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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

Pre Slinger


Generally, AP would be allocated to 1 for every level in Str, and 4 in Dex. Assuming that this years anniversary brings maple weapons, going strenghtless is a viable option.

Considering your gun weapon attack is going to suck (as you can only use the first weapon), it would be best to use ssk as the attacking skill.

Skill Build

10-17: MAX Somersault Kick (SSK) 2 points in Double Shot (Pirate)

18-23: MAX double shot

You can now choose to Max Bullet Time and leave 1 point in Dash (or in Flash Fist if you really hate dash) Or max dash and leave 11 points in bullet time.

Pros of Bullet time: More accuracy and Avoid Cons: You don’t really need accuracy

Reasons: Firstly, SSK is a mob move and therefore the best training move, however, the main hurdle you have to pass is the fact that SSK is calculated like any other melee weapon formula. This means you would have relatively low damage, while at the same time very stable damage

Training Areas, and Weapons

General Equipment: Generally, you can just follow anything you would do on a warrior like class Accuracy is NOT needed Overall: Overalls for strength will be nice. Dex is all right, but not needed until lvl 35 in this build. If you get better equips (att wg), you can go to areas before their listed easily

10-15: Party Quest (Henesys): This is because your damage before maple weapons is going to suck I would recommend just using the starting gun and just lure in HPQ with lvl 1 SSK. Then once your ready, add the saved up points into SSK and Dex

15-20: Pig Beach- Put together a Stars and Stripes buy buying one for 221 nx or 1 mil, and adding 7 100% sword for att scrolls. A Stars and Stripes is preferable to a purse as it will add much needed strength. At level 15, your damage range with a 37 weapon attack Stars and Stripes will be 32-51, which at lvl 16 SSK is 56-89. This means you can possibly one hit regular pigs and genearlly 2 hit all pigs at pig beach

20-25: Caution Falling Down. With a Fish Spear and a 10 dex bathrobe (Bathrobe from show town sauna, and 100% overal dex scrolls from a local NPC Scroll merchant). You should switch to a Fish Spear (Bought at showa) your damage range will be 50-56, and with maxed SSK this means 95-106. Due to your obscene mastery, you will be constantly 2 hitting the monsters at Caution falling down

25-30: Sahel 3 sand rats: At this point, you will need to invest into a Pumpkin staff or white rose. If you have 59 weapon attack when 100%ed, and will last you until lvl 35. You should be doing 80-89, 152-169 with maxed ssk. This allows you to go train on sand rats.

30-35: Monster Carnival, this will be very hard with lots of people calling you a noob, it may be hard to get in a party, so just make one.

35-45: CPQ, You now have a gun! Have fun!

2nd job skill build

  • I made most of this ~ help was from Supermarth Zenkat

Invisible Shot

Level 20: MP -25; damage 170%, attack up to 3 enemies.

Comparison to Double shot: Does more damage strangely one on one, however, one on one is very rare

One of the main problems is that it has a minimum range, that means if they get close, you start twaking them. Invisible Shot will be better at Iron Mutates, as you can attack them vertically with it, whereas Blank Shot is only horizontal. Invisible Shot's main selling point is its vertical range.


Level 20: MP -27; damage 140%, attack up to 6 enemies.

Comparison to Invisible Shot: You need to attack 4 enemies to be able to beat Invisible shot, sort of hard, especially with the short damage area. Then again, it HAS NO Mastery,

Due to the fact that Grenade has no mastery, it actually (with 60% mastery) requires to be able to hit 6 mobs at once to be more dmg efficient, by a whooping 0.1 dmg efficient. However, hitting 6 mobs with grenade is virtually impossible, unless you hack.

Blank Shot

This will temporarily stun up to 3 monsters. Level 20: MP -25; damage 120%, 100% chance of stun of 4 seconds.

Firstly, this seems an all right mob move, seems like a mid-mob Ice Strike. CPQ potentials are great. HOWEVER, no use against rombots. Kind of sucky for a while

Comparison to Invisible Shot: This is more of an 'truckers' move, as apparently you can use it in closer, as it has NO MIMIMUM range. Also, the stun would be really really really nice. You are doing a lot less damage, due to the only 140% damage and no mastery. However, I don't think people will care considering they will be watching the birds fly around the mob's head

The Build

lvl 30: 1 Wings lvl 31-36: 3 Blank Shot 37: 2 Blank Shot (MAX) 1 Mastery 38-42: 3 Mastery 43: 1 Mastery (17 Mastery) 2 Invisible Shot 44-49: 3 Invisible Shot (MAX) 50: 3 Mastery (MAX) 51-52: 3 Booster 53-61: 1 Wings (MAX) 2 Recoil Shot 62: 2 Recoil Shot (MAX) 1 Grenade (For fun) 63-66: 3 Booster 67: 2 Booster (MAX) 1 Grenade 68-70: 3 Grenade

This build is built around CPQ and LMPQ

Firstly, Blank Shot dosn't have mastery, so it is maxed first in a Blank Shot build, this is geared twords CPQ as it has no mimimum range firstly, and it stuns them, like an I/L Then, considering the main selling point of Invisible Shot is the Master/Dmg, it dosn't make sence to start working on Invisible shot untill you have a decent Mastery built up. The Mastery that being built does affect double shot The mastery is cut short at 17 (55%) In time to max Invisible shot by lvl 50. It is then added back in at lvl 50, alternativly, you can move the time when you start maxing Invisible shot forward a few levels or a lvl later.

Lvl 51 you will start LMPQ, and with booster you can do faster dmg, based on a 1 minute per pq, you will need lvl 6 booster, as to make life easier. Mastery is put back in to increase your damage with invisible shot.

Firstly a lvl in wings is important, using wings and dash, you can bridge the gap in CPQ room 5/6