 40 of weapon defense, in the long run, would be of negligible help. Besides, if we chose to max this skill, we would mess up with every other skill as it needs three points in Magic Guard — we would need three additional points (which we would have to subtract from Magic Claw, Improving MP Recovery, or Improving Max MP Increase.)
  • Energy Bolt vs. Magic Claw. These are the two available attack skills for the Magician. Maxed Energy Bolt has 55 basic attack with 14 of MP cost. Maxed Magic Claw has two hits of 40 basic attack (40 x 2) with 20 of MP cost. That means that Energy Bolt's effectively would be of:
(3.93 Basic attack) for (1 MP),
and Magic Claw's would be of:
(2 Basic attack + 2 Basic attack) for (1 MP).
So that, if the target monster has little or no Magic Defense, Magic Claw's effectiveness would be greater than Energy Bolt's. In addition, Magic Claw can do more damage than Energy Bolt in the same amount of time: compare 55 base damage to two times 40 base damage (80), and both spells taking about the same time to cast. Moreover, Magic Claw can go through obstacles (like walls), unlike Energy Bolt. That is why almost all players choose to max Magic Claw over Energy Bolt. However, opposer of this skill argue that Energy Bolt is more effective with high-Magic Defense monsters, because their Magic Defense value is applied twice on Magic Claw and only once on Energy Bolt. This argument is flimsy though, because by the time you're facing these stronger monsters, you should have already acquired more effective attacking skills (i.e. from the Second or Third Job Advancement skill books).
The only real reasons for choosing Energy Bolt over Magic Claw would be either because the monsters you are killing take one hit of Energy Bolt to kill (using Energy Bolt, therefore, would save 6 MP per cast) or because you would rather higher damage in one hit than medium damage in two hits (this would allow for knockbacks of certain monsters more often — but knockbacks occur rather infrequently anyway).

Skill Distribution Charts

Here are some recommended skill charts or builds to help you decide where to put those Skill Points:

First-Timer Build, or Meso-Saving Build

This build is the most common for all tiers of players (from beginner to advanced). It aims to maximize recovery skills before adding points to Magic Claw. Because it does not use up a lot of MP at lower levels, you will not need to spend much money on potions with this build.

Level 8: 1 to Energy Bolt
Level 9: 3 to Improving MP Recovery
Level 10: 2 to Improving MP Recovery, 1 to Improving Max MP Increase
Levels 11-13: 3 to Improving Max MP Increase per level (maxed at lv. 10)
Levels 14-16: 3 to Improving MP Recovery per level
Level 17: 2 Improving MP Recovery (maxed), 1 Magic Claw
Levels 18-23: 3 Magic Claw per level
Level 24: 1 Magic Claw (maxed), 2 Magic Guard
Levels 25-30: 3 Magic Guard per level (maxed at lv. 20)

It should look something like this at the end:

1 Energy Bolt
16 Improving MP Recovery (maxed)
10 Improving Max MP Increase (maxed)
20 Magic Claw (maxed)
20 Magic Guard (maxed)

Power-Leveling Build

The opposite of the above, this build is aimed for those who have money and are willing to spend it on potions. People following this build will level faster from level 15 onwards. (Edit)This build is not too expensive until you reach the higher levels of Magic Claw. This build also creates a very quick way to level. Doing the early stages of quests will enable you to save lots of mesos on hp potions, but mp potions will need to be bought later.(Edit by Yanno94)

Level 8: 1 Energy Bolt
Level 9: 3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 10: 2 Improving MP Recovery, 1 Improving Max MP Increase
Levels 11-13: 3 Improving Max MP Increase per level (maxed at lv. 10)
Levels 14-19: 3 Magic Claw per level
Level 20: 2 Magic Claw (maxed), 1 Improving MP Recovery
Levels 21-23: 3 Improving MP Recovery per level
Level 24: 1 Improving MP Recovery (maxed), 2 Magic Guard
Levels 25-30: 3 Magic Guard (maxed at lv. 20)

MageTerrific's Pro Build

This build is for people with a few thousand mesos (if you hpq) or a few hundred thousand (if you grind), it will end with the same stats as the first timer build at the end, just the order of adding points will be changed. It will give you tons of power at lower levels but you will have almost no mp recovery at first, causing you to buy many potions. Despite the "hefty" price of potions, it is certainly worth it. Once you hit kpq, you start to get ores, scrolls, etc that will quickly make up for the cost of pots. It's VERY rare now a days to see a pot-less beginner. (side note: hpq doesn't yield any money, but you don't really even need to fight if you get a good party)

Level 8: 1 to Energy Bolt
Level 9: 3 to Improving MP Recovery
Level 10: 2 to Improving MP Recovery, 1 to Improving Max MP Increase
Levels 11-13: 3 to Improving Max MP Increase per level (maxed at lv. 10)
Levels 14-19: 3 to Magic Claw
Level 20: 2 to Magic Claw(maxed), 1 Magic Guard
Levels 20-29: 2 to Magic Guard, 1 to Improving MP Recovery (Per Level)
Level 30: 1 to Magic Guard, 2 to Improving MP Recovery

  • Note: Magic Guard isn't THAT important at the early levels, in 2nd job you really start putting it into use.

Italicized words: update to the current times by scabbers

"Hell" Build

This build will give you the most MP possible. However, you will still be stuck hunting snails until level 13. Only try this is you have a lot of patience, cf. the name — hell.

Level 8: 1 Improving MP Recovery
Level 9: 3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 10: 1 Improving MP Recovery, 2 Improving Max MP Increase
Levels 11 and 12: 3 Improving Max MP Increase per level
Level 13: 2 Improving Max MP Increase (maxed), 1 Energy Bolt
Levels 14-19: 3 Magic Claw per level
Level 20: 2 Magic Claw (Maxed!) 1 Improving MP Recovery
Level 21-23: 3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 24: 1 Improving MP Recovery, 2 Magic Guard
Levels 25-30: 3 Magic Guard (maxed at lv. 30)

Ways to train

  • A good way to get through those hard early levels, is to get the snail throwing ability when you are a begginner, and kill lots of snails, and collect lots of snail shells. Or you could use your second character to amass a lot of red snail shells.(you do not need snail shells anymore)
  • Or you could do Exchange quests for levels, if you are extremely rich or happen to have lots of one item.
  • There is always the option of finding a stronger friend to help you out (party) until you get Energy Bolt.
  • If you find a good party, you could HPQ to get the levels to get to energy bolt.

Note: This gives you about 50 more MP.


Training is one manner of gaining experience, and it includes doing a Party Quest or Quests. There are two different "styles" of training to level-up. They are:

Normal Leveling

This type of training is somewhat effective for Magicians, since they recover MP fairly rapidly. To level this way, buy few potions and only use them when you are about to die. When you run out of MP, stand in a safe spot and wait, and, if you want, do something else — for instance, make good use of your time doing interesting things — while your MP recovers. This method is slower than power leveling, but will allow you to save mesos.

Power Leveling

This type of training is very expensive, sometimes costing more than you earn from the monsters you hunt. Basically, what you do is buy about 50 to 100 MP potions and about 25 to 50 HP potions. Fight your training monsters without resting for too long to regain MP. Every time you see your MP is on the low side, use a few of the MP potions you have. Even with this method, you should rest every once in a while, unless you are funded and can afford to waste mesos on potions. When you reach Second Job advancement, this problem is prone to diminish, because you acquire MP Eater and, in the case of Clerics and Wizards (Ice/Lighting), because of multi-target skills like Heal and Thunderbolt — this way, you end up using fewer potions and thus, you don't waste a lot of money.

Potion Use

Main article: List of MP potions/foods
Main article: List of HP potions/foods

As you level-up, you will need to consume potions or food according to your Max MP or Max HP and their usage, so that you don't need to have or use too many potions at once. Put your mouse over the image of the potion to see how much MP and HP you recover when you use it.



Best Potions for you

MP level 300-749: Mana Elixers, they give 300 MP and cost about 600. This gives a 1:2 Mp:Meso cost. It may also be preferable to use Waffles (NLC) as they give 300MP AND HP for the cost of 600 mesos.

  • Grilled Cheese (NLC) gives 500MP AND HP, and also Weapon Def for only 500 Mesos, that makes it the most preferable for a long while. Seems too good to be true. If not... You know what I'm getting
  • If you do the quests DANGER! 3-Z. Mushroom and POLLUTED! 1-Evil Eye, you can get Mana elixirs along with EXP. DANGER!3-Z. Mushroom gives 50 M. Elixirs and POLLUTED! 1-Evil Eye gives 100.

750-4666: At a mana of 750, it actually becomes advantageous to use Sorcerer Elixirs (NLC), they give 1500 MP and costs 1500. A 1:1 MP:Meso Cost

4667+:Mana Bull (NLC), 60% MP for 2800 Mesos, at 4667 MP this becomes a 1:1 Mp:Meso cost and continues be better as you mana level goes up

  • It is recommended that you finished all the pots you have before switching to the next level, as the longer you wait, the more efficient the next pots become.

Training Spots

As a magician you can train in many different places. Here are some recommendations from my experience. Note that you should also experiment with different training areas, including some which are not listed here. In the end, it is up to yourself on where to train on, so this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Some people may be more comfortable in a certain area, others not so.

Level 1-8

Blue and Green Snails Green Snail Blue Snail

At this point you may be tempted to add points into STR. DON'T! You'll be sorry in 20 levels when you barely do any damage.

EDIT: With this AP reset after the 1st job advancement, you can put AP in STR while your on Maple Island, after you make the advancement, it is suggested to put INT:LUK 4:1.

Level 8-15

Snails, Shrooms, and slimes(edit:an update made i so slimes are there no more) in Henesys Hunting Ground Slime

Around these levels, ribbon pigs and iron hogs at The Pig Beach can kill you very quickly. Avoid training there. If you find a good orange mushroom spawn, train at those when you begin to easily kill them.

Level 16-18

Orange Mushrooms at the Kerning City contruction site. If you are low on pots train on Henseys Hunting Ground II, there are slimes and some Orange Mushrooms too ^^ You could try pig beach but you'll have to spam lots of pots and waste a lot of mesos.

Orange Mushroom

Comments: I think that training at Orange Mushrooms are too slow. So i think that training on green Mushrooms are better or 2 shot K.O. at horned Mushrooms give great EXP.^_^

Level 18-21

It is recommended that you train in Pig Beach at around this level. Go to the Split Road between Kerning City, Henesys, and Lith Harbor. Find a field of yellow flowers and press up. As said before, you might have trouble with potions at Pig Beach. Train at Orange Mushrooms if you are having trouble. If you are dying in Pig Beach and don't feel like climbing, just enter and exit the Cash Shop to be teleported to a higher ground. Or you can party your friends and fight with them . At this level, magicians can train at horny mushrooms (recommended) and green mushrooms (not recommended).

Pig Ribbon Pig

Avoid: Iron Hog

Level 21-25

Green and Horny Mushrooms. Go 3 screens left from the portal at the bottom of Ellinia and go to the tree dungeon directly below the portal. Green Mushroom Horned Mushroom

Until Level 23 you too can train on Bubblings in the Subway Construction Side B1 in the Train at the End of the first Shumi Quest. They give the same Experience Points like Green Mushrooms but have 10 Hp less. And the spawn in Constructions Side B1 is great.

Level 26-30

Kerning City Party Quest. Many people will invite you in.

Player's note: When I got bored of PQs, I went to Ant Tunnel I the Spawn is great and good Exp =)

Level 30-35

Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms. These are best found a couple of screens to the right of Sleepywood. You can also try Evil Eyes if you 2 hit them, since they give better EXP. Bring lots of pots. Horned Mushroom Zombie Mushroom

You can also try Jr. Sentinels, which reside in Orbis Tower. You will 2hit them, just like Zombie Mushrooms and give a decent 40 exp per kill. You also can do Collecting Huckle's Magic Ingredients everyday, and sell the scrolls for 15k each for a BIG bonus to your bank account.

No matter what anyone tells you, DO NOT TRAIN AT WILD BOARS! These are never the best training available for mages. First of all, they do tons of damage. Second, at these levels you will 2-3 hit them. That's as much as Zombie Mushrooms, which do less damage. At levels 32-40 you should mass attack zombies if you are a cleric, for more EXP than wild boars. And Wizards should be at their respective monsters in the Gardens of Three Colors. Comments: Now that there's Zipangu, I think that at lvl 32 onwards you should train on the Crows at crow forest 1 or 2. 60 EXP and about one hit K.O, potion drop is mana elixir, and shield drop is pan lid which you can sell for 1million mesos! ^_^

Also, Sakura Cellions at Amoria give 65 EXP and drop a lot of money. But you do have to 3 hit them.

Level 35-40

Fire/Poison Wizards - Once your Fire Arrow is level 15, Jr. Grupins are very good for EXP, mesos, and drops. These are fire mage heaven, but lately Assassins and Bandits have been taking over. Alternatives are ratz, brown teddies, or pink teddies in Ludibrium.

Ice Wizards - Once your Cold Beam is around level 20, you can try Jr. Cellions or Jr. Lioners. You can also go to fire boars for good mesos, but I do not recommend them unless you can always one hit kill them.

Clerics - Wild Boars or anything in the Gardens of Three Colors in Orbis. If your going to boars, try look for land of the wild boars 2 since there are no boogies. Clerics can also continue with Zombie Mushrooms and Horny Mushrooms.

Lightning Wizards - Once your lightning can do ~300 damage, you might want to try out evil eyes because of their great mob spawn. You can also try teddies or ratz in Ludibrium, who also mob spawn.

All magicians: Prior to the release of the CPQ (Carnival Party Quest), Ludibrium PQ was the most efficient training method for level 35-50. It is now mostly empty due to the majority of players going to CPQ instead. LPQ is slowly gaining ground, but finding a party is difficult.

Level 40-50

Fire/Poison Wizards - At level 40-43, stay at Jr. Grupins, go to Jr. Wraiths in Subway B2, or try out different monsters you can one hit kill in Ludibrium. Ticks are a nice Jr. Grupin alternative, once you can always one hit kill them because of their decent spawn and the EXP gain (65 EXP) is fairly nice too.

Ice Wizards - Keep to what you trained during levels 35-40.

Lightning Wizard - Now you have reached the golden levels of Lightning Wizards. With Meditation, you will see that you can gain very fast EXP at Lorangs and cover potion costs with lots of drops. Try going to Lorang Lorang Lorang, in Florina Beach.

Clerics - Now that your Heal can do decent damage, you should be training at Jr. Wraiths. Once you can always hit Zombie Lupins, try the Zombie Lupin Tree or try any of the two weaker variaties of chronos in Ludibrium. At around 40-44 zombie lupins will waste MP. You might want to complete the B2 Kerning City Jump Quest to get a really nice Jr. Wraith Spawn.

All magicians: Ludibrium PQ. Great exp.! Clerics are accepted into PQ's more because they can heal, but wizards are also loved. Edit, Now that Cpq started the ludi pq is almost always deserted.

Level 50-60

Fire/Poison Wizards - At the earlier levels, train at Jr. Yetis, then around 55, give or take, you can go on to grupins. Avoid their magic attack. They are good once you can two hit kill them, so synthenizing a Thorns in Ludibrium with a stimulator is recommended. Grupins have very high MP, therefore maxed MP Eater is recommended.

Ice Wizards - You should try Red Drakes if you feel you can handle their magic attack and have maxed Meditation. You will be here for quite a while, so try to mix training here with monsters in Ludibrium so you won't get bored easily. Training on Jr Lioners/Cellion gives decent EXP. Cellions or Lioners but not recommended.

Clerics - Coolie zombies all the way! If you are having kill-stealing (KSing) trouble at zombies, try Master Chronos. Also try at Wraiths in Kerning Subway or at B3.

Lightning Wizards - You still can't fight vikings or buffons with lightning, so you might want to try Hot Sands for tortie, clangs, and lorang.

Level 60-70

Fire/Poison Wizards - Fight Grupin, Jr. Yetis, Yetis, Pepes, and basically anything fire can kill in 2-3 hits.

Ice Wizards - Red Drakes, try partying at taurospears, Kerning Subway 1-4 is good, and you may try Hot Sands at your later 6xs.

Clerics - Coolie Zombies. This is when you really start training on Coolie Zombies. These drop Cromi's and other good mage items. Even though you might already a Thorns, you can sell Cromi's, if they are above average, for a high price, up to 1mil!

Level 70+

Priest: Hoodoos. MDT with Dragon Knights. Himes. Ice/Lightning Mage: Hot sand or Zombies Fire mage: Zombies or MDT

Level 110+

  • Zakum is possible now
  • Papulatus is also
  • Doom Flounder also

Note From Player: At lvl 23, you can 2-hit Wild Boars with Magic Claw, but they do a lot of damage, so if you think you have enough pots and good enough armor, you can try training on them at Land of the Wild Boar. The spawn is good, and the drops are great, but the exp they give is equal to Zombie Mushrooms (42 exp.), so it's really your choice. Land of the Wild Boar is a popular place though, so it might be hard getting a spot.

  • Levels 28 to 30: Until level 31, you can still do PQs. But some players will find it boring or time-demanding, so they prefer hunting monsters like Wild Boars at Land of Wild Boar and Land of Wild Boar II and Zombie Mushrooms at Ant Tunnel, along with Horned Mushrooms. If you find Wild Boars and Zombie Mushrooms take too much MP (i.e. if you cannot take them down with one hit), you can stick with Green and Horned Mushrooms until level 30 — by which time you will be onto your Second Job advancement.

Another great idea for quick leveling is killing Wooden Mask or Rock Masks at the Perion Excavation Site. Although they do offer quick experience they are rather powerful and killing them consumes a lot of MP, my suggestion would be too bring About 200 White Potions and 300 Mana Elixirs. The Rock Masks offer 45 exp points and the Wooden Masks offer 42 exp points, Now you're saying well why waste Mp on wooden masks, Simple...Because Wooden Masks respawn faster and have a greater diversity in where they can be found.

Azanadra's Alternate Training Method

Well the above plan is great, but it seems to take a lot longer, plus it does not include some of the new updates. So here is a way that gets you from 8 to 30 in under a week, assuming you play addictively like me. ^.^
Also please know that this method is for those who chose the "Hell-Build"
Level 8 ~ 13; Slimes, these are your best option until level 13, maybe even longer, they're 1 to 2 hit K'Os and give decent experience. Also, remember to do the "Magician Training Session" quests, these are extremely helpful.
Level 13 ~ 18; Orange Mushrooms, get 3k and head over to the Mushroom Shrine in Japan. Kill orange mushrooms here, they typically respawn on the upper levels, so the secret is find a channel in which another person is killing them at the top, this causes more to be respawned at the bottom for you to kill. If this seems to be too much of a challenge, it shoudlnt; unless you messed up your stats, then you can continue to kill Slimes.
Level 18 ~ 21; Pigs, pigs are a fantastic option thanks to Pig Beach. Go to Pig Beach, keep changing channels until you find an empty; it usually isnt too hard. Then start clawing the hell out of the pigs, you'll level in what seems to be no time.
Level 21 ~ 30; Kerning City Party Quest, a lot of people say PQ'ing to level is too time consuming, in fact its not. Get in a good party, find a somewhat empty channel, and just be patient. At first you may not understand quite how the PQ works but youll catch on. The reason I feel this is best is because you get massive amounts of experience: usually 10-15% each time, and you also get good rewards.
PQ'ing seriously not your thing? Then try heading over to Sleepywood Dungeon, Ant Hill Tunnel 1, and go ahead and kill the horny mushrooms/zombie mushrooms until level 30. It gets very repetitive, and very annoyinng, it also takes FOREVER to level. Oh and by the way, watch out for those Horny Mushrooms, theyll hump your leg. ^^ Reader's thought: Concerning the KPQ(Kerning Party Quest), when you first intend on going for it, I suggest you MapleWiki it, just to get a general idea of what you are doing and what needs to be done. Exe: When I first started KPQ'ing, I was expelled from parties...A LOT! Simply due to the fact that, I had no idea what I was doing. So, unless you have a high tolerance for rejection and can take being called a noob, look it up... please.

Jormax's funded spots

This is my personal training places. It tackles the later places early, (Need lots of potions and quick hands to not die.)By level 18 or up you can be tackling Horny Mushrooms. Quick leveling (.25% per mush at level 18), but lots of mesos used.

level 8-10: Slimes slimes slimes. You may tackle snails if you wish too. (I might, I got two scrolls in this time.) 10-14: By now you shouldn't be training on snails. Try and stay on slimes, but if you feel like you need to, move to Orange mushrooms. 14-18: Now that you've got Magic claw, you can take on Orange mushrooms. By level 16, you may go to pigs. 18-22: You have a choice. You can go to Green Mushrooms, or Horny mushrooms. I would recommend Horny mushrooms, as at level 18 they both take 2 hits, however Horny Mushrooms give more Experience, and may drop a Magician Potion. You may try Kerning City PQ. I don't know about boars yet, I will have to try that out. 22-30: You may now stick with green and horny mushrooms, or move on. You can fight boars, and zombie mushrooms.

That's all from me, and this is a work in progress!

Gramasule's faster training spots

This is for people who can afford a fair amount of potions, therefore, people who have 300k~500k mesos to spare.

Level 1~10- This one is necessary for ALL guides and its snails all the way. Maybe blue snails if you get a stronger weapon but in my opinion green ones are better.

Level 10~15/17- Now we have a two way course, either orange mushrooms or HPQ. If you can get a person with AOE skills, such as a priest or F/P Mage, than go for the HPQ. If you can't get anyone or people just absolutely hate you, go for the orange mushrooms.

Level 15/17~21- Another two way course! Either green mushrooms or, if you're level 18 or higher, horny mushrooms. For the horny mushrooms, bring A LOT of potions. You're going to need them. If you die because you didn't bring potions, don't go blaming it on me!

Level 21~27- This is when it gets fun. You can either KPQ, Ariant Coliseum or horny mushroom. Personally, I recommend Ariant but it might take an hour or two to get the hang of it. With KPQ, choose the better people (a.k.a logical maplers, high-level-no-life maplers, or maplers with SUPER DUPER HIGH DAMAGE!!!

Level 27~30- Well now, you can train on what ever you like, whether it be horny mushrooms or ariant coliseum. Just as long at it gives a good exp rate!

~tuckmuck203's training method~ 10-20~try to hennesys party quest with a lure and smuggler and you will level to 20 in no time. 20-30~not many people seem to know about the ariant party quest~talk to cesar in henneysys and try to get someone to trade wins with you if you need instructions go to

Well, that's pretty much it! If you want more, MSN me at! Beyy~~

NoNX's (Sean Sert @ Alternative Training Method

Level 8 ~ 13; During your ealry levels you are going to suck. SO I suggest you kill snail till LV13. Then at LV13 kill slimes @ slime tree.

Level 13 ~ 18; Kill Slimes till Lv15. Then at Lv15 head over to kerning city. And head down to the Kerning City Construction Site. And head to the bottom of the map. You will see Orange Mushroom. kill those till Lv18.

Level 18 ~ 21; Goto pig beach and AVOIDE iron hog! =D

Level 21 ~ 30; Kerning City Party Quest, there's no other options. This is the best option.

Gemrins suggestions

18-20 Go with Pigs and Ribbon Pigs in the rainforest east of Henesys I found Pig beach a bit dangerous with a high chance of dieng if you run out of HP potions

20-25 Green Mushrooms I have read the guides on Party Quests and I would leave them till....

25-30 Kerning PQ

Of course this is my opinion

Ablu2's 30-50

I noticed this guide says NOTHING about CPQ. It might have made before CPQ, I DONT KNOW. You can train at CPQ level 30-50 for great exp. Try and find some friends who wont ditch in middle though!

Well CPQ doesnt give money so i barely do pq's and train at ludi

More Suggestions

  • 1-7: Try to stay at Maple Island until level 7. If you're on Victoria Island, you can try to hunt at Henesys Hunting Ground, or get somebody to train you on Orange Mushrooms.
  • 8-20: I would keep progressing through the Hunting Ground until you can kill all the monsters in 1 hit. Then, train on Green Mushrooms a little longer. You should also do the Henesys PQ. It gives 1600 experience for clearing it, so you can level fast once you are at level 10.
  • 21-25: The Kerning City party quest is going to be a little hard, because you don't have Magic Guard, and King Slime can kill you in 1-2 hits. If you have a LOT of potions, you may want to try it. Until then, keep doing the Henesys PQ, or train at Pig Beach.
  • 26-30: Kerning PQ. You need to do this to level up quickly. It will get very boring after a while, but it yields very good experience compared to anything else you may try.

Note: This is what I did to get to level 30. The MapleTip guide is also reccomendable for training spots.

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