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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.


You must be level 10 or higher to do this quest.

You should have at least one slot open in your ETC inventory.

Your party must consist of three or more players.

Goal of the Quest

Obtain ten Moon Cakes from the Moon Bunny to give to Growlie.

If the Moon Bunny is killed, or your party runs out of time allocated for the Quest, then your party will be kicked out of the Party Quest room without any rewards.

How to Begin

Go to Heneseys Park (where the storage guy is) and enter a party.

Have the Leader of your party talk to the NPC Tory to get into the PQ.

Note that there are many other parties to get in, and each channel can have only one party PQ'ing at a time.

How to Quest

You have ten minutes to complete both stages of the Quest.

Stage 1

Once inside the HPQ room, you should see several plants at the bottom of the screen. Hit and destroy these plants, to get certain colored seeds from them:

  • Green
  • Purple (Looks like blue at first sight)
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Blue (Lighter than purple)

Once you have gathered a seed (or all of them), you must distribute them among the various platforms floating around the center of the room. To do so, drop the seeds on the platforms in this placement:

  • Blue - Top-left
  • Green - Top-right
  • Yellow - Left
  • Purple - Right
  • Brown - Bottom-left
  • Pink - Bottom-right

Stage 2

The remaining time from the previous part of the Quest will be allocated for this portion.

After dropping the seeds in their respective places and letting them grow, there should be a message, "Protect the Moon Bunny!"

This should prompt you and you party to go to the very center of the room, where there is a Moon Bunny that appears.

Various monsters will fly towards the Moon Bunny to prevent it from making 10 Moon Cakes. These monsters are weaker versions of Flyeyes, Stirges, and Blins. The Blins do not transform once the primary form is defeated.

Whenever the Bunny is hit, it will not be able to make a cake. Once it does make a cake, your party leader should pick it up and keep it in his inventory until he has collected ten of them.

Once ten cakes are collected, talk to Growlie at the bottom, and exit.

After doing so, you should get 1600 exp.

Bonus Stage

After you are transported out of the main Party Quest area, you will see Tory again, and standing opposite her a Iron Pig statue with Tommy standing by it.

If you do not want to go through the bonus stage, speak with Tory to exit back to Heneseys Park. Otherwise, talk to Tommy.

Once inside the Bonus Stage area, you will have three minutes to kill all of the Pigs, Ribbon Pigs, and Iron Pigs that appear. The Iron Pigs are significantly weaker, like the main PQ monsters, but lower level should still watch out for its higher amount of damage it can deal.

Note that the Iron Pigs may drop various equips, typically around level 25 and 30.

After the three minutes are up, you will be automatically transported out of the room, where you can again speak with Tory to go back to Heneseys Park.

Analysis on Heneseys Party Quest

HPQ is an excellent source of quick exp for beginners (level 10 through 20). It is recommended for all players from level 10 through 20, after which the Kerning City Party Quest becomes available.

Warriors and Pirates with their mobbing skill are greatly liked by most parties, as their mob attacks can wipe out all of the monster in a matter of seconds. Magicians, Bowmen, and Thieves will have a little more difficulty with this quest with their ranged attacks. This difficulty is so insignificant, it is barely noticed.

All players can HPQ, and it is recommended to have a more experienced leader, as well as party members in general.


If you get an extra 10 cakes from the Moon Bunny, you can get a hat called Rice Cake on My Head. So, if you want one and no one else does, you need 20 cakes, not 10: 10 to finish the PQ and another 10 to get the hat.