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"A throwing-star made out of steel. There's plenty in a set and once they run out, they need to be refilled. This is the most powerful throwing star excluding the Crystal Ilbi, and the Balanced Fury."


  • Weapon Attack: +27


Ilbis are the 3rd strongest star in the game, tied with Hwabi's, though ilbis are most common.

Ilbis aren't found commonly, which explains the price, and this item also gets used for merchanting due to its price influence.

These stars are generally considered great for any Assassin, but it's recommended to have enough money to buy a bunch, not just one, as for Assasins, Quantity > Quality. Ex: It's better to have 5 pairs of steelies instead of 2 pairs of Ilbies.

Also, Ilbies are used to forge Crystal Ilbies, which costs a lot more and have an extra +2 atk on them. It's not recommended to get Crystal Ilbies unless a player is funded, as these are around 80 million mesos each.



Quantity + Refill Cost

  • 800 per set (without mastery)
  • 640 mesos to refill

Type of Item

  • Throwing Star

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