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So you must have stumbled across my page, ay? Well, might as well take a look xD Btw, it's my first time doing a page so don't hate if it aint good or accurate o-o

A guide to a somewhat good ice/lightning mage

I would start off with the basics but I am pretty sure everyone knows what to do at that point due to the auto assign thing that Maple made. Anyway, onto the parts that i think are more important that that.

Where I trained at

You may follow this if you want xD

Level 30-50: Obviously CPQing is the way to go during these levels, seriously nothing really beats CPQ, great exp until maybe... 45ish? Either way, it's good exp from start to finish.

Level 50-70: You may think I'm crazy but let me tell you where I trained from this level all the way to 3rd job. Mysterious Path 3, baby. Literally, that's where I trained all the way from 50 to 70, of course on 2x. Everyone should try it if you want fast leveling that is.

Build for the mage

Actually, this is my build fer my mage.

Meditation-20 (Maxed)
Mp Eater-20 (Maxed)
Teleport-20 (Maxed)
Slow- 0
Ice Beam-30 (Maxed)
Lightning-30 (Maxed)

The extra SP for anything else, i put it on Magic Guard because I forgot to max it out in the beginning xD

Question about Slow

I got a question from my cousin about why you didn't put anything on Slow. Simply because it is useless to us ice mages. We can freeze already, why make them slow? But of course, it's not always useless. Bosses can't be frozen so Slow comes in handy... Sometimes xD

Optional places to train at

Of course I'll add my two pennies to whereas you should train other than the places I normally train at.

Note: I did try training at these places. Some were ok, some were... Ehh is all I can say about them.

Another note: I only experimented with the enemies and how much they give fer each kill.

One more note: Most of the enemies i trained on came in mobs, so it's most likely the places are fer people who chose to max out lightning.

Level 30-35: Fire Boar were not too bad. I just hate how they would keep hitting me when I can only freeze one at a time. Anyways, okay exp here early levels.

Other enemies: Ratz, Pink Teddy, Mask Fish, Cube Slime, and Jr. Cellion. All good exp... well, depends on you if you train there or not xD

Level 36-40: Yurr lightning might be ok at this level if you chose to max that out first first. Go fer 'Retz. Go to Ludibrium and head the Helios Tower. Snipe them from the screws on the tower walls. Pretty good exp from there. Lorang are another great place fer exp. Be sure to carry extra pots because you'll be running into them a lot.

Level 41-45: If you chose to max out lightning then you might be able to hit Platoon Chronos well. I trained there a few times, I got a few good percentages of exp from there.

Level 46-50: Octobunny at Mysterious Path 2 is good place to train fer your lightning. Watch out fer the other enemy as well, Pac Pinky. That thing will kill you if you get in its way.

Level 51-53: If most likely yurr lightning is maxed, go kill Wooden Target Dummy. The spawn is crazy and the exp is very good. It's like 800 exp altogether when you kill them.

Level 53-56: Hogul, found in Korean Folk Town, are very weak against ice and lightning but they pack a punch. Be sure to carry lots of pots. Roid are good exp too, especially with the sniping spot they offer at Magatia where they are found at.

Level 56-60: Now that yurr lightning is close to GODLY o-o go to Mu Lung and find Grizzly. They are weak to lightning and depending on where you find them, there is a small sniping spot they map offers to you. Pandas are occasionally with them and they are just as strong, so kill both if you can. [[Neo Huroid]] in Magatia give a good amount of exp as well.

Level 60-70: During, what people call these levels as the "Levels of Hell", levels 60-70, I have found a rather large arsenal of places to train. Obviously, the Mysterious Path 3, GODLY exp there. As well as Homunculus in Magatia gave me a rather large amount of exp in the homestretch of reaching 3rd job. Windraider was the last thing I trained on before I had reached 3rd, difficult to get to but worth the trip.

Final Words (Well, not really. I'm not finished actually.)

No, I'm not dying if that is what you were thinking xD All in all, you can take my advice and go train at the places I trained or... Just buy the 2x coupon and grind it out at Mysterious Path 3 all the way to 3rd job xD

Either way, you'll get to level 70. Take breaks every now and then from the constant grinding. I hope my guide was good enough to help you and give you ideas on where to train from now on. Good luck to you all and happy mapling, everyone! :D