List of MP potions/foods

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List of MP potions/pills

Absolute Value Increasers

In ascending order of MP healed
Potion Name Picture Heals
Blue Potion UP2.gif 100 MP
Blue Pill Bluepill.gif
Mana Elixir UP5.gif 300 MP
Mana Elixir Pill Manaelixerpill.gif

Percentage Increasers

Again, in ascending order:
Potion Name Picture Heals
Elixir Elix.gif 50% HP
50% MP
Power Elixir Power Elixir.gif 100% HP
100% MP

List of MP Foods

In ascending order of MP healed
Food Name Picture Heals
Orange Orange.GIF 50 MP
Corn Corn.gif 100 MP
Cake Cake.GIF 100 HP
100 MP
Salad Salad.JPG 200 MP
Birthday Cake - 365 HP
365 MP
Orange Juice Orange Juice.gif 450 MP
Fried Shrimp Fried Shrimp.gif 500 HP
500 MP
Maple Special Bento Maple Special Brento.gif
Pure Water UP6.gif 800 MP
Grape Juice Grape Juice.gif 900 MP
Chocolate Chocolate.gif 1,000 HP
1,000 MP
Watermelon Watermelon.gif
Nependeath's Honey Nependeath's Honey.gif
Cheesecake Cheesecake.gif 1,200 HP
1,200 MP
Han Gwa Han Gwa.gif 1,500 MP
Red Bean Sundae Redbeansundae.gif 2,000 MP
Wedding Cake Fruit Cake.gif 2,000 HP
2,000 MP
Sunrise Dew Sunrise Dew.gif 4,050 MP
Sunset Dew Sunset Dew.gif 5,100 MP

Other MP Restoratives

Non-potion yet Non-Food MP restoratives
Name Picture Heals
Yellow Easter Egg Yellow egg.GIF +100 HP, +100 MP
Green Easter Egg Green egg.GIF +200 HP, +200 MP