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Basic Hunter's Guide

Starting Up

Now that you have finally reached level thirty and ready to be the best you can be for the next forty levels, you will have the opportunity to choose your path. To become a Hunter, you must go back to Henesys and talk to Athena, the same person that gave you the first job advancement as an Archer. You must have the prerequisite of level thirty before Athena will allow you to advance to a Hunter.

Once you have talked to Athena, she will tell you to go to the Bowman Instructor whom will make you take a test. It is suggested that you bring 60 - 70 orange potions and 60 - 70 blue potions before entering the test. Inside the test, you will be faced with monsters that you may have seen before, however they are stronger and they don't give experience. Collect thirty Dark Marbles and talk to the instructor again.

Note: If you change channel or exit the map, you will be forced to start all over again.

Once complete, the instructor will give you proof that you passed the test and you must return to Athena to advance to a Hunter.