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Heracle, the guild creation NPC

A guild is essentially an extended buddy list with some extra benefits. For instance, guild members can receive special potions every week that completely heal their HP and MP, and anyone in the guild can purchase buffs that apply to all members for a limited amount of time. Guilds can also provide support to both new and veteran players.

Any given character can be a member of only one guild. However, unless you are the guild leader, you may leave your guild at any time, leaving you free to find another.

Old Guild System or New Guild System?

Not all versions of MapleStory are the same, and it usually takes time for updates to make their way to all versions. If you do not know which system your version has, open the guild menu and compare it to the description on the wiki.

Creating A Guild

The requirements for creating a guild differ depending on the version of MapleStory.

Old Guild System

To create a guild, go to the Guild Headquarters in Orbis and talk to Heracle. There are two requirements for starting a guild:

  1. You must pay 1,500,000 mesos
  2. You must be in a party with five other people, all of whom must be over level 10

The player who pays talks to Heracle and pays for the guild will become the guild leader.

New Guild System

The Guild Headquarters can be accessed from any town by talking to Lea. Once in the HQ, talk to Heracle in order to create a guild. The cost is 100,000 mesos. You do not need to be in a party to create a guild, though you must be at least Level 10.

To make a guild, you need 100,000 mesos. To make a guild emblem, you need to have 500,000 Mesos. To make a Guild Union, you'll need 5,000,000 Mesos.

Naming the Guild

Upon paying the guild creation fee, the guild leader can name the guild. There are some restrictions:

  • There must not be any other guilds with the same name on that server.
  • The guild name cannot contain spaces or special characters.
  • It must be no longer than 12 characters.


A guild can have between 3 and 5 ranks. The number of ranks and the name of each rank can be changed by the guild leader. Note that rank names, like guild names, cannot contain special characters or spaces. The names listed below are the default ones.


The Master has complete power over the guild. He or she can expel, promote, or demote members; add, remove, or rename ranks; create guild messages; create or delete an emblem; and delete or expand the guild. The Master cannot quit the guild. Only one member can be a Master.

Jr. Master

The Jr. Master has some power. He or she can promote, demote, and expel members other than the guild master and create guild messages. There can be multiple Jr. Masters.


Members have no special powers, though they can still post messages on the Guild BBS and purchase or active guild skills if they have the funds. There can be up to 3 different Member ranks.


Talk to Heracle in the Guild Headquarters to expand your guild. The cost and number of slots added depends on the current capacity of the guild. If there are 30 or 40 available slots for members, the cost of adding 10 slots is 1,500,000 mesos. If the guild has more than 50 slots, the cost of adding 5 slots is 2,000,000 mesos.

Old Guild System

The guild update greatly reduced the cost of creating and expanding a guild. Here are the costs before the update:

Expansion # Cost (mesos) Max # of Members
1 500,000 15
2 1,500,000 20
3 2,500,000 25
4 3,500,000 30

Each subsequent expansion costs 5,000,000 mesos for 5 slots, for a maximum of 100 member slots.

The total cost for a fully developed guild comes to 86,500,000 mesos (1,500,000 mesos creation cost, an emblem for 5,000,000 mesos, 10,000,000 mesos to reach 30 slots, and then another 70,000,000 mesos to increase guild capacity to 100 slots).

Guild Emblems

Guild leaders can also create an emblem for their guild. The emblem is visible underneath each member's name next to the guild's name. To create a guild emblem, speak to Lea in the Guild Headquarters. Pay her the emblem fee, and an emblem creation screen will pop up. There are over 300 combinations and you can edit the icon, background, border, and color.

The fee for creating the emblem varies depending on your version of MapleStory. In those versions with the new guild system, the cost is 500,000 mesos. In those with the old system, the cost is 5,000,000 mesos.

The New Guild Menu

This information applies only to those versions of MapleStory that have had the update.

To open the guild menu, press the g key or, if you have customized your key bindings, the corresponding key.

The Main Window

The main window is the one you see when you first open the guild menu. It displays the basic information about the guild, such as name, level, and GP. You can see the guild emblem in the upper left corner.

Your contribution to the guild's GP is listed underneath the ticker.

This window also has a list of guild members, which is divided into online and offline players. The list displays the name, job, level, and rank; however, some of the information may be replaced by question marks for players you have not interacted with recently.

Guild Info

The guild info window can be accessed by clicking on the top blue button in the upper right corner of the main window. Here you can view the guild level, total GP, total guild members, guild rank, and the GP ranks and contributions of all members.

Guild Skills

This window lets you see which guild skills have been or can be activated or purchased. The top part of the window shows which skills have been purchased and which are currently in effect, as well as their level and who purchased them. The lower part of the window lists all guild skills.

Guild BBS

The BBS comes with your Guild and is a forum where people can post topics. In Taiwan MapleStory and MapleSEA, each post can be up to 25 characters long. The limit is much higher in MapleGlobal.

Normal members can delete and edit their own posts. Jr. Masters and Masters can edit and delete any post. You can set an icon on your post, like crying, laughing and sad. There are a couple other buyable icons too from the Cash Shop.

Earning Guild Points

Old Guild System

An addition for Guilds is the Guild Party Quest at Sharenian. You can register your guild and party with them and go through the quest to gain Guild Points (GP) and eventually go up the guild ranks too. There is a ranking system in each server and it goes up to 50th place. You can view more information about this on the Sharenian Guild PQ article.

New Guild System

A guild also earns GP when its members purchase guild skills, level up, or play for an hour or more. When a new member is added, they automatically contribute 500 GP. The game tracks which members earn the most GP for their guild, and that member's contribution is deleted if he or she leaves the guild.

  • Join a guild - 500 GP
  • Leveling
    • Below Lv 100 - 40 GP
    • Lv 100 and Above - 80 GP
  • Play for an hour
    • 1st & 2nd hour - 10 GP
    • 3rd,4th and 5th hour - 20 GP
    • 6th hour++ - 30 GP
  • Skill
    • Buying a skill - 1000 GP

Guild Alliance

To create an alliance with another guild, the guild leader must form a party with another guild leader and talk to Heracle. The party leader will become the Master of the Alliance, and the other party member will become the Jr. Master. Up to 5 guilds can join an Alliance.

Disbanding the Guild

The guild leader may choose to disband the guild at any time. Under the old system, this costs 200,000 mesos, but it is free in the new system. Note that the guild leader must first disband his or her guild before deleting his or her character.


  • There was a bug in MapleStory Global that allowed guild leaders to increase the guild capacity to 100 for free due to an incorrect order of function calls and checks in the script file of the guild creation NPC, Heracle. The game changed the guild capacity before checking if the player had enough mesos. Clicking OK on the error screen made the changes revert, even though the player still received another screen of Heracle saying that the guild capacity has been increased. If the player pressed the End Chat button instead, the capacity did not decrease and the guild capacity was increased for free. This was fixed a couple days later.