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Basic Information

The hair salon in towns differ in hair styles and hair colors, you also must obtain a Hair Color Coupon to dye your own hair of your choice.

You need an Experimental (EXP) Hair Coupon, a VIP Hair Coupon, or a VIP Hair Membership purchased from the Cash Shop. An alternate way to get a new hair style is to try Amoria: Beauty or Beast! but highly recommended not to try because Claudia gives you an EXP Hair Coupon and your hair is chosen from random and the few hairstyles that are chosen for Males aren't any better than the starter hair than Rebel Hair, except for Antagonist.
The Hair Salon in Showa Town

Hair Salons have several NPCs who change your hair, there is usually two, one for VIP/ Membership hairstyle and VIP hair dying, and the other for REG hairstyle and REG hair dying. The REG hair is usually done by hair stylists marked as assistant under their NPC name and the VIP hair stylist is labeled either Hair stylist or Owner. All the NPCs use different hairstyles that are registered and recommended to check which salon has what hairstyle/ hair color they included into their stores. As you may know the male hair and female hairstyles are much different although Metrosexual and Caspia look alike.

Royal Hair Coupon are like EXP coupons, except to get the special Royal hair. Only available on special events.

Cash Shop

You may buy hair salon coupons just like Cosmetics Coupons. You can find them at the ETC. section of the Cash Shop, each one varies in where the location of the store, as mentioned each one has different hairstyles and haircolors. The price of each Coupon may differ depending on Regular - Randomly chooses hair (Cheapest), VIP - choose own hair, or membership - get free hairstyles for a month(Most expensive). Regular & VIP hair coupons are usable for 90 days and a one time use, on the other hand one month membership lasts for 30 days only hair.