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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

Welcome to the guide for Mages!

Created by Rinichan (aka Rini)


"Studying ancient studies is their virtue, so high intelligence is a top priority. Since they spend all their time researching, they may not have much of strength or stamina, and they use staffs and wands as their main weapons. For armor, they prefer light ones like robes with minimal defense. They can't put on heavy armor."

To use this guide, simply find the section you wish to view. Using the Table Of Contents, click Ctrl + F and enter what you are looking for. Also, you'll find many "What I did" parts throughout the guide to show you what I did on this part and maybe give you some ideas. So if you're wondering what it is and why it's there, now you know! Enjoy! :]

And I apologize in advance if your head starts to spin after reading a section since they tend to be very long. They do, however, contain lots of intructions and descriptions so I'm pretty sure it'll help. I've seperated them into paragraphs to try helping your head not hurt.

Starting Out

When you first log in and create your character, make sure you have these stats.

NOTE: This guide contains a dice roll section for AP points. We would like to inform you that dice roll function is not used anymore in GMS and MapleSEA. If you are a beginner, there is no need as all points are assigned to STR. When you get your job advancement, click A and then click on auto-assign points. Please avoid that section and everytime you level up, press 'a' and press auto-assign. You may continue that system or if you are looking to use a special point build eg. dexless assassin, then you may do so.

Str-4 or 5 (perfect stat:4)

Dex-4 or 5 (perfect stat:4)



The Int and Luk don't really matter so long as you have 4 (or 5) as Str AND Dex. If you don't get these stats, click the little red die next to them to randomize them. Keep trying until you get the stats above. If you do get strength, just know that it will take many damage points from your intelligence. Think of the equation as a sacrifice. If you sacrifice time and strength now, you will gain time and damage later. But if you sacrifice inteligence now, you will see other mages are your level go crazy leveling and do massive damage while you are suffering. That's why if you know you will stick to a mage, don't get any dex, at all. Do not get dexterity. DO NOT GET DEXTERITY. However much I can stress on stats, dexterity is extremely useless. Once mages get magic, they don't need anything else. Dexterity is for aiming. Inteligence is aiming for magic users. I can not imagine a warrior cleric. I don't recommend it either.

After you have done that, remember to customize your key settings. This is usually the first thing I do because I find that the default key settings are rather difficult to use. Remember, NEVER GO THROUGH ANY OF THE PORTALS (except the one into the house on the second map)! Always talk to the people and do what they say because they are easy exp!!! After you talk to the last guy (who sends you into the first map with the monsters), then you can go through portals again. Note, this only applies for the maps with npcs without monsters. Towns do not count. xP

Put all your AP into Int if you want to have a high attack when you first become a mage. I would recommend staying at that first map and killing green snails and, occasionally, some blue snails also. That is the easiest way for mages to level in the beginning. Don't kill any shrooms or red snails for mages will most likely get hurt, and it's not worth the time. At level 5 or 6, go talk to Maria (which is about 3 maps away) and do her "quest" which requires you to go into Amherst and talk to Steven. Then you go back to Maria and she'll give you a headband or hat as a thanks for doing her task. Then, I'd go back to training at that first map, but that's really up to you.

You might really want to do Bigg's quest (which requires 10 orange mushroom tops and 30 blue snail shells), but I advise you not to do it for, as I have stated before, mages can't really kill orange mushies. After you reach level 7 or 8, head to the port, talk to Shane, and go to Victoria Island. This trip will cost you 150 mesos so make sure you have enough!

Keep in mind while you level that you need 20 Int and to be level 8 to become a mage. And (I can't say this enough) NEVER PUT ANY OF YOUR AP INTO STR OR DEX!!!!! (Or hp + mp since that's just wasting it, in my opinion)

(To become a Mage is on the next section)

What I did:

I got the perfect stat to start with, then customized my key settings (of course). I, obviously, talked to all the people and did what they said. Then I stayed at that first map until I reached level 6. Then, I helped Maria then went back to that first map to train until I reached level 8. During all those levels, I put ALL my AP into Int. Then, I went over to Victoria Island. (woo hoo?)

Becoming a Mage

So now you should be either level 7 or 8 and on Victoria Island. If you're level 7, I suggest you go to Thicket Around the Beach III (I think that's the one with green snails all over the bottom) and train to level 8. Then go to Ellinia. (If you have a lot of meso and time plus want scrolls to all the towns, then make a "road trip" and go get the scrolls now. After your job advancement, taxi/boat dude will cost a lot more.) When you get to Ellinia, go all the way up into the Magic Library and talk to Grendel the Really Old, the floating old mage who will ask if you want to become a magician. SAY YES!

You will get a boost in mp and one SP (Skill Point) when you first become a mage. I would really REALLY recommend you put that SP into Magic Bolt, which is the second to last skill on the list. Then, you start training, and all that good stuff is down there in another section. So basically.


About the AP and the SP. You get 5 AP per level and 3 SP per level. Remember to spend them right when you get them because if you die, you lose all of them! (And it's just better to spend them right when you get them since they boost your attack, mp recovery, etc.) Always put AP into Int unless you're on level _0, _3, _5, or _8 (the "_" means "-insert number here-"). Then, you put some into Luk, depending on the next requirement. A SP build is in another section (the next one).

Skill Build

Oh yay! I love skill building!!! Why? Because you get stronger and better attack with basically each SP. (Hehe)

Okay. I have 2 skill builds here. One which is what everybody ELSE calls "Perfect Skills" and the one which I call "Perfect Skills". Yes, there IS a difference! One makes you start and blah into MP first. And mine makes you blah into attack first! And don't worry. I have my reasons.

Everybody else's Perfect Skills

lvl...What to put into

8.....+1 MP recovery

9.....+3 MP recovery

10....+2 MP recovery, +1 Max MP

11....+3 Max MP

12....+3 Max MP

13....+3 Max MP

14....+2 MP recovery, +1 Energy Bolt

15....+3 MP recovery

16....+3 MP recovery

17....+3 MP recovery

18....+2 MP recovery, +1 Magic Claw

19....+3 Magic Claw

20....+3 Magic Claw

21....+3 Magic Claw

22....+3 Magic Claw

23....+3 Magic Claw

24....+3 Magic Claw

25....+1 Magic Claw, +2 Magic Guard

26....+3 Magic Guard

27....+3 Magic Guard

28....+3 Magic Guard

29....+3 Magic Guard

30....+3 Magic Guard

The final result should be

Improving MP Recovery-16

Improving Max MP Increase-10

Magic Guard-20

Energy Bolt-1

Magic Claw-20

MY Perfect Skills

lvl...What to put into

8.....+1 Magic Bolt

9.....+3 Magic Claw

10....+3 Magic Claw

11....+2 Magic Claw, +1 MP recovery

12....+2 Magic Claw, +1 MP recovery

13....+3 MP recovery

14....+3 Max MP

15....+3 Max MP

16....+3 Max MP

17....+1 Max MP, +2 Magic Claw

18....+3 MP recovery

19....+3 Magic Claw

20....+3 Magic Claw

21....+2 Magic Claw, +1 MP recovery

22....+3 MP recovery

23....+3 MP recovery

24....+1 MP recovery, +2 Magic Guard

25....+3 Magic Guard

26....+3 Magic Guard

27....+3 Magic Guard

28....+3 Magic Guard

29....+3 Magic Guard

30....+3 Magic Guard

The final result should be

Improving MP Recovery-16

Improving Max MP Increase-10

Magic Guard-20

Energy Bolt-1

Magic Claw-20

See the difference? Yea. You get less max MP, but you level a LOT faster and that'll help you get more MP and attack. So it's up to you! :]


So this is what the hard part is! TRAINING!! (Also the most fustrating and annoying part, at times) I've made this nice list to show what a good place to hunt at what level is. How nice, huh? You can thank me later. ;]



You're still on Maple Island here. :]


SLIME TREE!!! Or, of course, you can train with snails about 3 maps left
of Henesys. That's a really good place also.


I suggest Pig Beach. That's basically the best place for that level.
To get to Pig Beach, go to the 3-way road (the one between Lith, Kerning,
and Henesys) and find this patch of yellow flowers and click UP. It'll
take you to Hidden Street: Pig Beach.

In the 20s

Go to the Forest of Wisdom (2 maps outside Ellinia) to hunt Green Shrooms.
This part you can forgo, but Green Shrooms drop pan lids, so I would go
train there. :]


Horned Shrooms inside the tree about 4 maps away from Ellinia. It's right under 
the portal that you come in from (portal close to Ellinia). There are green and horned
shrooms inside this tree, so it's a good training spot if you can 1-hit kill.

Note from Angel4Blade:

Another good place for horned shrooms is the Ant Tunnel 1


If you want, you can PQ. I would do this for the items, but since it's really
crowded, it'll take a long time to get into the PQ itself. However, since you
are a mage, you can get into a party REALLY easily.

30 onwards i guess so far as i've gotten :P

Boars and Fire Boars. Since you should be able to kill them quickly now (boars),
this is the best training spot. Fire Boars is also a good place to train since
they have pretty nice drops. ^_^

Note from Angel4Blade:

 At lv40, if you want to make some huge cash, you should go to Purple Plains 1(Amoria)
 and kill Sakura Cellions. They drop 300 mesos and a cellion tail which could be sold for
 100 mesos minimum. Also, at these lvs, you can 1-2hit Ko Ligators, best spot to hunt 
 them is in that swamp place in Kerning. They sometimes drop good stuff.

That's all I can get to since I'm only level 36 in Scania and level 15 or so in Windia (when I wrote this). There'll be more when I level up in Windia since that's where I play. :]

Then again, leveling is all up to you. The best technique for balancing where to level is experience and meso. Make the proper balance and you'll be rich and powerful. The key is to max out where you can go by damage. If you can kill a monster in one hit, then that should be a right place. You want to kill the strongest monsters in on hit so that the exp is high. But if you can kill a monster in two hits, the experience is lower and mesos is lower, but the you receive higher level items.


Sorry that's all I could get done. I don't really know what else you would like. So I'll try to do more some other time, okay? Meanwhile, if you would like to see something added or you want to let me know of something wrong with this guide, please just PM me on the forum (my login there is also rinichan). but just in case, here's some contacting info (if you really really need to).

Forum ID - rinichan

Char (Windia) - rinichanx

Char (Scania) - Holiness (I won't go on that a lot)

I don't really want to be Emailed about that, so please just keep it to those. :]


Here's what I WANT to get done later.

- More of the guide (of course) so please give me some comments with come ideas via PM or whisper

- Another guide on 2nd job advancement (most likely CLERIC since that's what I am)

And also, please don't EDIT this guide that much since I'd like it to be my work. If there are typos, please change them for me, though. Thanks a bunch! :]


Wizet - For making the game Angel4Blade- I helped add things ^^