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The Kerning City pharmacy is run by Dr. Faymus. He sells a wide variety of potions, scrolls, and other items.

Items Sold
Image Name Cost
UP1.gif Red Potion 50 mesos
UP3.gif Orange Potion 160 mesos
UP4.gif White Potion 320 mesos
UP2.gif Blue Potion 200 mesos
UP5.gif Mana Elixir 620 mesos
Dexpotion.PNG Dexterity Potion 500 mesos
Speedpotion.PNG Speed Potion 400 mesos
Magicpotion.PNG Magic Potion 500 mesos
Warriorpotion.PNG Warrior Potion 500 mesos
Sniperpotion.PNG Sniper Potion 500 mesos
Apple.GIF Apple 30 mesos
Egg.GIF Egg 50 mesos
Meat.GIF Meat 106 mesos
Orange.GIF Orange 100 mesos
Lemon.gif Lemon 310 mesos
Bow.JPG Arrow for Bow 1 meso
Crossbow.JPG Arrow for Crossbow 1 meso
Return Scroll - Nearest Town.gif Return Scroll - Nearest Town 400 mesos
Kerning.JPG Return Scroll to Kerning City 500 mesos
Antidote.PNG Antidote 200 mesos
Eyedrop.PNG Eyedrop 200 mesos
Tonic.PNG Tonic 300 mesos