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You must be between level 21 and 30. This includes those of you that already made the second job advancement.

A party of four people, no less.

Preferably people who are strong and can last hits of 80+ (from Ligators) or 200+ (from King Slime). Magicians, Bowmen, Pirates and Thieves are generally welcomed into KPQ due to their ranged attacks against King Slime. Warrior, Bandits, and Brawlers are welcomed because of their high damage against other monsters, such as the Ligators, Lr. Neckis, and Curse Eyes.

This Party Quest takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your party members' cooperation and strength to kill the monsters. You are allowed 30 minutes maximum to do this Party Quest.

Stage 1: <1st Accompainent>

Talk to Cloto at the far right of the stage. She will give you a question that you must answer in number of tickets. For example, if she asks what 2+2 is, then collect 4 tickets from the Ligators (Not a real question).

The questions with their respective answers are as follows:

  • Level to become Magician (8 coupons)
  • Level to become Thief, Warrior, Bowman, Pirate( 10 coupons)
  • SP gained per level (3 coupons)
  • Total SP gained for Beginner (6 coupons)
  • Maximum number of party members you can have (6 coupons)
  • AP gained per level (5 coupons)
  • EXP needed to Level 2 from Level 1 (15 coupons)

After collecting the tickets, speak with Cloto again and give her the tickets. You must have the exact number of tickets as asked in the question! After giving her the tickets, you will receive a yellow pass. Give this pass to the leader to continue to the next stage.

If you have the correct amount of tickets, but do not receive a pass, make sure you have space in your etc slot.

After you are finished, help your party members by killing Ligators for them so they can get tickets.

Stage 2: <1st Accompainent>

3 members are required to do this stage, the members are prefered than the leader.

3 members of the party must hold on to the rope and shift correspondingly to the next rope if the answer is wrong.

It only has 4 combinations.

Stage 3: <1st Accompainent>

You will see kittens in barrels. Each platform has a different amount of kittens; 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Stand on each platform as the Leader clicks on Cloto to see if the combination is correct.

  • The combinations are:
    • 123, 124, 125, 134, 135, 145, 234, 235, 245, 345

This should be completed in less than 1 minute if the whole party is co-operative.

Stage 4: <1st Accompainent>

This stage is much like the previous one, except with crates numbered from 1 to 6.

  • The combinations are:
    • 123, 124, 125, 126, 134, 135, 136, 145, 146, 156, 234, 235, 236, 245, 246, 256, 345, 346, 356

This stage shouldn't take more than about five minutes if you cooperate with your party members. If you do not, it should take around ten to fifteen minutes.

Important note on Stages 3 and 4: Do NOT go afk while doing these stages! You will need to jump on the crates as fast as possible to get your exp as fast as possible! And your party members will hate you for going afk.

<1st Accompainent>

In this stage, you have to kill weakened versions of Jr Necki, Curse Eyes, and King Slime himself (itself?).

After spawning in this room, jump down to kill the 3 Curse Eyes that appear. Collect the 3 passes they drop and give them to the Party Leader. Go over to the portal on the right, and jump down to fight the Jr Neckis. Kill the 6 Jr Neckis, and collect the passes they drop, and give them to the Party Leader. Go into the portal on the right.

Here is where you fight the big boss of the party quest: King Slime. King Slime has roughly 8000 HP, and can deal about 150 touch damages, and 200 magic. Its magic attack, Earthquake, is avoidable by jumping before it lands on the ground. It will summon about 4 or 5 slimes when its HP is depleted, to distract you. Continue attacking the King. Once it is defeated, a pass will drop, and many more slimes (about 15 of them) will spawn in its place. Give the pass to the Leader.

Should take only about five minutes for a less experienced party that works together, to ten for a weak party (level 21s) that can barely attack King Slime. Soloing Slime is popular among higher levels (28-30) for the 800 exp it can give.

It is not recommended to hit the slimes that it summons after it dies due to a myth which says that if you hit it, only the person who hits the slimes will get a good reward and the rest will get ores or just plain Orange Potions.

After your Party Leader clicks on Cloto to complete the Quest, click on her yourself to receive a special prize. Prizes can consist of earrings (25-35), scrolls, potions, hats (bamboo), screws, and ores (including gold and dark)

Bonus Stage

After clicking on Cloto to exit, you will be sent to a bonus stage, where Green and Horny Mushrooms will spawn for 15 minutes.

You can choose to do this part if you please, but be considerate of other parties and leave so others can KPQ, as well.


After completing an entire run of KPQ, you should have at least 3000 exp more than before, counting the exp given by the Ligators, Jr Neckis, Curse Eyes, and King Slime.

You should also be at least 5k richer. The prize you receive from Cloto should amount to more than 5k, occasionally to the point of 500k! (10% dex scroll overall)

Sell your scrolls and ores to people standing around the sewers on channel 1 for the most profit, unless you want to use them for yourself.