Guide to Picking Classes for the Ludibrium PQ (levels 35-50)

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Copyrighting information & Why I made this guide

Please do not delete the guide or its contents. You may edit my grammar, or anything you think is wrong. Feel free to add onto the guide. I made this guide to help Party Quest leaders pick what kind of class would be good for Party Quest.


Cons and Pros for a Warrior

Warriors over Level 45 are good, because warriors under lvl 45 can not hit alishar often, or maybe can't even hit Alishar at all. Im my opinion,warriors are the 2nd best choice to pick at Level 50. All of them have the range problem.


Pros: Spearmen, pole arm or spear, have a noticeably longer range than the other two. They can even hit the Ratz in the Last Stage (given that they have Haste) if they swing. They also have a party skill, Hyper Body, which increases everyone's HP and MP by 60%.

Cons: They attack a tad slower than most Pages and Fighters (unless they have their Maple Weapons). Also melee type, and the lowest hp of the warriors. Also uses a lot of pots, as all melee type classes do at this stage of the game.


Pros: More HP than Spearmen without Hyper Body. Does the same damage as Fighters without Rage. Some higher leveled ones may have Final Attack, which can even help them outdamage Spearmen and Fighters (who generally don't get FA as early)on Alishar, given that they are all Raged/all un-Raged.

Cons: They don't have either Hyper Body or Rage. Instead they have a skill called Threaten, which is not sought after much. Also, it's a bit hard to find Pages.


Pros: Their party skill, Rage. Their party skill, rage, is a great party skill, allowing every class but the mage to do alot more damage. They have the most hp in the game, therefore not a easy member to kill.

Cons: Not many (if you don't count not having Hyper Body). Their low MP is irrelevant, since they should be able to buy their own potions.