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Hacked again?! How could that be?

Aren't you frustrated and tired of the occasional hacking of your character? I know there are many hackers around nowadays...you can see many hacked;pros wearing noob clothes.

For myself, I'm afraid to log in to my account and see a ***** I/L Wizard.(Serious,I hate hackers and people who don't play MapleStory the right way.)

Conclusion:I hope to help everyone play safely. Anti-hackers world! (:

Having been through this around 5 or 6 times... I know how painful it can be.

[Edit:2nd p/w implemented since 19.11.08, MSEA]

Precautionary Measures

Change your password regularly

Expected.Change your password (MS and Asiasoft) every 2 weeks to 1 month.

Strong password

A safe password should consist of a word and a number combination. Examples of a weak, fairly strong and strong password below:



Fairly strong




Put numbers in between alphabets and perhaps a few capital letters. The password should also be something relevant to you or something you will remember well.

Double protection

If the version of MS you play allows two passwords, create the 2nd one and maximise their use. It's amazing how a good password protects your account.

NEVER tell

...Not even to your closest friends, unless you're sharing an account.

Put precious items in storage

The 3 out of 4 times I was hacked, the items in my storage remained intact.Your equipment and a decent amount of money should be put in.

Every cent (meso) counts

Save up all that you can.Drop games are strictly prohibited,unless you have a spare item you can do without. Yes, you mustn't risk losing your items at all.

Beware of Server Mantainence

You don't want to lose anything to it, so check the bar at the top of your screen for these.May be mistaken for hacking.

Start on the right track

Easy way out-just choose a difficult username. One no one will ever think of, in a million years.


Dress as a noob, or dress with nothing at all. Maybe, out of pure luck, the hacker will think you've been hacked and leave your account alone. (Last resort)