Kundaros brawlers and gunslinger guides

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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

Brawler and gunslinger guides by kundaro


The Brawler is a extremely powerful class. They use melee in there first, then during the second job they use tons of mob building skills. in the third job however, they really take off, with skills like transform. to become a pirate go to nautilus port and talk to kyrin.

Skill Build

To become a Pirate you must head over to nautilus and talk to kyrin, if you are level 10 with at least 20 DEX, your ready to become a pirate.

When rolling dice: STR= anything LUK= 4/5 DEX= anything INT= 4/5

10: +1 to dash/or double shot(1)
11:+3 to Flash Fist(3)
12:+3 to Bullet Time(3)
13:+3 to Bullet Time(6)
14:+3 to Bullet Time(9)
15:+3 to Somersault Kick(3)
16:+3 to Somersault Kick(6)
17:+2 to Somersault Kick(8), +1 to flash fists(4)
18:+1 to Somersault Kick(9),+1 t flash fists (5), +1 to bullet time(10)
19:+3 to bullet time(13)
20:+3 to bullet time(16)
21:+3 to bullet time(19)
22:+2 to flash fists(6),+1 to somersault kick(10)
23:+2 to flash fists(8),+1 to somersault kick(12)
24:+3 to flash fists(11)
25:+3 to flash fists(14)
26:+2 to somersault kick(14),+1 to bullet time(Max)
27:+2 to flash fists(16),+1 to somersault kick(15)
28:+3 to flash fists(19)
29:+1 to flash fists(Max),+2 to somersault kick(17)
30:+3 to somersault kick(Max)

Reasons for this build

When you get 1 point in the beginning, why use it on any other skill then a skill that you need only 1 poin on Dash/Bullet time, why i say dash or double shot is because brawlers never use double shot, and because dash may become a problem while training and switching between corkscrew blow/backspin elbow. this might become a problem because if you hit the directional button two times by accident then you might run into a mob and get touch damage, =(, but if you put 1 point into double shot that will not become a problem(but you might be slower when traveling).Next, why i say put 3 into flash fists is because u wont be training on any big mobs during those levels, so why not fight some stronger monsters with flash fists?,then i say +9 to bullet time through levels 12-14 is because Pre-Brawlers have horrible accuracy(HORRIBLE)then that way you wont miss as many monsters, =).Then for levels 15 and 16 i say +6 to somersault kick, that is because at those levels there will be a lot of training at pig beach, so you will have to mob.then at level 17 you will add +1 to somersault kick and +1 to flash fists, and +1 to bullet time, tat is so you have a little more mobbing, a little more power, and a little more accuracy.Then from levels 18-21 I said Put 3 points per level into bullet time, because at that point you will want to KPQ, and without it, you will not be able to hit the ligators or various other monsters there. then for my level 22 and 23 part, that is to increase your skills even more for mobbing and power.then for levels 24 and 25, i said flash fist to give you more easier time of killing those hard monsters. then i added 2 to somersault kick and 1 to bullet time, so that you can finally max bullet time, and now you somersault kick will be hitting even more monsters. then i max flash fists and somersault kick by level 30 for max mobbing and max power!

job advancement

Now your level 30 and ready to get your 2nd job as a brawler, to become a brawler go to nautilus port and talk to kyrin again, she will make you take a test where you have to kill octo pirates and collect there power crystals that drop.


1-10: if you do all of the quests on maple island,you should get to level 10 in no time 10-15:you can stay on snail at level 10 or so then by level 13 i would start in slime tree(also HPQ is great exp) 15-20:pig beach is good exp(hpq is ok, exp here, it will start to get bad around level 18 or so 20-25:try to join a party in the kpq, Great exp at those levels, also try killing every thing in perion 25-30:kpq is still good exp at these levels, people will want you at levels 25+

            (Also try to get done all of the quest too, duh)


Gunslingers are very weak, but very fast, they have vast amounts of dex, enough to kill lvl 30 monsters at level 15(sarcasm end, but you get my point)

Skill Build

  • Level 10: +1 to Dash (1)
  • Level 11: +3 to Double Shot (3)
  • Level 12: +3 to Double Shot (6)
  • Level 13: +3 to Double Shot (9)
  • Level 14: +3 to Double Shot (12)
  • Level 15: +3 to Double Shot (15)
  • Level 16: +3 to Double Shot (18)
  • Level 17: +2 to Double Shot (max), +1 to Dash (3)
  • Level 18: +3 to Dash (4)
  • Level 19: +3 to Dash (7)
  • Level 20: +3 to Dash (max), +1 to Somersault Kick
  • Level 21-30: +3 to Somersault Kick

Reasons for this build

i put 1 point into dash beacause it will help your speed while traveling, i decided next to max double shot beacause that will be your main attack, then maxing dash will help your slinger to get away from unwanted mobs, or to get to a sniping point fatser, then i said to max sumercault kick beacause its a good mobbing attack, and scince flash fist isnt strong withought a knunler, you mide aswell get a mobbing attack

now your level 30 and ready to become a gunslinger, hve fun and good luck, =)


1-10:maple island, complete all of the quests, get to level 10 pretty fast 10-15: try getting a good spot in hpq, or try to snipe mishrooms or green mushrooms in henesy hunting grounds 15-20: green mushrooms is great exp, so is pig beach, try hpq too 20-25:hpq starts getting washed up, you should try kpq at this point, you will have great accuracy on ligators and will level fairly fast 25-30:kpq!

I will let you post this on any maplestory realated website, but please give me some credit also special thanks to hidden street.com for info,mapletip.com for my insparation(and aggravation), and special thanks to Shikage who made me want to make a guide, look at his guide on basil market website!