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The following page is now outdated and no longer contains any relevance to the current game.

Some information relating to Islanders may be found at Perma Beginner.

Islanders were Perma Beginners that stayed on Maple Island. People made Islanders for a number of reasons, including getting bored of the normal gameplay, looking for a challenge, wanting a tighter community, and even just wanting to be the best on the Islander rankings.

Over the years, subsequent updates to Maple Island began to erode the Islander trend and finally as of the RED update, with Maple Island now being accessible indefinitely, removing any sort of challenge regarding to gear or faster leveling, the Islander has been rendered obsolete.


Islanders originally trained on Orange Mushrooms for the longest time. However after the years passed, their training selections grew. In 2010 this changed as a new Island revamp, and the enabling of Mia's quest, led to the downfall of Islanding. Training selections are now restricted depending on whether you completed or choose to complete Mia's quest. Completion of Mia's Quest leads to the unavailability to train upon Stump, Slime, Red Snail, and Pig. You may choose to stop the Quest at one of these maps, and train on any of the aforementioned monsters (most stop at Pig. You also have access to Snail, Blue Snail, Shroom, and Orange Mushroom, through non-quest related maps. Islands created prior to 2010 are restricted to these maps, and cannot train upon quest related monsters (assuming they complete Mia's Quest).


STR/DEX Hybrid Islanders: These islanders have a mix between strength and dexterity, they are the most common. For the most part, they usually have more strength than dexterity.

STR/LUK Hybrid Islanders: These islanders have strength and luck. They're based off the fact that dexterity adds .5 avoidability per point, but luck adds .8 avoidability. Since Islanders don't need any extra accuracy, they don't usually use this build unless they don't care about their minimum hit. They mostly have more strength than luck.

STR Islanders: They have only strength, being able the get a higher maximum hit than any other build, being able to do <value here> damage sooner. They mainly do this to show off, as it doesnt help much with training.

DEX Islanders: Using only dexterity, they have a better minimal damage to one hit kill all the monsters on Maple Island (100% of the time) sooner. They have slow training in the 10-20 levels, but after that training speeds up as they can kill monsters faster then STR islanders.

INT Islanders: Also known as Magelanders, they get just enough intelligence and luck to hold a Metal Wand, and then put the rest into strength or dexterity. Some prefer to add enough dex just to kill a Red Snail in one hit and then add the rest of their AP into MP. Due to a previous patch, Beginners can no longer wield a Metal Wand. Now they mostly turn into what is called Shellers and use Three Snails skill to kill monsters from a range. These are becoming more common now, as a previous patch removed the need for snail shells to use Three Snails.


The idea originally began when the tutorial Leatty were released. And the title "Camper" started in 2007 when the Apple Training Camp was released (No longer in Global Maplestory). The idea was for a player to stay at the training map, training only on tutorial monsters. This job selection exploded with the release of the Apple Training Camp, and peaked around late 2007.
Regular Campers still get no drops.

Several other classes have developed out of the original Camper, including:


The term Roadies is derived from the map the these people train on, know as Empress' Road. Roadies (solely for Noblesse) train on Tutorial Tiv, Tino, and regular Tiv (Most people choose the fourth map, however). Roadies can obtain various equipment drops (including some season drops - Valentine Roses) through Tiv. A Roady may also a limited amount of quests. Roadies exploded in popularity in Summer 2009, but faded away by early 2010.

Due to the Cygnus Returns update, creating Roadies is no longer possible.


Snow-Lander (solely for Aran) train on Tutorial Muru. A Snow-Lander can only obtain a single ETC drop, and a small amount of mesos from a Tutorial Muru. Snow-landers can complete a limited amount of quests. They peaked in popularity in spring 2010, and are seen as the least popular class of Campers.