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The recent "NewbWithBoob" hacking at the Henesys Hunting Ground 3.


A hack in Maple Story is a something done outside of the game without legal consent to influence the game itself, and can be considered cheating, because it involves the use of a 3rd party program. For example: The popular "Item Vacuum Hack" sucks, or vacuums, all or most items on the map that the character can currently pick up (items from monsters not killed by the player still within the ten-second limit are such examples) to the character. This hack enables quick withdrawing of items that would otherwise not be possible in the game.

Although hacks are most often used for cheating in the game, there is the rare occasion where someone uses a hack to crash the game's server out of malicious intent (though such incidents are decidedly rare).


A hacker still at large hacking at the third and final level of the Henesys Hunting Grounds.

List of Known Hacks and their Effects

  • Item Vacuum Hack (or Item Vac for short) - Sucks all items on current map to the character - often used in crowded hunting places, such as Pig Beach and the Henesys Hunting Grounds. Item Vac-hack can also be used to scam people. For example, the hacker asks a random person to drop his most valuable equipment at a distance. Once that happens the hack will kick into action and "suck away" the equipment. It also sometimes interferes with Drop Item games, or is used to cheat at it, and can also be annoying when people you are trading with drop items for you which are promptly sucked away by a hacker. While the Item Vac-Hack is the most common use of this hack, occasionally one sees use of the Monster Vac-Hack. For that hack, read below.
A member of the "Benchwarmers" guild hacking at the second level of the Henesys Hunting Grounds. Monster drops are concentrated in one spot, indicating a use of Monster Vacuum Hack.
  • Monster Vacuum Hack (Monster Vac) - Sucks MONSTERS towards a character on the map. There are several variations of this hack. The first involves sucking a monster toward a player on the map. This is usually so the player, can kill the monster and gain its exp (though the Farming Hack is usually more used for this purpose, as this is risky). The second variation involves sweeping a monster across a platform in the game. Again, this can be used so the player does not have to move to the monster. Sometimes, this is used as some players' jokes, by tripping up other players on the platform. However, this can be seen as annoying if some players do not take well to it and even occasionally deadly, if a player gets hit by the monster it causes his or her HP drops to zero. The third variation involves sucking a monster to a certain spot on the map, usually in front of the hacker so that the hacker can kill for it's EXP.
  • Farming Hack - (Commonly called dEM or "Attack Hack") This is the most common hack seen in Maple Story. This hack involves enabling the hacker's weapon to hit monsters anywhere on the map, so that the hacker can stay in a safe spot and farm monsters for EXP while not having to go to the monster and risk taking damage. It is often paired with Botting, as the person can easily tape down the attack key and leave the player killing monsters overnight to gain levels while he rests. This is the most annoying kind of hack, since it will be nearly impossible to train properly on monsters in the same map as the hacker while the hacker is using this hack. It is also occasionally paired with the Item Vac-Hack so the hacker can gain the monsters drops during farming. It is also paired with Godmode so the hacker does not have to worry about his character being killed.
  • Meso Generator - This hacks a character's mesos and allows the hacker to change the variable, increasing the amount of mesos the character holds. Some of the programs also have features to change the character's stats. This can also refer the the scam Meso Generator.
  • Godmode - This one enables the hacker to avoid ANY damage of ANY sort. He can just walk through the monsters, without even flinching. Magic attacks do not deal damage either. This is almost always used with vaccing and/or botting, or to go around vac-hacking items off other players' kills on a map with monsters.
  • Swear Filter - This hack removes the swear filter in the game and allows the hacker to use offensive words in the game, without having to worry about the message being disallowed. This isn't a very useful hack, but can be annoying for others. (This is considered harassing as well as hacking in some cases).
  • Multiplication Hack - The hacker can make an exact copy of an item, usually getting them very rich.
  • Speed Hack - This allows the hacker to attack at a faster rate, as well as bypass Maple Story's 100-hits per minute system.
  • Zig-Zag Vac - This causes all jumping monsters to be sucked to the top of the map. Could be seen as a variation as the Monster Vacuum Hack.
  • Timed DupeX - This is a version of the Monster Vac which was patched in an earlier update of Maple Story. It allowed the hacker to use Monster Vac for a brief period of time.
  • Unrandomizers - This is a hack used for getting perfect stats on a hacker's character and also for always performing a stabbing or swinging attack 100% of the time with a weapon (hence the name Unrandomizer).
  • CrazyMulti - this hack not required updates so you can use it regardless of any version. This hack is to get into maplestory with multiple accounts on one computer, making it easy to level and move easily PQ.
  • Tubi and SuperTubi - A hack usually combined with Item Vac that allows the player to pick up more than 1 item at a time making for extremely fast pickup rates and quicker getaways for the few hackers that rightfully care about being caught.
  • Dice Vac - A Monster Vacuum hack that vaccs all the monster into the hacker, but only works if there's only 1 person (the hacker) on the map, thereby making them harder to detect. It is the main Monster Vac hack that hackers use today since Demi is patched.
  • INT/DEX/LUK/STR Unrandomizer - This hack allows the hacker to set their stats(INT, DEX, LUK and STR) to 13 (the highest possible score) when they create their character.
  • Teleport Hack - This hack allows the hacker to go all the way up, left or right of the map they are in just with a single jump (likening to the Teleport spell).
  • Flying Hack - This hack lets the hacker "fly" to any location on the map, or even off the map so they can not be alerted to a GM by other players.
  • GM Hack - This hack allows the character to look like and become a GM. This hack SOMETIMES allows the character to ban other players. This hack is considered bad luck to other players that have work very hard on their accounts.
  • SS Damage Control - This hack changes the damage that a monster does to the hacker, usually to 1. This is generally used when botting instead of Godmode since Godmode will ban when you use it regardless of if a GM is around or not.
  • Floating Hack - This hack lets people jump in the air continuously without falling. It is usually used to grab things in drop games when no could get the item, for example, the tall hut thing before henesys free market. Mostly noobs use it to grab the stuff and then sell it. Although sometimes mages grab those thing before they do since this hack makes them jump not very high.
  • Fusion Vac - This vac can vacuum the monsters in the map infront of the hacker and stop them from moving away.(i think it finds the mobs coordinates changes them to yours and freezes the value) but also can be used to vac/teleport the hacker somewhere if the hacker set his coordinates to where he/she wants to go and then uses it. Patched
  • DupeX Vac - This vac is like most vacs, it can't teleport the hacker, and you could say in a way it is weaker as it lets the monsters get away a bit,(my idea is that it changes monsters coordinates but doesn't freeze the value. but on the good side (for the hacker) it looks less like a hack. And monsters show serios symtoms of extreme jumping. i'm writing this on 17th feb 2008 and its not patched yet.
  • Mouse Fly - Your characters coordinates equal your mouses so when you move you can guess what you get. Patched
  • Guild Hack - The hacker first creates a guild, then disbands it. He inputs a code gained from the guild. All characters' guilds will become disbanded. This applies to anyone within the map of the hacker. Some people are afraid to sign on with their guild as they may lose it. Many have already disbanded, leaving an ocean of new guild names availible. Some players have called it the "9/11 of MapleGlobal". Nexon has received many calls and emails concerning this and claims that they are

working on a solution, at breakneck Nexon speed. It is yet to be patched.

  • Auto Clicker - The hacker downloads this illegal program and then starts recruiting people for a party quest. He/She now just sits back and lets the autoclicker click for him/her so he gets all the good people.
  • Fame Hack - When someone clicks the hacker's info, it automatically gives them one fame. If the person looks at the hacker's info again, it still adds one fame to him/her, regardless of the one day fame rule and the "once a month fame-the-same-person rule".
  • Super-Demi-Hack - An AFK player stands in a safe place, and takes damage from nothing, although he or she does not die. An example is an afk player constantly taking damage, the damage being 13333333333337 13337 1333333337 continuously
  • Infite Mp Hack- Never loses Mp or have to use Mp
  • BanSheild Hack- It is self explanitory and rare to see but its a very dangerous hack! it causes the hack to be un bannible!!

it is often used with other hacks like the demi and vac hacks

  • Disconnect hack- the hacker whispers you with a lot of @@@'s until you disconnect, also known as d/c hacking

If anyone has any other hacks to contribute, please do put them down here. A MapleWiki account is free and you do not even have to have an email address to sign up, so there is no reason why you should not do so.

Warning: The descriptions for different hacks are here to educate other players. You should not advertise for hack sites by placing them here. MapleTip does not encourage hacking, and your edits will be reverted and you will be banned should you choose to do so.