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Aran Guide

Obviously you're here to learn and make an Aran. However, you're probably wondering, WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO! Therefore, you're here.

Also, this is my first guide, and thanks to my pro friends and my aran in helping me decide what to put in this guide in Skills, Stats, Training Spots, and Explanations!

Again, since this is my first guide, please know that I decided not to be too detailed in anything; I'll do that when I'm pro at making guides.

Brief Overview

Aran is a legendary hero, master of the polearm, who along with four others, defeated the evil tyrant Black Mage. However, in the end, Aran and the others got sealed away in ice for a couple centuries, lost their memories, and now Aran is back.

Simple as that.

I'm not really gonna go into detail about everything, since its really painful and time consuming, but here goes...

Noob Skills

You should know these, so I won't bother telling you them... :) I'm gonna do it anyways, just because there are noobs out there. SO

Nimble Body/Agile Body (Lets just say it's agile body, ok?):

Max lvl: 3 Makes you faster for a short while.

Three Snails:

Max Lvl: 3

Throw a snail for a fixed amount of dmg. (40 when maxed)


Max lvl: 3

Regain HP over time

Noob Build

Now that thats done with, you will get one skill point to point each time you lvl (for now). I recommend putting it in like this...

1: None! you don't get one

2: Three snails (1)

3: Three snails (1)

4: Agile Body (1)

5: Three Snails (MAX)

6: Agile Body (1)

7: Agile Body (MAX)

So you should end up with something like...

Three Snails (MAX)

Agile Body (MAX)

In most guides you read, (actually, probably all of them except this one)it says "Max Three snails and ill murder you. it gets useless" just to be different (just kidding) i said max it since, it is really useful until lvl 10! even though it may only take like 20 min to get to lvl 10 (10 if you're pro, 5 if you're godly) until then its really annoying to wack something to death while spamming pots. Thus, Three snails come in. Hit the opponent, weakening it, then massacre it with your awesome noob skills. It takes half as long as without three snails.

HOWEVER, if you hate my advice then don't put into 3 snails and max recovery, which sucks more. I mean, you heal over time, 70 hp or something over 30 seconds or a min or 10. Don't know, dont care. Three snails is better. Agile body is awesome. Now, if you say you get combat step, so dont even bother with agile body, then again, you're totally messed up. Use agile body AND combat step and you'll be faster then a sin with haste. But not a NW. NW flash jump, which is awesome and cheating at the same time.

First Job Advancement

Ok, so to get first job, all you have to do is get to lvl 10.

Start the quest The Five Heroes with Lirin. You must complete all quests prior to it to unlock it.

Click on the Giant Pole Arm found above a group of penguins next to Lirin, close to the center of town. If you walk from one side of the other you'll see it.

Advance to 1st job.

Really easy, right?

First Job Skills

When you advance, you got a awesome new set of skills that currently suck, since theres only two, which are:

Double Swing:

Max lvl: 20

hit the atk button twice quickly to swing a pole arm quickly a second time, for extra dmg. hits up to 12 monsters

Combat Step:

Max lvl: 15

Required: Double Swing lvl 5

press the direction button twice in the way you want to go a short burst in a single direction. Think of it like sprinting 2-4 steps.

Those are the two you start with. As you move on, you will get quests to help you unlock more skills. Quests that give you skills have a big red SKILL in front of the quest name, so you know which one to take. The unlock able skills for first job are...

Combo Ability:

Max lvl: 10

Double swing: lvl 5

Unlocked at lvl 13, quest Penguin training or something. I dont remember... but it had the word training in it.

With each consecutive hit, build up a combo count. The more combos, the higher your defense and the stronger your attack

Pole Arm Booster:

Max lvl: 20

Required: Combat step 5

Unlocked at: lvl 22, quest

Sacrifice MP and HP to increase the speed of your pole arm.

First Job Skill Build

Ok, now that we've gone over that, now for the build. The build is fairly basic.

10: Double Swing (1)

11: Double Swing (3)

12: Double Swing (2), Combat step (1)

13: Combat Ability (3)

14: Combat Ability (3)

15: Combat Ability (3)

16: Combat Ability (MAX), Double Swing (2)

17: Double Swing (3)

18: Double Swing (3)

19: Double Swing (3)

20: Double Swing (MAX)

21: Combat Step (3)

22: Combat Step (3)

23: Pole Arm Booster (3)

24: Pole Arm Booster (3)

25: Pole Arm Booster (3)

26: Combat step (3)

27: Pole Arm Booster (3)

28: Pole Arm Booster (3)

29: Combat Step (2), Pole Arm Booster (1)

30: Combat Step (MAX)

In the ending, you get...

Combo Ability (MAX)

Pole Arm Booster (16)

Combat Step (MAX)

Double Swing (MAX)

I really suggest maxing combat step. It is really useful, and convenient, and has saved my combo more then once. Booster can be easily re-casted, and it doesn't matter. At lvl one, it will still give the same speed as maxed, the only difference is the HP/MP sacrificed and Time, both of which aren't really big factors considering the difference. Again, if you hate my guide max booster and ditch combat step. But if you do, i will pay noobs to defame you.

Second Job Advancement

Congrats! You are lvl 30 or higher! The only thing left to do is get the second jobs skills.

It is a bit harder then first job, but if you followed my guide closely it should still take less then 15 min.

Ok, since im lazy, i copied this from the Aran page, but ill just add my own words just to make it more me :0

You need to be at least Level 30 (duh. All second adv are made at lvl 30).

Talk to Lirin in Rien.

Talk to Maha next to the Giant Pole Arm.

Talk to Lirin again.

Head to Mirror Cave, located at the far west of the town. You went close by for just noob training. not penguin training, which gets you combo.

Enter the portal in front of the ice.

Talk to Sir Blacksmith there, inside. It is really creepy.

Head to the next map and gather 30 Sign of Acceptance from Scarred Bear, which get really annoyed and charge, so dont hang around. KILL THEM ASAP. However its really easy.

Give the items to Sir Blacksmith.

Head back to Rien and talk to Maha.

The following quests related to 2nd job advancement are:

Second Job Skills

Now, for the skills. Again, you start out with two skills.

Triple Swing:

Max lvl: 20

Required: Double Swing lvl 20

Rapidly spam the atk button three times, to swing the pole arm a third time after double swing. Inflicts MAJOR pain. Hits up to 12 enemies.

Body Pressure:

Max lvl: 20

For a bit, you can inflict touch dmg on monsters. Also, if you attack a monster with any melee skills, you have a chance of disabling their touch dmg.

The unlockable skills are:

Pole Arm Mastery:

Max lvl: 20

Required: Triple swing lvl 3 (well, its what maple wiki said. I dont think it does, but ill just go with maple wiki)

Unlocked: lvl 31, complete quest Gathering Up a Strange Info

Increases accuracy and mastery (minimum dmg)

Combo Drain:

Max lvl: 20

Required: Combo Ability lvl 1

Unlocked: lvl 37, complete quest Seal Stone of Victoria Island

For a limited amount of time, absorb dmg dished out as hp. Requires a combo count of 30 to use. Hot key, Down + Down + Atk button

Combo Smash

Max lvl: 20

Required: Combo Ability lvl 1

Unlocked: lvl 45, complete quest The Stolen Seal Stone of Orbis

Throw a pole arm that looks like pure energy (totally epic) to deal massive dmg. Requires a combo count of 30 to use. Hits up to 10 enemies. Hot key, Down + Direction (left or right) + Atk Button

Final Charge

Max lvl: 30

Required: Triple swing lvl 20

Unlocked: lvl 54, complete quest The Lost Seal Stone of Mu Lung

Push enemies backward. Good for clearing space around a party member and convenient when mobbed.

Second Job Skill Build

OK! now, we have finished (finally) 2nd job skills! Now for the really lame and boring build. Well, to me, anyways, since i spend forever to make them.

30: Triple Swing (1)

31: Triple Swing (2), Body Pressure (1)

32: Mastery (3)

33: Mastery (3)

34: Mastery (3)

35: Mastery (3)

36: Mastery (3)

37: Mastery (3)

38: Mastery (MAX), Triple Swing (1)

39: Save 3 Points

40: Save 3 Points

41: Save 3 Points

42: Save 3 Points

43: Save 3 Points

44: Save 3 Points

45: Combo Smash (MAX), Triple Swing (1)

46: Body Pressure (3)

47: Triple Swing (3)

48: Triple Swing (3)

49: Triple Swing (3)

50: Triple Swing (3)

51: Triple Swing (MAX)

52: Combo Drain (2), Save one point

53: Body Pressure (3)

54: Final Charge (2), Combo Drain (2)

55: Body Pressure (3)

56: Body Pressure (3)

57: Body Pressure (3)

58: Body Pressure (3)

59: Final Charge (3)

60: Final Charge (3)

61: Final Charge (3)

62: Final Charge (1), Combo Drain (2)

63: Combo Drain (3)

64: Combo Drain (3)

65: Combo Drain (3)

66: Combo Drain (3)

67: Combo Drain (MAX), Final Charge (1)

68: Final Charge (3)

69: Final Charge (3)

70: Final Charge (3)

Finishing with...

Mastery (MAX)

Final Charge (21)

Combo Drain (MAX)

Body Pressure (MAX)

Combo Smash (MAX)

Triple Swing (MAX)

Phew! Alright, now to explain it all. First off, max mastery because mastery gives accuracy and a warrior's accuracy tends to suck. The only guy with worse accuracy is the Brawler (I think). Plus, The warrior's dmg is unstable so mastery helps a lot with dmg. Next, we have Triple swing. We don't have to explain why you max that. Its powerful and kicks butt. Afterwards, we have combo smash maxed because it does even better dmg then triple swing. Triple swing does 250% dmg when maxed, and combo smash does 600% dmg. Godly. Body Pressure is just awesome. In monster carnival, it kicks butt. Everywhere else, it kicks butt. Body pressure can disable touch dmg for short periods of time. Who doesn't want that against touch dmg opponents? In Monster Carnival, you will be mobbed by many monsters. All of which have no touch dmg therefore letting them get the crap beat out of them, and they can't do anything about it. Following that, is Combo drain which isn't actually all that great. I mean, 5% HP recovery and 120 seconds of activations? BUT it does save crazy amounts of HP at higher lvls. Already, at lvl 49, an Aran can do 5k dmg (if they're good) with combo smash, WHICH MOBS. If you had maxed drain, and it was activated, you would recover 250 HP. Doesn't seem like much, but remember you are also dealing out crazy combos with triple swing, stacking it higher and higher. Combined with body pressure, non magic wielding monsters would get their HP zapped. HAH! Its like free HP pots. Body pressure stops any non magic incoming atks, triple swing crazily stacking dmg, and combo smash to finish it off, you're HP bar could go from none to full in no time flat. Lastly, final charge. It is the worst skill when maxed, compared to other skills. SO DON'T MAX IT!!!! It only does 90% dmg and uses 20 MP when maxed. Totally not worth it. Max Max NO NO NO NO NO! Triple swing has better dmg and uses less mp. You have to have final charge to deal with mobs too. Body pressure is good, but only has a percent chance of working. Thus, Have final charge just in case. It would be better to put 10 into final charge, not 21, but when you max all the skills, you have 21 points to waste, so put them in final charge.

HOWEVER! If you don't want to put all 21 points into final charge because it's a waste, you can take out of it and put into the skill you didn't max in first job. (Which would be booster or combat step)

Stat Distribution

This should be really fast.

Normal Dex: Your dex is 2x your lvl until lvl 30. (meaning, at lvl 20, your dex is 40, at lvl 30, your dex is 60). Past that, only put 1 dex every lvl. (So at lvl 40, your dex is 70, at lvl 50, your dex is 80). Stop putting into dex when its around 100-120. The rest is strength.

Low Dex: No clue. So in this section im just randomly guessing, so there's bound to be some errors. But i think a low dex has dex 2x their lvl until lvl 20. Then you only put one dex every lvl. The rest is strength. Cap your dex around 50-80.

Dexless: Actually, dexless are a really, really, really low dex. SO , assign your stats so that your dex is very close to your lvl. A good lvl 42 dexless would have 39. Dexless require a huge amount of dex equips, so if you do make one make sure you have money from other sources, like gach or other players. Cap your dex close to 40. Rest goes into strength.

My dex is actually between low dex and dexless. So I'm planning to cap it at 65 or 70.

Training Spots

Everyone I know except for my friends tell crap training spots. For Example, who trains on evil eyes? So i will actually give good training spots for all classes. Not just Arans.

1-10: Doesn't matter. Well, I don't think it does.

10-15: Slimes, and octopuses. The Slime tree is a good respawn, and there's a hidden street at the left of kerning city that has awesome respawn. However, it is crazily overpopulated by noobs and lvl 100s who ks everyone else

15-20: Octopuses still. Ribbon pigs are ok. Try Blue Mushrooms if you're bored.

20-25: Sand Rats in Ariant. Great Exp, and virtually no noobs know they are

25-30: Scorpions in Ariant. They also give good exp, but they don't give much more then Sand rats. Only do these for drops and mesos.

30-40: Anything in the Mushroom castle theme dungeon. The respawn of the penguin monsters are really good, but train in less crowded channels. You can also do Monster Carnival, which also gives good exp.

40-50: Monster Carnival and Truckers in singapore.

50-60: I don't know any good high lvl monsters, so if you know any go train on them, but do Monster Carnival 2 for exp. I suppose you can keep drilling on truckers

60-70: Train on monsters with good exp compared to others of close lvls, and Monster Carnival 2.

Also, do every single quest that Tru, Lirin, or anyone connected to them. This will help you a lot. Especially with skills

AND That is the end of my faithful and amazing aran guide. I can't really say much else, but if you feel that something in here could be improved, please comment below.

  • Note from a player: between levels 40-50 Pac Pinky on Ghost Ship 1 is OK, and in levels 50-70/80, MP3!!!!!!!!!
  • Note from a former player: If you think MP3 (Singapore, keep going right) is too crowded, go into ghost ship and decide on Selkie Jrs or Slimies. Also, levels 25-30, you could do the Kerning Subway PQ, which is great for Arans. At level 40-200 there is a different kind of subway pq, Ariant Pyramid PQ, which is even better (Just watch out for yetis!)
  • Note from MVPJeffie: Why do you want body pressure maxed when it can still cancel touch damage at level 1? For more information, go to Complete Aran Guide!