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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

I'm an I/L mage and the techniques I'm describing is when I'm at lvl 40. I don't expect them to change much.

With Ice Beam (Maxed) I hit 1k damage. What's a Lv 40 I/L going to due especially with all those lv 48 dexless sins? Well, Monster Carnival is balanced so much that a seemingly nooby team that is smart can easily outclass those sins. (Believe me, you can just own).

Why CPQ? Well you shouldn't, really, you can go train so there is more room for me.

Why am I writing a guide of CPQ anyways? Isn’t the regular guide good enough? I don’t see any people writing LPQ guides.

The reason is that in CPQ you compete for EXP, if you fail, your better off doing LPQ. The normal guide is generally geared for informative, not winning games that are ‘stacked’ against you. I think the guide is junk, you might think this guide is junk, but please, go ahead, don’t use it. (This will be changed once I start MPQing)

Why am I giving this to you?

Well, anyone on Maple Wiki is smart and deserves a hand. But if you like this and it helps you, please go make some edits

  • And sorry for the jargon, see if you can recognize which games they came from

Before the round

Know/Make thy Friends

You should try to be leader, as you can control what's happening and get the high lvls on your team. You have 2 options, getting a dedicated team and doing TW (Trade wins) or try your luck at CC1. Channel one hosts many monster carnival games. As leader you simply pick the people you want and own.

People to look for: ALL high levels, anyone with sauna robes (especially if they are sins) as they have high damage especially if they are low leveled, and people across the magic/weapon board (Shouldn't be too hard).

A bit of explanation

  • Sauna robes means statless (Pures) they have high dpm (damage per minute). Low leveled will be touched on later
  • You want at least 1 mage and 1 person who uses a weapon in your party so 1 cancel used can still have one person fighting and force them to use 70 cp instead of the normal 35

People to avoid: Guys bragging that they have Ilbis. Maybe they do, but they ruin your party. Some are good, but I've meet too much calling people noobs and forcing people to quit your party. Sorry, but Clerics aren't that useful, since there are millions of pots on the ground, but Claw is good, so lower level Clerics might be better than they really are considering the mage advantage in 1st job.

Since your fighting in CC1, you have to keep in mind your going against some of the best, lv 40s-50s. The best way to get in is maintaining an average party level, while keeping your strength. I generally see dexless sins as they best way to get your low levels in, and high level bandits as you high level people. This way, when your party is challenging someone, they see the low levels and guess for an easy win.

Lastly, make sure your party knows to NEVER SUMMON MONSTERS. Ok let me repeat NEVER SUMMON MONSTERS. Very simple, in CC1 watch as the nooby lv40 mage solo your Master Chronos with all those buffs. Summoning monsters is the easiest way to let your opponent get A rank in Field 1, and is the only way. (Hacking isn't fast enough in Field 1)

  • This is hard to pull off, I generally kick the people who afk or summon mobs (Your party will understand the first, the 2nd it might take a game where they see you solo the Master Chronos mob)
  • On another note, having friends that are good is a very good thing. You can do a two man team, and with just 2 people, these strategies become very important. I generally like fighting with one other person.

Know thy Enemy

You'll know who is in the enemy party early on, specifically what classes and what levels.

If there is a low leveled sin, assume it is dexless, especially if it is a 2 person team and the other is high level. Really, why would anyone want to party with a lvl 31 unless the lvl 31 is insane

Mostly, what you want to do is find out on magic/weapon what they are concentrated on. If they are balanced, this isn’t much of a help, but mostly they will be concentrated on one area.

Better yet, if you fight an AFKer, try looking for him again. Easy win

Know thy surroundings

Not much, since your on CC1, you’re here for the exp, if you wanted maple coins, go find some dedicated people and summon Trojans for each other.

During the round

Know thy Party

Ok you are leader, although people are just going to cheese (hold the attack button down), you still can command them, or ask them for help. Again, make sure they don’t summon monsters, at this level, you should be able to kill all the mobs quickly.

When fighting the round, keep note of where some party pots are, so you can save someone if they are about to die. (I was saved countless times, and countless times if I was just 2 seconds faster…) Or if you’re a cleric heal them.

Also, if you like your party, try to make them your friends, people remember nice people, while AFKers get forgotten. Give them some maple coins, yell ‘hey!’

Know thy self

I’m speaking from an Ice point of view. But I bet this applies to everyone

A few tips, look up telecasting and Jump attack. Also learn the shortcuts, IE tab tab tab at the start and spam F6 (later)

Always have magic guard (duh)

Know thy mobs

How to fight certain enemies

  • Normally just cheese and do what you do best. You should know that robos are resistant to ice and fire, so that poses some problems
  • High level group of monsters (summoned): Let’s say your opponent summoned maxed amount of master chronoses. Get rid of defensive pedestals (avoidablity if your low leveled, and the corresponding cancel X attack). Jump in the middle, works best if there already is some pots there and free everything. Wait until your low on mana and grab a pot. Rinse and Repeat. Watch as you guys magically hit an A rank. One game like this and you’ll never summon mobs again
  • Rombot (Single or Groups, solo technique): Ok, the attack is fairly easy to avoid, your either in the air or far away. Do the first if your not going to fight them. Telecast if your going to fight them. Generally you want to stay out of the range, make them walk over, tele out and keep on casting. A trouble is the pots, they don’t drop enough if your unlucky. Just go ‘topside’ if you in stage 5/6 and come back down. You’d think there bad CP, but it’s funner than owning easy stuff and somehow I racked up 240 points soloing them (see Room 5/6 for more info)

Know thy skills

Ice doesn’t work against Robo, Lightning only should be used on groups. I like Ice better, (I haven’t used lightning) as it’s a CC1 skill. In summoning for each other, I see how mobbing Trojans makes lightning better. But I feel that surviving the toughest monsters needs Ice as it does lots of damage and freeze the Trojans.

Know thy enemy

You only Cp your going to use (at first) is avoidability. Spam it, F6 is your friend, if they break it, wait a few seconds for the guy to come down and use it again. You’ll see why you did that if they use it back in ‘revenge’ that is if they ever get the 16 cp…

However, if they are high levels and just ignored it, or if you have too much cp, you got to resort to the expensive cancel weap/mag attack. They are so expensive that if you summon both, you NEED to put some flack, or random other pedestals up to stall your opponent.

As always, never summon monsters, only use attack on party if your against noobs in 5/6 (see that part of the guide). Mostly just pedestals, the point is to slow your opponents point farming.

Know thy surroundings

Ok first the general game. Again, never do mobs, pick up maple coins (unless your trying to make friends), all boxes and cp (get to this later), party pots when needed, and the power elixirs and potions. The mana elixirs and white pots are virtually useless.

Make sure you know what party cure all looks like so you can grab it when sealed

Know your pedestal colors… The one the same as your team color is yours

Room 1/2

This is a ‘noob room’ you are limited by the monster spawn rate. Proceed with the availability tactic. Try to get your opponent to summon mobs, I don’t know how, but talking about how ‘hard’ rombots are aloud might work

Room 3/4

Again, you are limited by the monster spawn rate, read above, but you can’t chit chat with your opponent.

As an Ice mage, there is lots of robos that bother you as they have resistance, so you claw all the way??? Wrong, Ice the Trojans, claw the robos. You can do it

Room 5/6

Ok, this one is kind of hard, get as much people you can to attack the rombots. The 3x should go and kill the robos, I don’t know if ksing works that well, but I know my dpm is stunded fighting people with ice resistance.

OK, since robos are free for all, you got to see who is fighting the rombots. If no one, don’t summon mobs, just Stun over and over (after you amass a lot of cp). Generally you won’t notice your cp skyrocketing, mostly your staring at your health bar and praying the next rombot will drop a power elixir.

If people are fighting downside, edge closer (leading the rombots) and use Avoidability while fighting (easy, hold down attack, tele if needed and just use tabs and F6) if it doesn’t work, see if they are magicing or weaponing (hint, sins use stars, weapons). If both, what you do is summon both Cancel pedestals with lots of other pedestals to hide your 70 cp investment (yell at your team to help you). If just one, one you have enough cp, Spam Speed and Cancel X

  • Why Speed? Well it’s annoying, as the rombots get closer to you faster, you don’t have the time to kill the pedestal so you keep on fighting and taking more hits faster and need to move back more

Also, another technique is to mass summon master chronoses and use protectors. The Master Chronos will make it hard to access the protectors as they keep on hitting you down.

If your lightning, well just fry robos... EDIT: Either lv 15 lightning sucks or robos are resistant, so I don't know if this is a good idea.

After the battle

Kick the afker, and the guy who summoned a mob, recruit people if need be (to get/challenge a certain room)

Try to find the enemy if you one again, if they one by sheer dps, go to room one. Pedistals are more important than drops there as 30x drops that cover the whole room



You can beat hackers (and it is very satisfying), Avoidability Up and perfect teamwork is the way to go. People usually don't hack accuracy, rather they do stuff like heal hack or speed hack. Well speed hack and heal hack dosn't matter if they can't hit the monsters in the first place.


i know this glitch, have the teams go in the rooms. then after one team gets to 50 cp, the other team quits and the first team gets 21,000 exp. regroup and repeat the steps.