Guide to selling items

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Welcome to my guide for selling items!

Mesos are very easy to earn, but all you need is to have patience!

How to earn mesos?

The first way to earn meso: Selling items at Free Market.

For example, you got an item(we'll talk about it later) and you want to sell it, you would definitely want to earn some mesos instead of losing mesos. So, you should sell it at least 10k more than the price that you bought it at. This what should you say in the free market:

"S>(Item)can negotiate@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@".Last time, i was very lucky and i had a cleric, so i used heal and trained on Chronos. Suddenly, one of them dropped Red Starlight (M)! It was worth 450k!!! But of course, i'd prefer to sell it to the NPC shop because it is hard to find a buyer.

The second way to earn meso: Trading everyone you see.

This is very simple. Sometimes, you will find someone walking past you. Type wait wait wait then they will stop. Walk near them and trade them. Drag the item you want to trade into the trade box then ask "U nid?" Most of them will reply "no".