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Hi :D This is my Henesys PQ guide, hope you like it! By User:kennytran4! Do not copy in any other website other than MapleTip MapleWiki. You may also print it out. This is for your personal use.

Version Avaliability

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Availability of Henesys PQ
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  • Everyone in the party must be Level 10+
  • More than three people in the party.


In MapleSEA and Maple Europe: Once you go in you will be taken to a place called Primrose Hill. To the very right, you will see the NPC that can either take you out, or finish the PQ for you when you have 10 Moon cakes. At the bottom of the map, there will be plants that you can hit (4 Times) and occasionally, they will drop a seed. Certain plants drop a certain color of seed. This picture will tell you what seeds will drop from what plant.

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The colours on the bottom reseprent the seed they drop.

In Global MS after the Big Bang: All the plants drop Primrose Seeds, thats right, only one type.

Place the seeds!

Above the plants there is a full moon. around it are 6 platforms, the objective is to place the seeds on the platform.

In MapleSEA and MapleEurope put the seeds as following:

  • Brown - Bottom Left
  • Yellow - Middle Left
  • Blue - Top Left
  • Green - Top Right
  • Purple - Middle Left
  • Pink - Bottom Right

In MapleGlobal (after Big Bang)

  • Primrose Seed goes on all 6 platforms.

Were done placing the seeds!

A moon bunny will appear at the centre. Kill the monsters that are trying to kill the bunny. The moon bunny will drop cakes if it isnt hit. Once you get 10 talk to Growlie to go to Shortcut. The moon bunny makes 1 cake every 7 seconds The reward is 1600 exp.


Here on the final map are 2 NPCs. One is in a brown bunny suit and the other is in a white bunny suit. The white bunny takes you back to Henesys Park, while the brown bunny takes you to the bonus round Pig Beach


Yay were in bonus! The Pigs and some iron hogs might spawn and give level 25-30 equipment! Here is the list of equipment dropped.

The rewards from pigs are:

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When you have some left over rice cake, you can give them to the exit npc. Once you accumulate a total of 20 rice cakes to the npc, you will receive a A Rice Cake on Top of My Head. Note that you don't have to give 20 rice cakes in the same pq.

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