List of HP potions/foods

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List of HP potions/pills

Absolute Value

In ascending order of HP healed
Potion Name Picture Heals
Red Potion UP1.gif 50 HP
Red Pill Redpill.gif
Orange Potion UP3.gif 150 HP
Orange Pill Orangepill.gif
White Potion UP4.gif 300 HP
White Pill Whitepill.gif

Percentage Healing

Again, in ascending order:
Potion Name Picture Heals
Elixir Elix.gif 50% HP
50% MP
Honster Honster.gif 60% HP
Power Elixir Power Elixir.gif 100% HP
100% MP

List of HP foods

In ascending order of HP healed
Potion Name Picture Heals
Apple Apple.GIF 30 HP
Egg Egg.GIF 50 HP
Meat Meat.GIF 100 HP
Roasted Turkey Roasted Turkey.gif
Cake Cake.GIF 100 HP
100 MP
Fried Chicken Fried Chicken.gif 200 HP
Hot Dog Hot Dog.gif 300 HP
Birthday Cake Birthday Cake1.png 365 HP
365 MP
Hamburger Hamburger.gif 400 HP
Pizza Pizza.gif
Hot Dog Supreme Hot Dog Supreme.gif 500 HP
Fried Shrimp Fried Shrimp.gif 500 HP
500 MP
Maple Special Bento Maple Special Brento.gif
Dried Squid Driedsquid.gif 600 HP
Unagi Unagi.gif 1,000 HP
Chocolate Chocolate.gif 1,000 HP
1,000 MP
Watermelon Watermelon.gif
Nependeath's Honey Nependeath's Honey.gif
Fat Sausage Fat Sausage.gif 1,200 HP
Cheesecake Cheesecake.gif 1,200 HP
1,200 MP
Song Pyun Songpyun.gif 1,500 HP
Ice Cream Pop Ice Cream Pop.gif 2,000 HP
Fruit Cake Fruit Cake.gif 2,000 HP
2,000 MP
Melting Cheese Melting Cheese.gif 4,000 HP
Reindeer Milk Reindeer Milk.gif 5,000 HP

Other usable HP items

Non-potion yet Non-Food HP restoratives
Name Picture Heals
Yellow Easter Egg Yellow egg.GIF +100 HP, +100 MP
Green Easter Egg Green egg.GIF +200 HP, +200 MP