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Khaini is the fifth server for MapleGlobal. It was released on February 16, 2006. It is a medium-population server. It is sometimes chosen by players who seek less people in their server. Throughout 2006 the server was frequently scrutinized for having a massive hacking population. After various high-ranking (previously thought to be legit) characters were banned. After a massive out cry from legits, GMs finally banned the hackers in late 2006. Since then, the server has been home to one of the nicest populations. Throughout 2007, the server was frequently voted the best "community" server. However, several guild wars tainted the server in the following years, and the server is still somewhat recovering. In 2009 the server faced various downtime caused by several glitches.

Beginner population

From 2006 to 2008 the sever was well known for having a large Islander and Perma Beginner population. However certain events led to the downfall of several Beginner-related guilds, and Khaini's beginner population decreased heavily. As of 2010 the population is slowly rebuilding, but the Islander population remains mostly dead.

Top 5 Players in Khaini

Each world has a top five ranking. The top five players for Khaini are:

Rank Name Class Level EXP
1 KhainPriest Magician 200 0
2 heroofstars Magician 200 0
3 Ooll7021oO Bowman 200 0
4 Novazstory Thief 200 0
5 Kachee Thief 200 0

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