KristV's meso-making guide

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Notice!! This guide is NOT completed and may contain poor grammar!

Starting off in Maple Island

At the very beginning of the game, you have 0 mesos. For the first few levels, you can hunt monsters to get gear/items and mesos. There are some quests that can give you useful scrolls and items, which you can sell to NPC shops or other players. Whatever you do, it is recommended that you do things in the cheapest way possible. But you will read more after this short introduction, or startguide.


There are some quests that rewards you with scrolls, mesos and equipment. You can get equipment that are worth a lot, or much needed. You can consider doing quests such as John Barricade's quests. You can also go to Free Market and try to sell items to other players and earn mesos in the process.

Reward from John Barricade's quests: