How Not To Be Scammed

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This guide will show you how NOT to be scammed. There are various tricks scammers will use and take a few minutes to read this.


Scammers are usually people who benefit from something in a unfair way by tricking someone.

Reporting a Scammer

To report a scammer, right-click on the offending user's character. A list of actions will come up; click on Alert GM. Next, a dialogue box will appear. Select the appropriate option, (in this case, scamming) and press OK. This will send a notice to the GMs, who will do as they see fit.

  • Results are not instant; GMs must first review game logs to confirm a scam actually took place
  • The new alert GM feature says not to report trade scams and fame scams. making scammers have an extremely high chance of getting away with it, and a super low of getting banned. However, frauds are availible to be reported. making scam reports possible. one of the info says that duplicating scams are strictly forbidden. making it easier to report duplicating scammers.
  • An even newer update, now it is possible to report a conversation. By reporting someone, if you have evidence via conversation, you can right click, click alert GM, write down the report and tick the box for conversation. This makes the GM also have the conversation that is the piece of evidence.

Most Common Scams

People are great at coming up with many different and creative ways to take items from others. Here are just a few of the more common tricks.

Duplicating Items


A person trades you. You accept and he asks you if you want to duplicate an item. You agree and he will tell you to put the items and mesos you want to duplicate on and press Tab + Tab + Space + Enter (Tab + Tab + Space doesn't do anything, Enter does). Then the trader presses "Accept" in the trade box. And POOF you items and mesos are GONE.


- Press ACCEPT but don't press okay, type in "copy". (or a word that has 'Y' in it like typewriter) (Y is for "Yes" that agrees to the trade.)

- Press "Enter" twice.

Solution : If they ask to duplicate, cancel the trade immediately and report them for Scamming.

Drop "Game"

Scenario: A person says: "Drop game! FOLLOW ME!" He leads you to the Henesys Hair Salon. He then tells you: "Stay on the stairs and I'll stay on the left side." He tells you to drop items when he says go and if you have better items, you win something. So when he says "GO!!!", you drop an item and POOF a person out of nowhere comes and picks your item up and then they CC or run away.

Variants: Drop games may happen in other places to like the Kerning City Hospital where there is no minimap.

Solution: If anyone asks, report for Scamming.

Transfer via friends

Scenario: You have to transfer a rare item to your mule but your lazy to put in storage so you ask one of your dearest friends to hold it for you and then when you log on you get the item back from him. So you give him the item and log off and log on to your mule. And POOF he has your item and won't give it back. You have just gotten scammed.

Solution: USE THE STORAGE MAN! Or send via Duey. (Duey might not be available in some versions of MapleStory.)

You can transfer using your in real life friend, because you can seek him if he does this to you.

Item contests

Variant of drop game

Scenario: Someone is quitting MapleStory and saying: "Dropping everything I have!" and then you and 2 other people follow him. 1 person drops an item and the Guy Who is Quitting drops an item of equal value. Then the next person, does the same thing and another item of equal value got dropped. He picked it up and he is happy! Then you drop a pair of Illbis and then the guy quits picking it up and disconnects. You got scammed!

Solution: Don't fall for these either.


Scenario: A person uses a megaphone saying " Illbis 5mil! Ch 3 FM 2" so you quickly rush there with your 5 million mesos to see the Free Market room full. So you put your mouse on the store and press enter wildly. You go in but you accidently lose your 5 million mesos because you bought a Snail shell off it. Pressing Enter fast makes it buy an item from the shop.

Solution: Stay away from them and report.

Remember Me?

Scenario: A person comes up to you and says: "Remember me? I'm XXXXX. I quit a few months ago and I need your help rebuilding this character." You help him and believed that he will repay you back. But after a few months he deletes you off his buddy list and he was a scammer. You just got scammed.

Solution: If your friend plays MapleStory again, give them a special question that only you and your friend might know.

Giving away accounts

Scenario: A person trades you and gives you his account information for his LV. XXX account on random. You are happy and log on to it and change the PIN. You start to fund it. After a few months, the pin is changed again and all your money used on that character is LOST. You got scammed.

Solution: Don't use these accounts unless he gives the full name, email and etc.

Scroll Swap

Scenario: You are buying a certain scroll for 1 million (lets say) and then a person trades you with that scroll. You check it and you put in 1 million. Before you can do anything, he "lags" and quits. Then he trades you again and says sorry he puts an another scroll in that looks exactly the same and without checking, you put in 1 million and trade. You find out it is a bottom wear for def 60%. You got scammed.

Variants: This may also work on other scrolls and work gloves.

Solution: Always check on the scroll.


Scenario: You are selling something for 1 million. Then a person trades you and says he'll pay 11 million for it. Then he puts up 11,111,111 mesos and you accept. Then he closes trade and starts again putting in 11,111,111. He says sorry and he keeps on cancelling. So when he trades you, you quickly press accept with your scroll and the scammer puts in 111,111. You just got scammed. Here's a video of someone scamming: [1]

Variants: There are other values like 8888888 or 3333333

Solution: Always check the number.

Wedding Gifts

Scenario: There's this girl you want to engage with and she says "Yes!" You get a ring and engage with her. After a few weeks or so, you and her get married! You give her 60% Glove ATK scroll as a gift on that day. The next day, she divorces you and you got scammed!

Solution: Don't marry at all! Or if you want too, don't give gifts.

High Cost

Scenario: You are walking in the Free Market when someone is buying clean workgloves for 2 million but too bad, you dont have one so you continue walking until you see a person selling work gloves for 1.5mil! So you hurry to that person and trade the gloves for 1.5mil. After you go back, the person buying the work gloves has dissapeared. You got scammed. Either that or you are very unlucky.

Solution: It's too good to be true.

Selling NX Cash

Scenario: You are walking and a person shouts out "S>NX 1k = 1mil" so you trade that person and they would say you give the money first. So you happily give it over and the person disappears and you got scammed!

Solution: You can't buy NX Cash by mesos because it is against the rules!

Free NX Cash "event"

Scenario: A person shouts out a website with free Nexon Cash or items event organized by the GameMasters. So you go on that website and it will ask you for your info of your account like the ID, password and PIN. Then you put in the data and it gets sent to the scammer. Then a few more days, you will get hacked. You got scammed!

Solution: Always input your information to the OFFICIAL website where you got the game.

Fm Spot

Scenario: You are walking around the FM and you decided to buy a store to sell your items. So you go off and buy it and search for a spot for your store. You find a person selling a spot so you buy it from him for 5 million. And the person selling the store quickly makes another store right at that spot. You got scammed before you can make your spot!

Solution: Find your own spot.

Sharing accounts

Scenario: One of your friends or bf/gf wants to share your account with you so it can be stronger. You agree and that person plays on it a lot. Then a few days later, you try to log on but the pin is changed. And then you check the website to find your characters stripped. You realize you got back-stabbed!

Solution: Never, ever share accounts. Get your own account! By the way its against the rules to share accounts!

Zakum Helmet Scam

Scenario: You want Zakum helmet with your new 70 million mesos. So you go to this guy who is selling Zakum Helmets and says "Okay pay me 70 mil now and give me your information so i can Zakum helmet with you and my guild!" So you give him his 70mil and you happily log off. After a few hours, you log on to see your account stripped! You just got scammed.

Solution: Buy from a trusted seller or check in for trusted Zakum PQ guilds.


Scenario: A website says we will level you up from LV. 1-50 in 5 days! They ask for $50 and you happily accept!You give them your information. Then after 5 days you log on to see your account is stripped and with no money. You just got scammed.

Solution: Don't powerlevel- it's against the rules!

Leeching Scam

Scenario: You are in Leafre wanting to level your high leveled character. You pay a person 10 million for leeching for 2 hours. And then you go outside to play while the person you are leeching is giving you experience. Then when the 2 hours is up, you check character to see it did not gain any experience.

Solution: Leeching is now bannable.

Website look-a-like

Scenario: So someone asks you to go on this MapleStory website for free mesos. You go on that website to find it looks EXACTLY like the original website. Then you log on and input your information (Password, PIN and ID) A few days later, you will find your account hacked. You got scammed!

Solution: Remember, only put your information on the REAL website like or Also, please keep in mind that NEXON Game Masters NEVER ask for your account information.

Fame Scam

You want to buy fame. First you pay someone 20k mesos then they have to up your fame. However this time, you paid 20,000 but they didn't fame you. Instead, they run off. You got scammed!

Solution: Report them for scamming OR make sure they fame you first before you give the money.

Note: If you saw someone buying fame and asks you to fame him/her, DON'T DO IT!, Never trust 'em! They will just run away without paying you, even if you're friends.