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The Haunted House is an area in Masteria.


Jonas Prendergast was a master toymaker that lived in Prendergast Mansion and owned the Prendergast Toy Company. He made "marvellous toys...dolls that danced, stuffed animals that walked and talked" with a toy machine at the top of the mansion that he built to automate his toy creation; children would come from everywhere to see his toys and "beg their parents to buy them." Jonas would hold extravagant Halloween parties and give away toys instead of candy.

He had married seven times but had only one child - Sophilia]. He had but a "fleeting passion" toward his wives; the only person who held his attention was his daughter. His latest wife, Ludmilla,

One night, Sophilia died in a horrible accident in the chimney. The grief drove Jonas mad, and he shut down his toy making business, locking himself in his toy workshop. He died of starvation and is discovered by his brother, Old Man Tom, who claims that you can still hear the toy machine "chugging away, continuing to crank out his toys," which have become "twisted with anger and sorrow."

After Sophilia's death, the staff of the house began to see her ghost. All of them deserted the mansion; only Edmunds, the butler, stayed behind. When the player arrives at the mansion, they help Sophilia find her doll of Annabelia, one of Jonas' wives. The player also helps Jonas make a new doll for Sophilia, who trades her old doll for the new doll, giving the old doll to Jonas as a memoir.

All of the residents of the house are dead, according to Edmunds, who states that "no one has lived in the house for years."


Agent Falcon is from the Maple Bureau of Investigation (MBI). He is at the Haunted House to apprehend a dangerous ghost named Mr. Bones. The ghost "scared the bejeezus" out of Agent Falcon, who claims instead that Mr. Bones caught him by surprise. He dropped all of his Paranormal Activity Report Pages, which contained information on Mr. Bones' movement patterns, possible hiding spots, and favorite disguises.

Falcon asks for help in retrieving the pages from the Glutton Ghouls that have been eating them. At first, he requires fifty pages, but after retrieving fifty he asks for a hundred more. When all 100 are collected, he is able to pinpoint the location of Mr. Bones.

However, it turns out that Falcon is actually a Junior Agent Trainee at the MBI and that he is there not to apprehend the "dangerous" Mr. Bones, who is actually J. Prendergast (a mild-mannered ghost), but instead to interview him. He requests that the player find J. Prendergast and give him the Paranormal Subject Questionnaire to fill out. Once returned to Falcon, Falcon grumbles about writing a 672-page report.

Haunted House (Event Version)

In ChinaMS, TaiwanMS, KoreaMS, and EuropeMS, the Haunted House is an event-only town that is available near Halloween,and closed the rest of the year. In the event version of the Haunted House monsters are the same but weaker then the Global version's monster along with some event only monsters that are also unavailable in the Global version. Also KoreaMS's Haunted House is significantly different from the others unlike the Global version, it is a permanent town on the Masteria continent.

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Availability of Haunted Mansion Area
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