Luckless Mage Equips and Training

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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

Equips For the Luckless Mage



Level 10: Yellow Work Glove


  • Level 0: White Undershirt
  • Level 0: Undershirt
  • Level 0: Gray T-Shirt
  • Level 8: Training Shirt
  • Level 11: Blue One-Lined T-Shirt
  • Level 16: Orange Sporty T-Shirt


  • Level 20: Bathrobe for Men (M)
  • Level 20: Bathrobe for Women (F)
  • Level 30: Red Sauna Robe (F)
  • Level 30: Blue Sauna Robe (M)


  • Level 0: Cotton Pants
  • Level 0: Blue Jeans
  • Level 8: Training Pants
  • Level 11: Gray Thick Sweat Pants
  • Level 16: Sandblasted Jeans
  • Level 16: Ice Jeans
  • Level 26: Camo Pants


  • Level 16: Aroa Boot
  • Level 21: Strapper





Level of item + 15 = Magic Attack (approximation)

Training Areas Level 8-30

Cleric Level 31-200

F/P Mage Level 31-200

I/L Mage Level 31-200

Bosses to Kill

Level 21-30

King Slime

Level 40. Maybe it looks strong, but it is actually quite weak past level 25. 8,000 HP, and about 210 damage on earthquake and 130 on weapon attack.

Level 35+


Same as King Slime. Just telecast at it and you'll be fine. Besides the fact that it summons Block Golem, you barely have to use HP potions.


Only 13,500 MP, but it has a meteor-shooting attack that does 150 damage. Not hard.

Level 45-50


The first hard boss you'll meet. 125,000 HP, a huge amount of avoidability and magic defense. Plus 400+ damage with magic and 600-700 damage on contact. Ouch. Telecasting barely works now, you just have to face it one-on-one. Whichever person called Alishar 'level 54' didn't know how to estimate levels.

Level 45+


The giant Mushroom Monster strikes! 500-600 earthquake damage and 400+ on touch. Only 20k HP, so it should be easy. (Somewhat).

Level 50+

Zombie Mushmom

35,000 HP, slightly harder than Mushmom because it can inflict seal and darkness effects. Better drops: Ilbis and Hwabis. About the same damage as Mushmom. Clerics should find this boss especially easy because it is heal-bomb-able.

Level 65+

Jr. Balrog

The second hard boss. 50,000 HP. And really hard. Telecast to avoid the staggering damage it deals. Claw attack can do about 2,700 damage. The small meteor attack can do about 2,300. And the big meteor attack can do 3,000+ damage.

Blue Mushmom

I believe it's 200,000 HP and 700+ damage earthquake, and about 1,700 damage on touch. This is a boss worthy of it's rank of level 90. It's weak to fire, but before level 75 you'll MISS alot.

Level 80+

Crimson Balrog

It actually looks brown/black. But that's not important.

  • 100,000 HP.
  • Can do about 3,800 with Lightning Attack.
  • Can do about 3,000 damage with Spheres.
  • Can do about 1,900 damage on touch.

Do not attack 2 at once before level 100 because then you'll have to deal with a huge amount of damage. Quite hard.

Male Boss
  • 85,000 HP.
  • 4,400 damage on contact.
  • 4,500 damage with the stupid long-range gun attack.

Kill it fast. The best way to do it would probably be to snipe it with Explosion/Ice Strike/Shining Ray and teleport away quickly. At the end, climb up the rope-thing and then teleport to other end of map and snipe it there... This is also a difficult boss. Though not as hard as the next one.

Level 100+

Female Boss

Stand on a platform and snipe it with a mob skill. If you get hit, you'll see your grave.

  • 75,000,000 HP
  • 18,000 damage on its Slap Attack
  • 11,000 damage on contact.

One of the hardest bosses Nexon decided to make. Requires lots of patience. If you get hit, forget it. You're dead. Unless you have a DK Hyping you, you can't survive.


Just like Alishar is not level 54, this monster isn't level 110. It's worse.

  • 1,700,000 HP
  • Has 4 bodyguards: Lion Statue A, Lion Statue B, Knight Statue A, Knight Statue B

Level 120+

  • 30,000,000 HP
  • 4,500 damage with Laser
  • 3,500 damage with dropping boxes
  • 3,500 damage with Fire Geysers
  • ?? damage on touch (don't touch it. It's immobile).
  • Weak to fire

It actually depends which side Pianus spawns on. The left side is weaker and only has 24,000,000 HP. Still hard though.


Don't mess around with this clock.

  • 23,000,000 HP
  • Only about 2,000-3,500 damage with every attack
  • Can reduce HP/MP to 1
  • Can dispel stats
  • Can stun