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The 2006 Halloween Event in Maple Story occurred from between October(date?)-November(date?). During this event, all Slime monsters turned orange and all monsters dropped Halloween Candies. In the 2010 Halloween event, all monsters drop


During the 2006 Halloween Event, two new quests were available, although they were not shown in the Quest Log. The Cody Quest involved collecting 100 Halloween Candies in order to obtain a Pumpkin Basket (2006 SE). The other quest involved trading Malady, an NPC located in Kerning City, 10 Halloween Candies for 1 Malady Candies of a random color.

The haloween event required a person to buy a "cash shop" mask in order to enter the "haunted mansion' to obtain a Toymaker Cap. After the event, the haunted mansion was open for everyone to look at, but the loki boxes were removed, as they were part of the quest.

In 2010, the tokens can be changed for a variety of items, the new ones being the Zombie Army Ring, and a new chair. The candy quest gives different rewards. Also, Olivia has returned

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