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Islanders are Perma Beginners that stay on Maple Island. The current highest islander is a level 52 named missw3etooth in Scania. People make islanders for a number of reasons, including getting bored of the normal gameplay, looking for a challenge, wanting a tighter community, and even just wanting to be the best on the Islander rankings.


Islanders are known for training on Orange Mushrooms, although we also train on things like Pigs, Stumps, Slimes. Islanders originally trained in Dangerous Forest, as it had the best spawn of Orange Mushrooms. As the island expanded from patches, more places for training opened up and travel from place to place was altered. Islanders are now usualy found hanging out in West Field of Southperry, or training in In a Small Forest.


STR/DEX Hybrid Islanders: These islanders have a mix between strength and dexterity, they are the most common. For the most part, they usually have more strength than dexterity.

STR/LUK Hybrid Islanders: These islanders have strength and luck. They're based off the fact that dexterity adds .5 avoidability per point, but luck adds .8 avoidability. Since Islanders don't need any extra accuracy, they don't usually use this build unless they don't care about their minimum hit. They mostly have more strength than luck.

STR Islanders: They have only strength, being able the get a higher maximum hit than any other build, being able to do <value here> damage sooner. They mainly do this to show off, as it doesnt help much with training.

DEX Islanders: Using only dexterity, they have a better minimal damage to one hit kill all the monsters on Maple Island (100% of the time) sooner. They have slow training in the 10-20 levels, but after that training speeds up as they can kill monsters faster then STR islanders.

INT Islanders: Also known as Magelanders, they get just enough intelligence and luck to hold a Metal Wand, and then put the rest into strength or dexterity. Some prefer to add enough dex just to kill a Red Snail in one hit and then add the rest of their AP into MP. Due to a recent patch, Beginners can no longer wield a Metal Wand. Now they mostly turn into what is called Shellers and use Three Snails skill to kill monsters from a range. These are becoming more common now that the skill doesnt require actually using shells as ammo.