Halloween Quests

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  1. Gain admission into the mansion
  2. Find the Nameless Cat in Entrance to Haunted Mansion.
  3. Accept his quest.
  4. Enter the Abandoned Graveyard to the left.
  5. Talk to one of the gravestones.
  6. Talk to the Nameless Cat again.
  7. He will ask you a series of questions and the answers are different each time

The four answers are:

  • Nicholas
  • Berriere
  • Yvette
  • Razbelle

The answers are in a different order for each time you try. After finishing the quest you will become a ghost.


  • The correct order to the Nameless Cat's questions are the gravestones in the Abandoned Graveyard listed from left to right.
  • The order changes each time you talk to the Nameless Cat.
  • The answers are case-sensitive. The first letter of each name must be capitalized.

Thanks to Pearlite for the information

Part 2 - The Four Mini Quests

Now after accepting Sophelia’s quest you will have to do 4 mini quests After every single mini quest, talk to Sophelia to collect your face mask. Then you need to talk to the masked gentleman to reactivate the quest again

Rewards: A face mask (4 different types with expiry date)

  • Angry Mask: HP and MP +20
  • Sad Mask: Accuracy +10
  • Crying Mask: Jump +5
  • Happy Mask: Speed +7
  • 5000 exp (a couple of times)

Jonas' Quests

In order to activate Jonas’s quests, you need to accept a rag doll from him. This is similar to the xmas quest. Double click the doll from your etc window and a window will appear. Collect 30 Pieces of cloth and drag and drop them one by one onto the window. Then talk to Jonas again.

1. The Perfect Tool
The hidden chimney is located at the second level at the right of Jonas Its actually a hole in the wall and only 1 person can enter per channel Attack the chest and retrieve the tool Proceed back to Jonas and then complete quest

Note: Jonas’s room is where Lyudmila is located. It resembles Sophelia’s room but is on the right of the stairs in the main hall. However, Jonas is found through the chimney portal. its a hidden portal so to enter it, stand next to the butler where the fireplace is and press “up”

2. Sophelia’s Portrait
Proceed to the frame room. (Located on the far right of Lyudmila) Double click the picture of Sophelia (The girl with pink hair) Proceed back to Jonas and then complete quest

Lyudmila’s Quests
In order to activate Lyudmila’s quests, you need to hunt for her earrings. Note that the “ghost/man who eats anything” actually refers to the mob. You have to hunt for her earrings by killing ghosts (green ones).

1. Good music
This quests requires you to hunt for a music score dropped by ghosts and Flying Books in the library (Thanks Aquios for the info of Flying Books)
0 After retrieving the score, talk to Lyudmila again
She will ask you to put the score on a piano
The piano is located in the main hall, where the masked gentleman is.
Double click the piano and then proceed to talk to Lyudmila again

2. Delicious food
This quest requires you to do a PQ. (Talk to the maid to start. 1~3ppl)
After collecting 10 Pumpkin pieces, talk to the maid to collect the pumpkin juice
Talk to Lyudmila again to finish quest.

  • Extra Information on Jonas + Lyudmila*

Jonas has two quests to do namely:

1) The Perfect Tool
2) Sophelia’s Portrait

Lyudmila has two quests namely:

1) Good Music
2) Good Food

From Jonas you can get 2 masks and from Lyudmila you can get 2 masks. Total = 4 Masks
However, you can only do 1 quest from each person at one time.
Sophelia rewards 1 mask for each completed quest.
However, to do the second quest from Jonas and Lyudmila, you need to talk to the masked gentleman.

After completing the first quest, Sophelia is still unhappy…
So you need to talk to the masked gentleman and accept his “new opportunity”.
After accepting his “new opportunity”, go back to Sophelia and talk to her.
Then go back to Lyudmila and Jonas to do their second part of the quest

Part 3 - The Two Party Quests

This is a guide to the two different Party Quests in the haunted mansion.
Note: Both of these party quest are repeatable!
1. Butler PQ (Party of 4 people)
2. Maid PQ (Party of 1 to 3 people) (Thanks SubaruWRXSTI about the “ownself be leader” tip)


This is the most complicated PQ of the two. However it has a cool reward

Reward: Masked Gentleman’s Hat (All Stats +4 and it looks kewl)
But it has Expiry date =(

First stage
There are a total of 4 different portals leading to Jump Quests
At the top of the jumpquests, there will be chests. Whack Them!!
If you have found the correct jumpquest, you will be teleported
(Tip: Its usually the second portal or the fourth portal)

Second Stage
This is the difficult part. On both side there are ALOT of mirrors
You need to find a piece of mirror in one of them
Teams should split up and press the “up” key infront of them
If you find the right mirror, you will get a mirror piece
If its the wrong mirror, a monster will attack you and you wil get tele-ed back
Once someone finds the mirror piece, hurry back to the portal and press “up”
The portal will be unlocked and you can proceed to the last stage
(TIP: Drop mesos to mark mirror that have monsters)
(TIP 2: Once u get the mirror piece, get yourself attacked by a monster to save time from walking back.)

Third Stage
Last Stage. Its similar to the ariant PQ
. After teleporting to this map, talk to the NPC
He will give you 50 pouches to catch ghosts. Hotkey pouches for easier access
Every 10 Ghosts you catch will give you one point. Collect 30 points to redeem the hat.

This PQ is simple.
Reward: Pumpkin Hat (+ 1~3 WA and 1~3 MA)
Expiry Date on this one too

All you have to do is whack the pumpkin at different places
1. Left Eye | 2. Right Eye | 3. Left,Middle,Right Mouth | 4. Nose

You should be able to get about 6 Pumpkin Pieces from the pumpkin
After you have completed whacking the pumpkin,it will light up
The map will spawn ALOT of ghosts. Most of them will drop pumpkin pieces too
Collect 50 to redeem the hat from the maid

In order to get to that pumpkin thingy, you need to create a party( you can do it your self or have a party of 2~3 ppl) and talk to the maid. You can only whack it with melee attack (sorry mages and thieves and bowmen)