John's Present

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  • Level Requirement: 30


  1. Talk to John in Lith Harbor yet again.
  2. Talk to Mysterious Statue in Sleepywood.
  3. Reach the top of the Deep Forest of Patience, Step 4 and collect Blue Violas. You need 20 of them.
  4. Return to John with flowers. Quest complete!


In addition, all jobs will get:

Description of Jump Quest

Like Shumi's Lost Bundle of Money, the first map has a lot of "empty platforms", which are platforms you can see but are actually empty space. To identify those is easy in the first portion: moneybags signify real platforms. However as you progress you will notice that some platforms, even when marked with moneybags, are not safe. Well, there are 3 kinds of moneybags: those that face the left, those that face the right and those that reveal coins. For each clump/cluster of small platforms, only one or two out of the three kinds of moneybags are safe to step on. Usually the bag with money spilling out is safe. To tell whether the bag facing the left/right is safe, just hop onto the first platform of a clump/cluster that has a moneybag. That moneybag will be safe throughout the clump/cluster.
But don't just stare at the bags. Watch out for the "shurikens", also known as the stars. They are fast, and blend in well with the background, so keep a good eye out for them. Not too difficult if you are alert.
For the 2nd map, you just have to endure with the stars. White stars move vertically, and knock you to the right by a lot, so avoid them as much as possible, however, white stars can also propel you forward a lot if you use it correctly. Black stars knockback less, and usually towards the left. They always move horizontally. At the start, pick either route, and proceed. Should not be too difficult, though timing is crucial. Then the larger platforms. For the first level of platforms, there are only black stars. Should be easy, either jump/duck, or knock into them while moving towards the right, to negate the leftwards knockback. The second level of platforms are more tricky. If you are a first-timer, keep ducking, and jump to the next platform only when no stars are nearby. For more advanced players, make use of the white star to knock you forward, gaining you immunity at the same time. Also just charge forward, it's a waste of time stopping to duck. 3rd level is easy: only white stars. 4th level will be an obstacle for newbies as they will likely struggle. Usually at the end the razor will get them, or they will get hit by a white star and fall all the way down. Now the trick here, for both newbies and advanced players, is to CHARGE FORWARD. When black stars give immunity to you, jump across platforms so you won't have to time yourself to the white stars. Remember, there are FAR TOO MANY stars for you to dodge, so just make your way through as if there aren't any stars. Finally, watch out for the razor, and quickly get onto a safe platform. The razor part is really easy. As long as you get there, you should not fail. Of course you may complain that the razors move extremely fast, but you can always knock into them! They won't knockback too far. Just make sure that you're in the middle of the platform when getting hit... And that's it! Quest complete!

Remember: Jump Quests cannot be completed unless you have patience! Patience is more important than nimble fingers.


  • Talking to the crumbling statue will teleport you back to Sleepywood.
  • You can return to The Deep Forest of Patience. Finishing it again will reward you with 2 pieces of a random mineral/jewel ore. Sorry, no Gold Ores or Black Crystal Ores.
  • While on the quest, you may receive less than 20 Blue Violas. If that's the case, go back to John, give him all the violas you got, then hunt more inside the jump quest. It will probably take several tries to get all twenty of them.