Jr. Cerebes

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Jr. Cerebes
Jr Cerebes.PNG
Species Unknown
Level 123
XP gained 2,024
HP 111,000
MP 4,000
Attack Stats
W. Attack
M. Attack
Defense Stats

W. Defense
M. Defense
Other stats
Knockback                1,800
Speed                0
Continents El Nath Mts.
Area The Cave of Trial I


The baby of Bain, born in the lava. It has the potential to grow up into the fearsome monster that'll destroy everything in its path, but in a baby-like state like right now, it's almost too adorable to even attack it. The word is there may be a hidden area where a whole bunch of Jr. Cerebes's live. It's very weak against poison-based attacks.



Allicon.gif All Warrioricon.gif Warrior Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Pirateicon.gif Pirate
Green Neos (M) Kage.png Kage Green Osfa Hat.png Green Osfa Hat
Silver Grace Helmet.png Silver Grace Helmet
Fraute.gif Fraute


Use.png Use ETC.png Etc Ores.png Ores Recipe1.gif Recipes Money.png Mesos
Elixir.gif Elixir Jr. Cerebes Tooth Advanced Defense Pill IV Recipe ? mesos
Melting Cheese.gif Melting Cheese Leather.gif Leather Advanced Magic Attack Pill II Recipe
Very Special Sundae Stifffeather.gif Stiff Feather Canopus Boots Recipe
Crossbow.JPG Arrow for Crossbow Dexterity Ring VII Recipe
Secret Mastery Book.gif Mystery Mastery Book Recipe2.gif Reverse Grabbe Recipe
Reverse Myst Blue Recipe
Reverse Pendant Recipe
Timeless Earrings Recipe


Armor Weapon Accessory
60%.gif 60% Scroll for Wand for Magic Attack
Manual Pet Equip. scrolls Other scrolls
Equip Enhancement Scroll.png Equip Enhancement Scroll
Potential Scroll.png Potential Scroll