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Ludibrium is a subcontinent of Ossyria, located over Lake Ludis in the MapleStory world. It can be accessed by riding the flying train, located in Orbis. It is entirely made of Lego Blocks, thus many players give it the nickname "Legoland" or "Toyland". Ludibrium also hosts a large amount of monsters. In the MapleGlobal and MapleSEA version of MapleStory, Ludibrium has been one of the newest additions.

About Ludibrium

Ludibrium is home to many new quests, NPCs, and items. The design of the monsters is different than those on Victoria Island, and most of Ossyria for that matter, as they match the block and factory backgrounds of Ludibrium. Therefore, most of the monsters are block-like, toylike, robotic, and/or have something to do with mechanics (think legos and maple mixed together). Some examples include the Block Golem, King Bloctopus, Klock and Panda Teddy.

To get to Ludibrium

Ludibrium can only be accessed by taking a flying train from Orbis or by going up Eos Tower from Omega Sector. A one-way train ticket can be purchased for 6,000 mesos at the Orbis Ticket Counter. The train leaves every 10 minutes on the hour.

Within Ludibrium

There are many attractions and quests in Ludibrium. Here is a list of some of the important areas within the sub-continent.

Ludibrium Party Quest

One of the main quests in Ludibrium is the Ludibrium PQ. This Party Quest provides a change of pace in training, and can be very challenging. The boss of the PQ is Alishar, which can be very difficult to defeat in the early levels. The Ludibrium PQ is only available to those levels 35-50.

Eos Tower

Ludibrium is also home to Eos Tower, similar to Orbis Tower of Ossyria. However, Eos Tower contains 101 floors of various sizes compared to Orbis Tower's 20 floors. You enter the tower from Ludibrium, beginning in the 100th floor. On the first floor, there is a portal leading to the Omega Sector: Safety Zone (Newly released in MapleSEA on version 0.33 and was made available on MapleGlobal on version 0.24). It is an area full of aliens.

Helios Tower

New to MapleGlobal's version of Ludibrium is Helios Tower, located on the right side of the town. Much like Eos Tower, it contains 100 floors, but only the 1st, 2nd, 99th, and 100th floors are truly accessible. An elevator that runs from the 2nd to 99th floor carts users much like the ship system does between the top and bottom areas of the tower. A library is located at the bottom of Helios Tower, containing a book that will one day take global users to Korean Folk Town.


Also recently implemented in MapleGlobal, Papulatus is a monster commonly referred to by most Global players as "Clock Boss," and is Ludibrium's boss monster. This is not to be confused with Alishar, Ludibrium's PQ boss. Much like Zakum (but on a lower scale), a user must complete a series of quests within the high-level areas of Ludibrium. These quests must be done in sequence, and once they are completed and the player is level 80, they will be able to fight Papulatus by going to "Deep Inside the Watchtower," which is located between the maps of Gatekeepers and Thantos. In comparison to other boss monsters, Papulatus is the second strongest boss monster in the game: stronger than Crimson Balrog and Pianus, but weaker than Zakum.