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Basic Bowman's Guide

Hunter Training Areas

Now that you know how to train your character up, it's now time to learn what to train on to maximize your time. Please know that just because you get an insane amount of experience for a monster doesn't necessarily mean that the monster is optimal for you.

Generally speaking, you should always hunt monsters that you can kill within one or two hits and that have a great spawn rate.

Level 30 - 35

Land of Wild Boar & Land of Wild Boar II are the most popular options around this level. With the fast spawn and the nice EXP you can get from these monsters, you will gain EXP very fast. Beware, though, that the spawn may be too fast as it is a very populated area. Bring many potions.

As an alternative to Land of the Wild Boar, you can level at West Rocky Mountain IV; although the spawn is slower. Because it is less popular, it is easy to keep the spawn pretty high by clearing out one area after another. However, you will have to watch out for the occasional Lupin.

If you are low on mesos, Jr. Sentinels in Orbis Tower are a really good source of money, but give less EXP than other monsters, so the leveling is slower.

Ant Tunnels are also a great option. By now you should OHKO (One-hit Knock-out) Zombie Mushrooms and Horny Mushrooms quite often. There's also a sniper platform (platform Bowmen can attack from without being hit) at the bottom right of Ant Tunnel I.

Also with a new patch released, you can try hunting Rocky Masks and Wooden Masks at Excavation Site I, II, and III. They can drop a couple 60% scrolls that you can sell for extra cash.

Level 35 - 40

Land of the Wild Boar I & II are still the most popular options around this level. With the fast spawn and the nice EXP of these monsters, you will gain EXP very fast.

Another area that provides maps with good monsters is Aqua Road. The monsters on the right side of The Aquarium, the Mask Fishes, provide a very good Hit Points/EXP ratio of 1000/65 respectively, which is better than that of any monster of this level range. HP potions are not needed if you swim well, and the occasional white pot drop from masked fish is enough to survive. The drop rate is very good. The level 30 to 40 equipment that Mask Fishes drop makes money making no hassle. Another technique to use in Aquaroad is the sheepdog. It can be defined as a "legal vacuum hack" by messing around with the AI of monsters. Just use Power Knock Back or hit the monsters closely, and go to the very bottom right of the map to cast Arrow Bomb. This will give you around 1000 or more EXP each time you use this technique. This is useful for fighting Mask Fishes only; also, the department store is right next to this area for easy access to potions, Air Bubbles, etc.

The Ant Tunnels are still a great option. You should OHKO Zombie Mushrooms and Horny Mushrooms all the time. There's also a snipe platform at the bottom right of Ant Tunnel 1.

The Garden of Three Colors/Green/etc are also a nice option. Jr. Grupins, Jr. Cellions and Jr. Lioners give more EXP than Fire Boars and don't have as much HP. Jr. Lioners also have a chance at dropping a 60% Scroll for Bow for Attack, which you will be using in the future. These maps are also very crowded, so be warned: finding a decent spot may be difficult.

There is also a variety of monsters that you may train on in Ludibrium. Due to the fact that the Bowman has a stronger attack force than many other classes, you can try things such as Brown Teddies or Drum Bunnies, though some monsters around the Bunnies may cause problems.

Finally, there is the Ludibrium Party Quest. Some people say that it might not be as good as training normally, but it depends on the party you go with as well. It also provides you with neat prizes.

Level 40 - 45

The Burnt Land I, II & III are great options. The maps are filled with Fire Boars, some Dark Axe Stumps and the occasional Lupin. The spawn is fast, the drops are pretty nice and the EXP is good. This will level you up fast. However, beware of Ice/Lightning Wizards as they are popular here too.

The Garden of Three Colors/Green/etc are still nice and maybe better options.

Teddies at Sky Terrace - 2 are also good exp. Better spawn rate than Fire Boars, and there are no small platforms to knock an archer down.

The fifth, fourth and third floors of Orbis Tower are good options. Leatties and Dark Leatties give nice EXP and drops. You also have a chance at finding your level 40 earrings Blue Moon from a Dark Leatty.

Ludibrium Party Quest does you good now, especially if you can get a party of all level 40 and higher. People will want Bowmen as they can be used for many parts of the quest and they can also do pretty good damage against the boss.

Level 45 - 50

Do the Ludibrium PQ during these levels.

Dangerous Valley also has got a nice spawn of Copper Drakes and Fire Boars. The EXP here is quite good.

Golem Temples are quite good for these levels. Nice spawn, huge EXP and slow monsters. Perfect for range.

Monkey Forests (filled with Zombie Lupins) are also a good place to level, as long as there's no Cleric kill-stealing you. However, more potions (especially hp potions) may be required.

You can also try Chronos or Platoon Chronos as well, though they might be crowded due to the fact that many people are trying to find Esther Shields and Mystic Shields.

Now it might be better for training purposes to skip the Ludibrium PQ and just train normally. However, if you can scrounge up a couple level 47-49 people, then wish for luck and try it (hoping that stage 8 doesn't take too long).

At Orbis, you can train at Cloud Park I and Cloud Park II, hunting Star Pixies, Lunar Pixies (you may find your level 50 overall equipment from them) and Nependeath.

Level 50 - 60

Go for Jr. Yeti since they have nice exp and good spawn at the first map after El Nath. They also drop the 60% Scroll for Gloves for Attack for your work glove or sell it for several million mesos.

Cloud Park Vand VI is also a good place to train. There is an excellent spawn for Luster Pixie and Lunar Pixie

Zombies (Coolie Zombies and Minor Zombies) are probably the most populated high level area. You shouldn't go here until you are in your late 50's.

Master Chronos are a great source of exp along with its drops.

Stone Golems are still a good place to level. It's fairly easy to find an empty map so you can control the spawn.

Level 60 - 70

Zombies are now great EXP for you. You should probably camp a spawn here for a while and gain massive amounts of EXP. Keep in mind that this area may get crowded, as many other classes train here.

Dangerous Valley II is a great place for these levels. Red Drakes give great exp and great drops. You also have a chance to find the ever-so-pricey Steelies. This would boost your mesos by quite a bit. This map is often crowded due to ice wizards.

Go to either Suburban Area 2 train on Trucker or The Forest of Golem and tank out those golems i suggest you bring with you a other job same as your lv party.Another option to train is at malaysia Muddy Banks 3 on those Oly Oly.