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A member of the "Eye" species. One of the strongest, it spawns in Amoria's Purplewood Forests. It has almost the exact same stats as a Cold Eye, but a much better HP/EXP ratio. Unlike most members of its family, the Indigo Eye is capable of withstanding strong, even tropical sunlight. This unique characteristic accounts for its bright and vibrant color in comparison to its brothers. Like the Curse Eye, the Indigo Eye is resistant to Poison. It drops no mesos, but does hold the Liplock Key, important for entering the Amoria Party Quest.


Level: 38
HP: 1550
MP: 65
Experience: 85
Knock Back: 1
Speed: ?


Weapon Attack: 50
Magic Attack: 70
Accuracy: 70


Weapon Defense: 50
Magic Defense: 70
Avoidability: 15


Common Warrior Magician Thief Bowman Useable Etc. Ore Mesos

Lip Lock Keys